The ETEC 3D Printer Brand Launches Desktop Metal Industrial Manufacturers: A Huge Step Forward in Digital Mass Production of Polymers

Desktop Metal | February 11, 2022

On February 10, Desktop Metal, a global leader in additive manufacturing technologies for mass production, announced the launch of ETEC, a new 3D printing brand that will allow EnvisionTEC, the inventor of digital light processing (DLP) technology, to connect with industrial customers more effectively.

The new brand logo is an overhead picture of DLP's renowned construction tray, in which resin is turned into anything a buyer may dream of using a digital light projector. It's complemented by a redesigned style and feel that's structured, smooth, bold, and durable, as well as a new marketing approach.

Since 2002, EnvisionTEC 3D printers have set the standard for accuracy and surface polish in the healthcare, dental, medical, and jewelry sectors. After acquiring EnvisionTEC in 2021, Desktop Metal formed Desktop Health to focus on healthcare and dentistry customers. ETEC (pronounced "Tek") will now focus exclusively on delivering high-speed photopolymer 3D printing solutions to volume makers of consumer and industrial items.

"Desktop Metal’s integration strategy is to focus on customers and their application needs first, so we can craft the most personalized and compelling business case for them to adopt Additive Manufacturing 2.0 technologies for volume production, Our launch of ETEC and Desktop Health allows us to speak more directly to specific customers with focused needs and serve them better. In addition, ETEC offers incredibly powerful 3D printers paired with exclusive materials that are already driving a new wave of consumer and industrial innovation."

-Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal Founder and CEO.

Using 3D printing technology, materials, software, and applications in the right way, Desktop Metal wants to help more and more manufacturers move into AM 2.0, which means more design flexibility, less waste, faster time-to-market, and less money spent while making their supply chains less risky.

For instance, ETEC has teamed with Adaptive3D, another Desktop Metal company, to provide its best-in-class 3D printed photo elastomers only on ETEC additive manufacturing systems, enhancing their performance through close integration of hardware and materials.

ETEC currently has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of photopolymer 3D printing materials on the market, including Elastic Tough Rubber 90 (ETR 90), the industry's highest rip strength elastomer. ETR is used in various consumer and industrial products, including power tool adapters and recoil pads. Adaptive3D's more extensive library of elastomers could be used in more places, like shoe midsoles, seat cushions, and more.
*According to federal securities laws, some of the information in this news release is "forward-looking."


This Frost & Sullivan research service on the future of additive manufacturing evaluates the evolution of additive manufacturing across multiple regions and industry verticals. It brings out the implications of the IIoT-based connected supply chain due to the adoption of additive manufacturing in actual production.


This Frost & Sullivan research service on the future of additive manufacturing evaluates the evolution of additive manufacturing across multiple regions and industry verticals. It brings out the implications of the IIoT-based connected supply chain due to the adoption of additive manufacturing in actual production.

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Henkel and Carbon Announces Partnership for Industrial 3D Printing

Henkel, Carbon | October 20, 2020

Henkel and Carbon have declared an association consent to team up for Loctite marked definitions approved for use with Carbon's additive manufacturing measure. As a component of the joint effort the new Loctite 3D IND405 Clear material is quickly accessible to Carbon clients. The organization understanding opens the entryway for modern clients to get to Henkel's licensed single-part advances (1K) for use with the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (Carbon DLS) 3D-printing measure. Loctite 3D IND405 Clear confirmed for Carbon printers is a reasonable, extreme, semirigid, 3D-printable material. Created as a one-section pitch, the unmistakable polymer is handily printed utilizing the quick, dependable and steady Carbon DLS measure. With possible applications for fenced in areas and lodgings, light line models, bottle models, dances and installations for creation floors and that's only the tip of the iceberg, Loctite 3D IND405 Clear offers specialists and creators an unmistakable and sturdy material arrangement. "Henkel is a leading provider of single-component technologies for additive manufacturing," says Dr. Simon Mawson, Senior Vice President and Head of 3D Printing at Henkel. "Our expanded partnership with Carbon allows us to deliver Loctite solutions to customers in the aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical markets. Together we offer an efficient additive manufacturing workflow that facilitates the production of durable end-use parts." Henkel is a longstanding confided in accomplice for giving modern answers for a wide assortment of ventures. Under its driving Loctite brand, the organization offers a developing arrangement of tars for photopolymer 3D printing. By joining the Carbon DLS printing measure with Henkel's materials ability and combined with exceptionally screened work process print settings, the accomplices intend to drive more appropriation of additive manufacturing at scale. "We are excited to be partnering with Henkel to add this material to our portfolio of resins," says Dr. Jason Rolland, Senior Vice President of Materials at Carbon. "Our customers have asked us for a clear material that is tough, durable and high-impact resistant. Loctite 3D IND405 meets those needs, and we're committed to continuing to provide product developers the widest range of best-in-class materials." The association opens the entryway for Carbon clients to get to Henkel's licensed single-segment materials, expanding on Carbon's wide arrangement of pitches that offer clients top tier polymer materials for a wide scope of utilizations. With the Carbon DLS measure and a developing arrangement of pitches that convey end-use execution, item designers and makers can put up better items for sale to the public in less time. "We are excited to partner with Carbon and combine our innovative, cutting-edge technologies to bring the Loctite 3D IND405 Clear material to market," Mawson adds. "We believe that the single-component technologies from Loctite, coupled with the Carbon DLS process, provide a best-in-class solution that enables higher precision, better functionality and outstanding economics. Together that puts us in a great position to deliver on additive manufacturing's promise to transform industrial manufacturing." About Henkel: Henkel operates globally with a well-balanced and diversified portfolio. The company holds leading positions with its three business units in both industrial and consumer businesses thanks to strong brands, innovations and technologies. Henkel Adhesive Technologies is the global leader in the adhesives market - across all industry segments worldwide. In its Laundry & Home Care and Beauty Care businesses, Henkel holds leading positions in many markets and categories around the world. Founded in 1876, Henkel looks back on more than 140 years of success. In 2019, Henkel reported sales of more than 20 billion euros and adjusted operating profit of more than 3.2 billion euros. Henkel employs more than 52,000 people globally - a passionate and highly diverse team, united by a strong company culture, a common purpose to create sustainable value and shared values. As a recognized leader in sustainability, Henkel holds top positions in many international indices and rankings. Henkel's preferred shares are listed in the German stock index DAX. About Carbon: Carbon provides industry-leading digital manufacturing solutions that empower companies to create high-performance 3D-printed products anywhere and at any scale. Based in Silicon Valley, Carbon joins advanced hardware, software and polymer materials capabilities on one digital manufacturing platform—giving companies the ability to design and bring better products to market in less time. With Carbon's ground-breaking Digital Light Synthesis™ process and broad family of liquid resins, manufacturers can unlock new business opportunities such as faster design cycles and product launches, on-demand inventory and local production, previously impossible product designs and mass customization.

