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UltiMaker Launches the Method XL 3D Printer to Deliver Unrivaled Accuracy and Precision for Engineering Applications

PR Newswire | May 25, 2023 | Read time : 05:30 min

UltiMaker Launches the Method XL 3D Printer

UltiMaker, a global leader in 3D printing, today announces the launch of Method XL, the ultimate 3D printing solution for engineering applications, offering precision printing with industrial-grade materials without compromising on part size. The UltiMaker® Method™ XL 3D printer is designed to deliver the accuracy and performance of industrial production alongside the flexibility and affordability of a desktop 3D printer.

The latest printer release from UltiMaker's professional offering bridges the gap between desktop and industrial 3D printers by delivering a perfect fusion of accessibility and performance. With a spacious 305 mm x 305 mm x 320 mm build volume and a dimensional accuracy of ± 0.2 mm1, it allows customers to tackle ambitious projects—from functional prototyping to end-use parts.

Method XL is engineered to create large, complex parts that are durable using industrial-grade materials like ABS-R and ABS Carbon Fiber. The heated chamber, which can reach up to 100°C, is designed to enable optimal results when printing with ABS, one of the most popular and challenging materials to successfully print on a desktop 3D printer due to its tendency to warp and deform. New to the Method series is Method XL's heated build plate, a bonus for customers who want an extra layer of security to avoid warping and layer adhesion issues. Both the heated build plate and the temperature-controlled heated build chamber combine to create a stable environment for printing accurate and strong parts of any size.

"UltiMaker's mission is to grow the adoption of 3D printing in manufacturing. We saw that there was a lack of production-level industrial capabilities in more accessible and easy-to-use 3D printers," said Nadav Goshen, CEO at UltiMaker. "With Method XL, we believe we are bringing customers the best 3D printing solution in the market for engineering applications. Method XL is the only 3D printer in its price class with a heated chamber and heated build plate to print large and accurate parts with injection molding plastics like ABS. With the ability to print larger parts, customers can achieve greater output and efficiency, making Method XL an excellent choice for those looking to take their 3D printing to the next level."

With its expansive build volume, high dimensional accuracy, heated build chamber and heated build plate, Method XL can print production plastics at a fraction of the cost of industrial machines and with the ease of desktop 3D printers. Combined with RapidRinse™, a fast-dissolving water-soluble support material, Method XL makes printing with ABS an even simpler and smoother process. RapidRinse enables one of the fastest support removals for complex FDM parts, resulting in a more refined surface finish. For a seamless CAD file to printed part workflow, Method XL syncs directly with CloudPrint™ software, allowing customers to easily upload, monitor, and track their print jobs from their web browser.

Method XL expands the arena of possibilities, with compatibility with a wide range of industrial-grade materials through its open materials platform and the LABS Experimental Extruder. Materials currently available through the LABS program include Jabil SEBS, a soft material with flexible, rubber-like properties; Polymaker PolyMax™ PC, a polycarbonate material that combines strength, toughness, and heat resistance, and LEHVOSS PAHT 9891, a carbon fiber-reinforced nylon able to withstand high temperatures. Method XL also offers an external moisture-controlled material case, ensuring peak performance from professional-grade materials. The printer comes equipped with a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter for safer 3D printing indoors.

About UltiMaker

UltiMaker is a global leader in 3D printing, focused on shaping the future of manufacturing and product development. With a wide range of cutting-edge 3D printing solutions, including the popular S and Method series, and an extensive portfolio of 3D printing materials, UltiMaker is paving the way for innovation across industries. As part of its dedication to advancing education, UltiMaker also offers the MakerBot sub-brand and Sketch series, providing one of the most comprehensive 3D printing ecosystems for classroom learning. With a focus on reliability, precision, and innovation, UltiMaker is empowering customers to push the boundaries of what's possible. Learn more at


The industrial sector contributed approximately one-third of the 35 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted in 2020. Industrial market engagement is going to be crucial to meet the climate change targets being set by governments around the world. However, challenges extend beyond just the industry’s carbon footprint, with concerns around raw material depletion, harmful emissions, pollution, and water consumption.


The industrial sector contributed approximately one-third of the 35 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted in 2020. Industrial market engagement is going to be crucial to meet the climate change targets being set by governments around the world. However, challenges extend beyond just the industry’s carbon footprint, with concerns around raw material depletion, harmful emissions, pollution, and water consumption.

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Shapeways, Inc., a global leader in the digital manufacturing industry, announced the launch of a 3D Model Viewer for its software offering deployed via its MFG brand. This highly anticipated feature is now live for manufacturers on the platform, accelerating and improving the quoting experience–resulting in more qualified leads, an enhanced customer experience, and an enriched sales cycle. In tandem with this new, user-friendly feature, Shapeways has also introduced a modern spin on the MFG brand. In the two months since the brand refresh, MFG has seen a 33% increase in demand for premium subscriptions when compared to the previous period. This update not only showcases MFG’s transformation into a more advanced software offering, but also aligns the logo and colors with an emphasis on advanced technology. The investment and commitment to providing new automated tools, coupled with a more innovative brand, have proven instrumental in boosting customer acquisition, improving customer retention, and increasing customer lifetime value on the platform. The 3D Model Viewer, a feature requested by users, provides manufacturers with a unified platform and the latest technology for viewing 3D models of custom parts, streamlining the quoting process, and allowing for greater accuracy and speed. In addition to providing multiple benefits for manufacturers, the enhanced 3D capability also streamlines the purchasing experience for buyers since they receive faster, more precise quotes. “Building features that drive success for manufacturers and their customers is our main focus,” said Greg Rothman, GM of Software for Shapeways. “The enthusiastic response to the 3D Model Viewer reinforces our strategy as we continue to help our users provide quotes with speed and accuracy—and enable them to find even more business opportunities.” The 3D Model Viewer is also equipped with advanced measuring tools for more precise lengths and distances within models, a cutting planes view to give further insight into how a part can be manufactured, and editing tools with direct annotation capabilities for providing valuable feedback to buyers. “We are committed to expanding and growing our software tools and service offerings through MFG,” said Greg Kress, CEO of Shapeways. “The recent developments are just the beginning of how MFG will grow to be a comprehensive software platform for manufacturing. We’re excited about the future growth and opportunities.” Manufacturers and custom-part buyers are invited to join the platform at no cost. Upgraded accounts are available for manufacturers wishing to respond to RFQs, and use the advanced features of the 3D Model Viewer. About Shapeways Shapeways is a global leader in digital manufacturing, combining additive and traditional technologies with proprietary software solutions designed for other manufacturers and their customers, reducing costs, and improving supply chains. Partnering with hundreds of companies engaged in industrial applications like automotive, medical, and transportation, as well as aerospace and defense, Shapeways helps them scale their businesses, solve complex problems in product development, and achieve critical manufacturing milestones. With access to a dozen additive technologies, six conventional manufacturing methods, and hundreds of materials and finishes, Shapeways ensures production of quality parts with the right technologies, at the right time, and at the right cost. With ISO 9001-compliant manufacturing facilities in Livonia and Charlotte, Michigan, and Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Shapeways operates globally and has delivered more than 24 million parts to more than 1 million customers in more than 180 countries. For more information, visit

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