Trillium Flow Technologies announces the acquisition of Termomeccanica Pompe

Trillium Flow Technologies | January 20, 2022

On January 19, Trillium Flow Technologies ("Trillium") and Termomeccanica Pompe S.p.A. ("Termomeccanica Pompe") inked a partnership agreement to merge the Termomeccanica Pompe, Gabbioneta Pumps, and Begemann brands in Italy under the Trillium banner. We believe that the deal will conclude in about three to four months, subject to the usual regulatory clearances. Following the sale, Termomeccanica will focus on the ecological and gas compression sectors, which are served by its subsidiaries, TME and TMIC.

Termomeccanica Pompe has been manufacturing pumps for almost a century, providing revolutionary engineering pumps and global service solutions to the power, desalination, water transmission, and oil & gas industries. Additionally, Termomeccanica Pompe has comprehensive after-sales service capabilities that enable the company to provide end customers with dependable, efficient, fast, and all-inclusive rotating equipment help.

Trillium Flow Technologies, a portfolio business of First Reserve, is committed to assisting customers enthusiastically by offering performance-engineered products and services that aid in meeting the mission-critical demands of today's ever-changing environment. With our Gabbioneta, Floway, WEMCO1, WSP, and Roto-Jet Pump portfolios, Termomeccanica Pompe's products and services uniquely position Trillium to provide clients with a comprehensive choice of complementary pump products, technical support, and aftermarket services.

 "The acquisition will create a much larger Italian engineered pump manufacturer by combining two strong legacy brands with a highly complementary product portfolio, installed base, and service capabilities. As a result, the joint entity will be best positioned to support our local and international customers more comprehensively and impactful."

-Paolo Macchi, Managing Director of Gabbioneta Pumps,

Edoardo Garibotti, Managing Director of Termomeccanica Pompe, declared: I fully support the project that brings together some of the best skills in the sector.

 "Termomeccanica Pompe and Gabbioneta have incredibly talented people, highly engineered yet different offerings, and extensive manufacturing and testing capabilities. Bringing these businesses together will create significant value for our customers and other stakeholders. Further, joining these two businesses aligns perfectly with our M&A strategy and demonstrates our ongoing efforts and commitment to building a leading flow technology company that offers highly engineered products and provides extensive aftermarket support and solutions."

-David Paradis, CEO of Trillium Flow Technologies


The future is smart! Manufacturing supply chains are confronted with ever more demanding customers, disruptive innovation, and increased competitive pressure. Are you looking to boost your company’s agility, flexibility, and innovativeness?


The future is smart! Manufacturing supply chains are confronted with ever more demanding customers, disruptive innovation, and increased competitive pressure. Are you looking to boost your company’s agility, flexibility, and innovativeness?

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Borrego Signs Agreement with Gotion High-Tech to Supply Energy Storage Equipment for Utility-Scale Projects