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Therapure Biomanufacturing Signs Manufacturing Deal With VBI Vaccines for Coronavirus Vaccine Candidates

VBI VACCINES | August 24, 2020

Therapure Biomanufacturing, a division of Therapure Biopharma Inc., announced today the signing of an agreement with VBI Vaccines Inc. for the manufacture of their coronavirus vaccine candidates. Therapure Biomanufacturing is an integrated contract development and manufacturing organization focused on biologic and high value therapeutics that can provide new options for patient care. Under this agreement, Therapure will be responsible for the biomanufacturing of the vaccine drug substance as well as the aseptic fill of the drug product at the Therapure facility in Mississauga, Ontario. Mr. Safa’a Al-Rais, Therapure’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “We are delighted to partner with VBI to assist with providing an effective response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic through Therapure’s biomanufacturing and aseptic fill finish services for VBI’s innovative COVID-19 vaccine candidates, which utilize their flexible enveloped virus-like particle (eVLP) platform technology. Therapure prides itself on its development, clinical and commercial cGMP manufacturing expertise providing solutions for biologic therapeutics and innovative drug delivery technologies, which make a difference in patients’ lives.”

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Augury Joins the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community to Transform the Future of Manufacturing with Machine Health

Augury | July 16, 2021

Augury, a global leader in AI-powered Machine Health, announced today that it has joined the World Economic Forum's Global Innovators Community. This exclusive community comprises the world's most promising start-ups and scale-ups with cutting-edge business models and technology. Augury's Machine Health technology and company vision, which seeks to build a future where people can rely on the machines that matter, were regarded as important additions to the community, which intends to solve long-term global concerns in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. As a member of the World Economic Forum, Augury will contribute to two initiatives that will assist usher in the future of manufacturing. The Augmented Workforce initiative is a community-driven movement that seeks to understand and capitalize on the possibilities of technology-augmented work to create a more empowering, productive, people-centric, and inclusive manufacturing and production ecosystem. The Global Lighthouse Initiative brings together industrial leaders using Industry 4.0 technologies on a large scale to improve financial and operational efficiencies. Augury assists its clients, many of which are well-known Fortune 500 companies and World Economic Forum members, by enabling digital transformation through better insights into the health and performance of the machines they use to manufacture goods, deliver services, and improve lives. Augury introduced over 100 innovations to its Machine Health platform last year, allowing remote work and increased coordination. As a result, augury customers can eliminate unexpected downtime and achieve significant gains in reliability, sustainability, and efficiency throughout their global manufacturing operations by using Guaranteed Diagnostics and actionable insights that prevent machine failures. About the World Economic Forum The Global Innovators Community is a group of the world's most promising start-ups and scale-ups at the forefront of technological and business model innovation. The World Economic Forum offers a forum for the Global Innovators Community to interact with public and private-sector leaders and contribute new solutions to current crises and future resiliency. About Augury Augury is working on creating a world in which people can always rely on the machines that matter. Augury helps its clients by enabling Digital Transformation by providing better insights into the machines' health and performance to make products, provide services, and enhance people's lives.

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