Symphony IndustrialAI Takes over Savigent to Speed-Up Digital Factory and AI initiatives in Manufacturing

Symphony IndustrialAI | March 09, 2021

Symphony IndustrialAI announced the acquisition of Savigent, the IIoT, and digital workflow orchestration leader. This acquisition aims further to advance Symphony IndustrialAI's leadership into plant and supply chain processes. The combination of Savigent connected factory and process optimization capabilities and Symphony IndustrialAI solutions based on its advanced EurekaAI technology platform. It will assist the process and discrete manufacturing customers significantly to develop process efficiency, quality, and energy consumption.

Customers do understand tremendous value through Savigent's easy and quick-connect disparate systems and equipment within factories. Through this, it will provide the required visibility to enable improved decision-making and drive costly variability and inefficiencies out of a vast array of manufacturing processes.

Symphony IndustrialAI further enhances Savigent's low-code platform, real-time IoT data capture, and work orchestration technologies with AI optimization technologies. This way, Savigent will drive additional value for Symphony IndustrialAI's existing condition monitoring, asset performance management, and predictive maintenance solutions. 

On this, Symphony IndustrialAI Chief Executive Officer Dominic Gallello mentioned that Savigent had experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. The combination of the Savigent process optimization platform and Symphony IndustrialAI's EurekaAI platform and solutions will augment value for Savigent customers in the future. Mutually, we will deliver additional optimization and analytics capabilities and hasten our global expansion. The solutions we can provide our customers, partners, and the industrial community are very persuasive."

In addition, Savigent CEO Dean Truitt continues saying that "the Savigent platform is a critical component in driving IT-OT convergence. It is because it provides the required visibility across manufacturing operations and delivers higher-value applications. The demand for solutions to transform manufacturing operations and achieve measurable benefits has never been better. "The potential to improve process operations through Symphony IndustrialAI technologies and AI capabilities is an essential component of next-generation digital manufacturing."

John Dyck, CEO of CESMII, the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, further mentions that this is a tremendously exciting opportunity for both Savigent and Symphony IndustrialAI that will strengthen manufacturers' ability to deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0. This combination will extensively extend Savigent's next-generation manufacturing operations capabilities into machine learning, AI, process optimization, and manufacturing materials."


More quickly responding to changing markets and consumer tastes? Meeting the needs of consumers who are more connected, informed and outspoken? Contending with new competitors, like online food providers, specialty producers or supermarket brands? Complying with new regulations for greater food traceability?


More quickly responding to changing markets and consumer tastes? Meeting the needs of consumers who are more connected, informed and outspoken? Contending with new competitors, like online food providers, specialty producers or supermarket brands? Complying with new regulations for greater food traceability?

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Litmus and Cantier Collaborate to Provide Agile Smart Manufacturing Solutions with MES and IIoT 4.0 Platform

LITMUS | June 03, 2021

Today, Litmus, the Intelligent Edge Computing company, announced a partnership with Cantier Systems to integrate Cantier's MES 4.0 with the Litmus Edge platform to assist manufacturers in digitally transforming their shop floor. The combined solution will serve South Asia and India. It will give users deeper insights to rapidly deploy traceability, quality inspection, OEE improvement, predictive equipment maintenance, manufacturing intelligence, statistical process controls, and other IIoT use cases. Cantier MES 4.0 is configurable and scalable manufacturing software that helps automate shop floor activities with real-time quality information, OEE, planned vs. actual, finished goods, inventory, and other critical manufacturing KPIs. Litmus Edge is a modern edge platform that collects data from any industrial asset, offers pre-built analytics, provides the ability to build and run custom applications, and integrates data with any cloud or enterprise system. Cantier will resell and implement Litmus Edge as a tightly integrated solution for MES and IIoT enablement. Cantier MES 4.0 integrates seamlessly with Litmus Edge to allow customers to deploy the building blocks necessary for digital transformation quickly. Cantier will also provide implementation to assist customers in deploying the joint solution. The two companies are already deploying the integrated solution to a number one tier 1 automotive OEM supplier in India. ABOUT CANTIER SYSTEMS Cantier MES 4.0 is the Next Generation Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that integrates seamlessly with legacy and modern manufacturing environments, combining Execution, IIOT, and Manufacturing Intelligence capabilities into a single platform for real-time operations visibility, predictive decision support, and autonomous actions. Cantier has continuously worked with various customers in the semiconductor, electronics, automotive, aerospace, metal precision and fabrication, food, sugar, and ethanol industries. You can rely on our experience to craft Industry-specific and Configurable MES that achieves faster deployment to realize rapid ROI. ABOUT LITMUS Litmus enables out-of-the-box data collection, analytics, and management with an Intelligent Edge Computing Platform for IIoT. Litmus provides the solution to transform critical edge data into actionable intelligence that can power predictive maintenance, machine learning, and AI.