Gotion High-Tech | September 16, 2022

Borrego, a leading EPC and O&M provider for large-scale solar and energy storage projects throughout the United States, announced today that it has entered into a master supply agreement (MSA) with Gotion High-Tech, one of the world's leading battery and energy storage system manufacturers. The supply deal will provide Borrego with gigawatt-hours of secure, fixed-price volume capacity of Gotion's DC block storage equipment, which will be available for customer delivery starting in 2023. Gotion is a global tier-one vertically integrated stationary and EV battery and storage system manufacturer, with multi-gigawatt-hour production capacities. The company's product line includes both liquid- and air-cooled UL-certified modular storage solutions featuring advanced lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology. Gotion's U.S. headquarters and R&D facility are in Silicon Valley, and it has more than 100 megawatt-hours of storage systems installed in a variety of applications across the country. "This MSA with a prestigious brand like Gotion helps Borrego continue to grow its supply of energy storage equipment from top-tier manufacturers, We have a multi-gigawatt-hour vendor pipeline of storage products at fixed pricing available for utility and distributed generation projects requiring delivery in 2023-2025. This locked-in capacity will help our customers avoid expected supply chain constraints when the Inflation Reduction Act kicks in." -John duPont, vice president of business development and operations at Borrego. Gotion is looking to expand both its energy storage and U.S. market footprints, and finding a trusted partner like Borrego will help us achieve our goals, said Vikash Venkataramana, vice president of energy storage systems at Gotion. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with Borrego as both companies play major roles in accelerating the clean energy transition. U.S. energy storage deployments are forecast to surge to 600 GWh by 2031, according to Wood Mackenzie's recent Global Energy Storage Outlook. Average annual installations of stand-alone and solar-plus-storage systems are expected to reach 54 GWh through 2031. About Borrego: Borrego, a leading EPC and O&M provider, accelerates the delivery and ensures the proper maintenance of large-scale solar and energy storage projects in the US. Borrego has a track record of superior performance in the hundreds of large solar and energy storage projects it has designed, built, and currently maintains nationwide. Established in 1980, it has regional offices in California, Massachusetts, and New York with a nationwide footprint. Borrego creates value by helping partners make better decisions at critical points in every project's life. Its team brings deep technical expertise to its mission of solving the world's energy problems. About Gotion High-Tech: Gotion High-Tech is one of the world's leading battery manufacturers with global R&D and multi-gigawatt-hour production capabilities. Gotion has a fully integrated supply chain from sourcing lithium to building complete energy storage solutions. With global factories and backing from majority shareholder Volkswagen, Gotion is expanding manufacturing with planned production facilities in the U.S. Gotion has R&D and product development teams in the U.S, to support its EV and energy storage system (ESS) business. Gotion's range of products for ESS includes battery cells, packs, racks and containerized turnkey AC/DC ESS solutions.

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Cyngn Establishes Manufacturing Partnership to Scale Production and Reduce Costs of DriveMod Kit

Cyngn | October 03, 2022

Cyngn Inc. (the “Company” or “Cyngn”) (NASDAQ: CYN), a developer of innovative autonomous driving software solutions for industrial and commercial applications, today announced the selection of a U.S.-based manufacturing partner to scale production of its DriveMod Kit for autonomous stockchasers. DriveMod Kit was launched in April 2022 (patent application filed in February 2022) as a scalable solution for integrating Cyngn’s autonomous technology onto stockchasers. The kit is designed for either retrofitting existing stockchasers or integration onto newly manufactured ones. DriveMod Kit’s ease of installation creates more flexible and rapid deployment options for customers that are interested in leveraging Cyngn’s Enterprise Autonomy Suite across a wide range of industrial and commercial domains. The ability for Cyngn to retrofit existing vehicles with DriveMod Kit is a unique offering in industrial vehicle automation as AMR and AGV solutions typically require new vehicles to be purchased. By engaging a manufacturing partner, Cyngn anticipates substantially increasing the volume of DriveMod Kits that can be produced while reducing the cost of manufacturing these AV hardware integration modules. Companies with fleets of stockchasers will be able to reap the efficiency and safety benefits of autonomous industrial vehicles more quickly and at a lower cost by simply upgrading their vehicles as opposed to replacing them. The kit’s similar installation process for retrofits and end-of-line integrations also eliminates the supply chain dependency on new vehicles being built. “Through our partnership with Columbia Vehicle Group, we have been exposed to the opportunities as well as the challenges that stem from the growing demand for industrial vehicles, We are seeing customers that already have hundreds or even thousands of stockchasers awaiting delivery of hundreds more to continue expanding and replenishing their fleets. This is straining new vehicle production and exacerbating the labor shortages experienced by businesses that are growing while struggling to fulfill staffing needs. We are pleased to have found a domestic contract manufacturer with an exceptional track record to help us create a scaled solution for autonomous deployments that eases the strain and dependency on vehicle supply chains and labor shortages.” -Lior Tal, CEO Cyngn. About Cyngn: Cyngn is an autonomous vehicle technology company that is focused on addressing industrial uses for autonomous vehicles. Cyngn believes that technological innovation is needed to enable adoption of autonomous industrial vehicles that will address the substantial industry challenges that exist today. These challenges include labor shortages, lagging technological advancements from incumbents, and high upfront investment requirements. Cyngn addresses these challenges with its Enterprise Autonomy Suite, which includes DriveMod (modular industrial vehicle autonomous driving software), Cyngn Insight (customer-facing software suite for monitoring/managing AV fleets and aggregating/analyzing data), and Cyngn Evolve (internal toolkit that enables Cyngn to leverage data from the field for artificial intelligence, simulation, and modeling).

