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ThinkIQ Announces the Release of ThinkIQ Vision Following the Integration of Atollogy Technology and the Team

ThinkIQ Announces the Release of ThinkIQ
On March 1, ThinkIQ, a pioneer of continuous intelligence across the material-centric supply chain, announced the availability of ThinkIQ Vision, which builds on its integration with Atollogy's technology for easy-to-deploy, non-intrusive Industry 4.0 solutions.

Atollogy was a forward-thinking software company dedicated to making operational excellence simple and accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their patented algorithms and artificial intelligence skills have transformed the way businesses operate by automatically digitizing the physical environment and transforming it into valuable business information. Atollogy's platform automatically and continuously monitors physical assets, operators, materials, operational states, and safety processes in many industrial facilities using cameras and other non-traditional sensors. These data points are then turned into insights for managing and optimizing operations.

Manufacturers today want a new degree of information that enables revolutionary decision-making throughout the manufacturing process and supply chain. Integrating Atollogy's technology into the ThinkIQ suite of solutions enhances a manufacturer's visibility into its operations and speeds the effectiveness with which people and systems respond to rapidly changing situations.

"ThinkIQ is truly excited to add Atollogy's software capabilities to our growing portfolio of smart manufacturing solutions, This additional technology brings a powerful new set of edge deployment options for sensors, networks, and computers that ThinkIQ can bring to all our customers. We're thrilled to welcome the Atollogy team to the ThinkIQ family as we work together to enhance our Continuous Intelligence platform."

-Doug Lawson, CEO of ThinkIQ.

Joining forces with ThinkIQ gives us the ability to share our technology with more organizations across the globe," said Rob Schoenthaler, Founder and CEO of Atollogy. We share a vision to accelerate innovation, and together we will be able to help manufacturers and their supply chain partners improve their operations. We're proud of what we've accomplished through our employees' and partners' contributions, and are very excited about this next chapter.

"Constant supply chain disruption has made end-to-end visibility and continuous intelligence – from raw materials to the factory floor – even more important,By integrating Atollogy's technology into the ThinkIQ suite of solutions, manufacturers will be able to further extend their continuous intelligence insights across the supply chain in a way that is much simpler and more cost-effective than existing alternatives."

-John Dyck, CEO of CESMII, The Smart Manufacturing Institute

ThinkIQ is the market's first platform-based continuous intelligence solution. It can be operationalized at various levels, including supply chain, product quality, process improvement, and any time-sensitive process that benefits from responding to what is happening in real-time throughout the manufacturing process. Analytics is integrated directly into operational processes, which can perform or initiate actions in response to particular circumstances being met. This includes everything from time-sensitive warnings that direct staff to the appropriate course of action to completely automated procedures that initiate downstream activities without human participation.