SOCMA and Greenland Technologies Agreed Supporting U.S. Production of Electric Industrial Vehicles

Greenland | February 18, 2021

Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation is a technology developer and is also a well-known manufacturer of electric industrial vehicles. It also has drive train systems for material handling types of machinery and vehicles. Fujian South China Heavy Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. ("SOCMA") is a leading company specialized in manufacturing, designing, and distributing heavy industrial machinery and vehicles. They together announced a co-operation agreement to employ SOCMA's existing supply-chain and technologies. This is to support Greenland's production of electric industrial vehicles in the United States. The agreement presents a commitment to invest in the U.S. by Greenland as a key center of innovation in the global electric vehicle market.

In the agreement, both parties aim to institute a strategic partnership to abundantly cooperate on technology sharing and supply chain management for the production of electric industrial vehicles in the U.S. SOCMA has agreed to provide and supply the materials, parts and components, and related supply chain to GTEC. This will be done for the development and manufacture of electric industrial vehicles in the U.S. SOCMA agrees GTEC shall use the relevant SOCMA technologies and patents involved in GTEC's procurement of engineering vehicle parts and materials from SOCMA free of charge. GTEC will get profit from its global business development and technology development capabilities so that it can accelerate the launch of its electric industrial vehicles globally with SOCMA’s support.

In this agreement, Raymond Wang, CEO of Greenland mentions that this is the moment of excitement to partner with SOCMA. This has created a significant hope to pursue a positive development, which will ensure the utilization of SOCMA's existing supply-chain for GTEC's U.S. production of its electric industrial vehicles.  This cooperation agreement was considered to leverage both companies' expertise, best practices, and vast proprietary knowledge for mutual benefit and enhancement of respective competitive positions.

Further, he mentions that this cooperation will accelerate electric industrial vehicle production in the United States for GTEC.  The announcement is a very important step. With the initial production of electric, GTEC's first industrial vehicle, integrating of own components are targeted between 3Q 2021 and 4Q 2021. This agreement will significantly expand GTEC's long-term growth prospects and ability to build shareholder value.


One of the challenges of designing and manufacturing medical devices is the fact that choices made in the product development effort can have a significant impact on regulatory approval lead-time, tooling complexity and cost, and production capabilities. When those choices are made by a cross-functional team that reviews potential tradeoffs there is generally the balance between features and cost.


One of the challenges of designing and manufacturing medical devices is the fact that choices made in the product development effort can have a significant impact on regulatory approval lead-time, tooling complexity and cost, and production capabilities. When those choices are made by a cross-functional team that reviews potential tradeoffs there is generally the balance between features and cost.

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Sage Clarity, a Leader in Next Generation Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions, Announces the release of ABLE 3.0

Sage Clarity | October 18, 2021

Sage Clarity (, a leader in next generation manufacturing enterprise solutions, announces the release of ABLE 3.0. ABLE™ is a cloud-based, Internet of Things (IoT) solution that provides real-time root cause analysis for manufacturing operations and part of Sage Clarity's MES ecosystem product suite. Sage Clarity's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) ecosystem product suite is a deep feature rich set of modules, integrations, and plug-in applications to expand the MES footprint. Its capabilities help drive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data collection strategies that provide cutting-edge applications to unlock the value of their manufacturing software. ABLE 3.0 functionality Includes: Machine Fault Learning Intelligent root cause analysis KPI Heatmaps John Oskin, President of Sage Clarity commented that, "With intelligent root cause analysis and Machine fault learning, ABLE 3.0 solves a significant data collection problem for complex production lines. KPI heatmaps create unique factory visualizations of problematic areas in the plant." ABLE has been an effective tool for our organization, helping us understand our Process losses better. It is supporting our factory digitization efforts and were surprised how quickly the technology deployed Andrew Wunder, Director of Operations from Henkel North America The ABLE™ middleware solution resides between the plant floor and the MES/SCADA layer and requires no PLC data acquisition programming. The cloud technology eliminates the needs for special infrastructure, providing easy scale and rapid deployment. The Middleware solution integrates with MES platforms such as Epicor Advanced MES, Aveva MES, Rockwell, PTC, and many others. About Sage Clarity Sage Clarity is a leading provider of Industry 4.0 and MES Eco System applications, developing cutting edge solutions to enable the "Next Generation Manufacturing Enterprise." By combining best-of-breed software capabilities with advisory services, Sage Clarity delivers comprehensive solutions enabling enterprises to achieve a higher level of manufacturing and supply chain performance with real time visibility and valuable insights into manufacturing operations.

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Agilent to Expand High-Volume Manufacturing Line in Colorado to Produce High-Quality Molecules

Agilent Technologies | August 19, 2020

Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced it will expand its state-of-the-art production facility in Frederick, Colorado, that develops and manufactures “oligos,” which are short DNA and RNA molecules used to create nucleic acid-based therapeutics. Oligos hold the potential to be used in developing treatments for cancer, COVID-19, cardiovascular disease, rare and infectious diseases, and other conditions. The expansion will more than double the current capacity for manufacturing therapeutic oligos at the Frederick site. Agilent expects the supplier market for therapeutic oligos to exceed $750 million in 2025 with projected double-digit annual growth over the next five years. The addition of the higher-volume manufacturing line will help Agilent meet this growing demand from leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Customer shipments from the new line are expected to begin by the end of 2022.

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In order to support corrosion inhibitor demand, recovery in oil & gas production

prnewswire | December 28, 2020

As satellite TV memberships keep plunging, advanced promoting is developing its strength as the default mechanism for organizations hoping to get eyes before their items. Web based publicizing is required to come to an amazing $1.08 trillion by 2027. In the interim, computerized promoting organizations are improving and better at contacting focused on crowds for greatest commitment. With new patterns in influencer promoting, portable publicizing, automatic advertising, and more set to pick up additional force in 2021, computerized showcasing is solidifying its place and boosting organizations like BBTV Corp. (TSX:BBTV), The Trade Desk Inc (NASDAQ:TTD), AcuityAds Holdings Inc. Computerized media innovation organization BBTV (TSX:BBTV) has fabricated a multi-million dollar business by aiding content makers and influencers develop their crowds and create income from their substance. The organization helps content makers, all things considered, similar to free YouTubers and Esports gamers. BBTV additionally works with media organizations like Viacom and Sony Pictures, offering a start to finish arrangement that joins content improvement, advanced rights the board, content joint effort and adaptation. Notwithstanding helping content makers, BBTV can sell advanced publicizing through the video sees it creates working straightforwardly with brands and offices. BBTV Continues to Grow Its Revenue and Reach Coronavirus has quickened a pre-pandemic move towards computerized media utilization, making some genuine development for organizations on the correct side of the change. All through 2020, BBTV has shown critical size and scale in its tasks given its enormous and developing base of more than 40 billion month to month sees. On December 14, the organization gave a business update that featured a 46% expansion in direct publicizing income year-over-year over the most recent a year finishing October 2020. BBTV additionally encountered a record month in direct publicizing in November 2020 with over half income development contrasted with the prior year. The income development adds to a generally effective nine months. In November, BBTV announced its Q3 2020 monetary outcomes with record quarterly incomes of CA$120.7 million, a 31% expansion YoY. As indicated by the delivery, the expansion was driven by development in perspectives, which bounced 18% to 121.2 billion in Q3, and improved promotion incomes. During the second from last quarter, BBTV likewise brought CA$172.4 million up in continues, offering extra money to execute on the organization's development systems.

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