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Rockwell Automation Brings Smarter Drive Capabilities to More Applications

Rockwell Automation | July 26, 2022

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, announced the launch of PowerFlex AC variable frequency drive portfolio in Asia Pacific to support a broader range of motor control applications. This will give customers more flexibility, performance and intelligence in their next generation drive through TotalFORCE Technology. The new PowerFlex 755TS drive is the first six-pulse drive to incorporate TotalFORCE technology from Rockwell Automation to help customers get the most out of their equipment. Previously only available in PowerFlex 755T drives with active front-end technology, TotalFORCE can now be used in a wider range of applications. This includes traditional fan, pump, and conveyor applications, and more advanced motor control processes that require high-performance features typically found in specialized drive solutions. This addition brings a simplified and consistent user experience to virtually any motor control application in three key ways: Flexible, high-performance control: The drive's power range, voltage classes and performance capabilities meet the requirements of a wide range of motor control applications. This allows users to leverage a common drive for multiple applications, which can simplify support and reduce burdens on staff. Operational intelligence: Built-in predictive models use continuous operation monitoring to calculate the expected remaining life of drive components. These insights help users reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs by replacing components as needed instead of on a fixed schedule. Eased commissioning and optimization: Using a suite of features referred to as Adaptive Control, the drive monitors machine characteristics that can change over time and automatically compensates for changes. This helps users commission the drive quickly and maintain it for the life of the drive without a tuning expert. It also helps reduce mechanical wear and improve uptime. "Significantly more industrial companies can experience the benefits of TotalFORCE technology now that it's available in a traditional six-pulse drive, No other drive on the market delivers the combined performance and intelligence capabilities of the PowerFlex 755TS drive, which helps improve operational productivity and reduce burdens on the workforce." -Sav Papadopoulos, business manager for low voltage drives, Asia Pacific, Rockwell Automation. The PowerFlex 755TS drive is available with an option for enhanced corrosive gas protection (XT) that helps improve uptime and extend the drive's operating life in corrosive gas environments. The drive has been tested and validated in one of the most severe corrosive-environment-test protocols. These tests combine industry-leading, 30-day exposure in mixed flow gas testing per ASTM B845 Method K with additional proprietary tests that go beyond any industry standard requirement known to date. To help strengthen cybersecurity in industrial operations, the 755TS drive is CIP Security capable. When implemented, CIP Security helps fortify a control system by providing data authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. This helps defend against the risk of someone remotely accessing a network and acting maliciously. The 755TS drive is designed to ease migration from other PowerFlex 750 drives. The 755TS drive is also a drop-in mechanical and electrical replacement for other PowerFlex 755 drives, even using the same physical dimensions, mounting-hole and wiring locations. It also uses the same slot-based architecture that allows users to continue using I/O and safety cards from their existing 750 drives. Lastly, Premier Integration into the Logix control platform helps ease drive configuration and programming. About Rockwell Automation- Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), is a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation. We connect the imaginations of people with the potential of technology to expand what is humanly possible, making the world more productive and more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rockwell Automation employs approximately 25,000 problem solvers dedicated to our customers in more than 100 countries. To learn more about how we are bringing The Connected Enterprise to life across industrial enterprises

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