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Oragenics and Avid Bioservices Enter Into Process Development and Drug Substance Manufacturing Agreement

Oragenics, Avid Bioservices | August 21, 2020

Oragenics, Inc. and Avid Bioservices, Inc., today announced that the companies have entered into a process development and drug substance manufacturing agreement. Under terms of the agreement, Avid will provide Oragenics with analytical method development, process development and drug substance manufacturing services to support development of Oragenics’ novel SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) spike protein vaccine candidate, Terra CoV-2. Avid and Oragenics will immediately commence the initial phase of the project, which includes analytical method feasibility and qualification activities. Following completion of these initial activities the companies plan to advance to upstream and downstream process development and CGMP drug substance manufacturing of Terra CoV-2 within Avid’s state-of-the-art Myford facility. These activities are designed to support Oragenics’ goal of advancing its Terra CoV-2 vaccine candidate into human clinical trials by early 2021.

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EarlyBirds Contribute to Manufacturing Innovation

EarlyBirds | March 08, 2022

EarlyBirds, the originator of the Open Innovation Ecosystem, published an article on how their organization might assist advanced manufacturing and production companies to close the innovation gap. By exploiting and deploying innovative technology across production sites, most businesses have been able to adjust to the enormous disruption created by the COVID-19 outbreak. Manufacturing and supply chain professionals must now step up their efforts to be competitive in today's market. Numerous reasons are escalating this demand for change. To begin with, the need for change in advanced manufacturing and production is being fueled by new client demands and a shifting market environment. Second, the epidemic changed many aspects of people's lives, including their preferences for products and services. Third, climate change and the urgent requirement to achieve net-zero emissions compel businesses to drastically reinvent their production techniques to mitigate the catastrophic effects of global climate change. Finally, the digital transition is here to stay, and companies must innovate to thrive in it. Consumers, the social order, and the status of the planet are posing new problems that require company executives to go beyond operations, productivity, and efficiency improvements. It entails capitalizing on their investments in sophisticated manufacturing to optimize existing operational models and develop and unlock whole new business models that produce and provide value to all stakeholders. This involves businesses and their consumers and their staff, the broader community, and the environment. EarlyBirds' founders noticed a gap in the market for enterprise-wide innovation services that may assist manufacturing and production organizations in rapidly resolving difficulties, seizing new possibilities, and adapting to the new world of business. To assist businesses in closing this innovation gap, EarlyBirds developed two essential features. The first is their Open Innovation Ecosystem, which connects large corporations in need of innovative solutions with startups, scaleups, and mature businesses that can provide those answers. Along with this platform, which already records over 4 million creative trades, EarlyBirds launched its Explorer and Challenger innovation initiatives. These programs enable large corporations to leverage EarlyBirds' network of innovators and subject matter experts to offer the programs and outcomes their businesses require. If companies have enough money, they can even be taught how to run these programs independently or help adopt a hybrid strategy that includes their programs. The Explorer Program is for companies that require innovation as a service to enhance their existing innovation initiatives or to perform innovation projects. By contrast, the Challenger Program is designed to address a single business or technological challenge at a time. It enables firms to identify innovators who meet their business, technical, commercial, and risk requirements. In addition, these programs assist early adopters of novel technologies in locating subject matter experts and independent advisors who can help them confidently resolve their difficulties. The Explorer and Challenger programs are particularly well-suited for addressing the drivers of change in today's economic climate and capitalizing on opportunities created by shifting customer demands, the establishment of Net Zero targets, and the relentless progress of digital transformation. EarlyBirds launched the Open Innovation Ecosystem and the Explorer and Challenger programs to assist major corporations interested in implementing creative improvements to their operations in identifying innovative startups and subject matter experts who can help them accomplish that goal. Anyone who wants to learn more about EarlyBirds' work, whether they are an innovative startup, a company looking for new ways to solve problems, or a subject matter expert who wants to help many businesses, can contact the company or go to their website.

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