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TBM to Optimize Manufacturing with Enthought's Materials Acceleration Program

TBM to Optimize Manufacturing with Enthought's Materials Acceleration Program
TBM Co., Ltd has chosen digital transformation solutions provider, Enthought. TBM specializes in creating as well as distributing eco-friendly materials, recycling precious resources and will implement Enthought’s Materials Informatics (MI) Acceleration Program to improve the functionality of the company's LIMEX and CirculeX products.

TBM’s LIMEX, a material primarily made of limestone, is an alternative to plastic and is patented in more than 40 countries. Limex uses less water and petrochemicals than comparable materials. CirculeX, harnesses recovered plastic debris to further cut down on the use of natural resources.

The vendor optimizing the process needs to understand the goods’ complicated ingredients and have technical expertise in polymer production. Enthought is one of the only solutions providers that can provide a comprehensive strategy as it possesses in-depth knowledge of materials and chemical science.

TBM, in partnership with Enthought, will,
  • Create internal Machine Learning (MI) capabilities
  • Make MI improvements to the production process
  • Use Enthought Edge to manage and analyze data, as well as to install customized apps
  • Find and develop the next generation of digital R&D leaders
  • Gain continuous access to Enthought's team of talented scientists and engineers to help spark a change in the larger digital culture

Materials informatics solutions can entirely change, optimize manufacturing efficiency and helps products reach the market quickly. 

About Enthought Inc

Enthought is driving science's digital transformation. By empowering a workforce with digital skills and analytics-ready scientific data, Enthought's experience accelerate discovery and continuous innovation and serve as value-creation engine for both research and business. Enthought specializes in transforming companies in consumer products, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, materials design, manufacturing, semiconductor, electrical, and semiconductor areas.