SMTNW Selects Aegis’ FactoryLogix IIoT-Based Manufacturing Operations Platform

SMTNW Selects Aegis’ FactoryLogix
On February 1, Aegis Software, a global provider of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM/MES) software, announced that SMTNW Inc., a leading provider of Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for various manufacturing projects, has chosen Aegis' FactoryLogix® platform. SMTNW's goal in deploying a flexible and modular platform throughout its manufacturing facilities is to support its further expansion and dedication to providing the best quality products on time. FactoryLogix's unique, native, agile, and contextualized platform will enable SMTNW to eliminate separate systems, enhance the production capacity, obtain factory-wide insight, and deliver high-quality products more quickly.

SMTNW Inc. has been a cornerstone of the Pacific Northwest since 1996, delivering state-of-the-art electronic manufacturing services. Its purpose is to expand and embrace technology to provide its clients with the highest quality electronics.

"Our decision to select Aegis' FactoryLogix MES platform was based on their extensive experience developing and delivering innovative, configurable, and feature-rich MES solutions. We needed a partner with a profound understanding of our business and a platform that could adapt and scale to support our smart factory initiatives today and, in the future,We were seeking a best-in-class platform that was complete and robust enough to provide us with the capabilities necessary to elevate productivity, quality, traceability, and visibility to a whole new level."

-Dustin Green, CEO, SMTNW.

SMTNW Inc. will implement a broad range of capabilities, including production process planning, adaptive scheduling, interactive work instructions, manufacturing execution and tracking, IIoT connectivity and contextualization, product and process traceability, quality management, and manufacturing intelligence.

"SMTNW has an extensive history of manufacturing diverse and complex products, inherently accompanied by extremely tight and changing deadlines as well as expectations for the highest level of quality. To support increasing customer expectations, changing business dynamics, and aggressive growth goals, innovative companies like SMTNW require a truly singular and feature-rich platform natively designed to adapt to any manufacturing process on-demand. "Jason Spera, CEO, and Co-Founder, Aegis Software, will provide SMTNW with an out-of-the-box industry 4.0 platform that will catapult their operations to the next level, We are excited to work together with SMTNW to leverage cutting-edge technology to help them achieve their operational and financial goals."

-Jason Spera, CEO, and Co-Founder, Aegis Software.

FactoryLogix is a comprehensive and flexible IIoT-based Manufacturing Operations Management platform that combines cutting-edge technology with simply customizable modules to support and execute a discrete manufacturer's Industry 4.0 strategy.

FactoryLogix covers the entire product lifecycle, from product introduction, material logistics, manufacturing execution, and quality control to advanced analytics and real-time dashboards. This end-to-end platform enables businesses to speed product launches, streamline processes, increase quality and traceability, decrease costs, and get a better insight to achieve a competitive edge and profitability.