Sigma Additive Solutions Announces Agreement with SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions | November 09, 2022 | Read time : 03:00 min

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Sigma Additive Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: SASI) ("Sigma", "we," "our," or the "Company"), a leading provider of quality assurance software to the commercial 3D printing industry, today announced that its PrintRite3D® in-process quality assurance solution will be certified as PrintRite3D Ready to work with SLM’s industrial metal additive manufacturing, or AM, machines. The objective of the integration is for the companies to utilize SLM’s open architecture and SLM.Quality APIs to enable the integration of PrintRite3D, Sigma’s third-party agnostic quality assurance software and analytics solution.

“We are pleased to announce our relationship with a premier company in the additive manufacturing industry. Our team has been impressed with the way the SLM.Quality solution has contributed to efficient process qualification and part certifications. This is a major step towards establishing a standard for data interchange and advancing the industry towards standards-based quality metrics and analytics.”

-Stephan Kuehr, GM of European Operations at Sigma.

Sam O’Leary, CEO, SLM Solutions, stated, This agreement demonstrates SLM’s and Sigma’s mutual commitment to serving the quality and analytics needs of customers, as well as advancing the entire additive industry by combining SLM.Quality with Sigma’s PrintRite3D quality assurance system. This is an important step in providing facilities the ability to monitor entire fleets with standard and consistent quality data enabled by SLM’s open architecture.

The announcement comes on the heels of Sigma’s launch of software-only quality solutions to support existing and new equipment from OEMs.

“Built upon our robust PrintRite3D monitoring and analytics technology, we are creating a quality framework for connecting and standardizing distinct sensors and images into a cohesive product suite, We are excited to work with SLM and their customers to accelerate process and part qualification.”

-Jacob Brunsberg, CEO of Sigma.

About SLM Solutions:
SLM Solutions is an integrated solutions provider and metal additive manufacturing partner. The company is vested in customers' long-term success with metal additive manufacturing. Robust Selective Laser Melting machines optimize fast, reliable, and cost-efficient part production and SLM Solutions' experts work with customers at each stage of the process to provide the support that elevates the use of the technology and ensures their return on investment is maximized. A publicly traded company, SLM Solutions Group AG is headquartered in Germany, with offices in Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. 

About Sigma Additive Solutions:
Sigma Additive Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of in-process quality assurance (IPQA™) solutions to the additive manufacturing industry. Sigma specializes in the development and commercialization of real-time monitoring and analytics known as PrintRite3D® for 3D metal and polymer advanced manufacturing technologies. PrintRite3D detects and classifies defects and anomalies real-time during the manufacturing process, enabling significant cost-savings and production efficiencies by reducing waste, increasing yield and shortening cycle times. Sigma believes its software solutions will be a major catalyst for the acceleration and adoption of industrial 3D printing.


Normfinish is the brand for anything related to blasting technology and post processing in additive manufacturing. For more than 80 years, we have built up expertise and reputation when it comes to blasting technology and we are more than ready for the 3D world.


Normfinish is the brand for anything related to blasting technology and post processing in additive manufacturing. For more than 80 years, we have built up expertise and reputation when it comes to blasting technology and we are more than ready for the 3D world.

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In a strategic move, digital reality solutions leader Hexagon AB acquired Loclab, the company recently announced. The acquisition is synergistic since Loclab is a leader in 3D digital twin content creation and will be a part of Hexagon’s Geosystems division. In addition, LocLab's proprietary technology is used by leading transportation, construction, and design consultant companies. Hexagon’s cloud-based storage, visualization, and collaboration platform blend well with LocLab’s ability to create digital twins using a high degree of automation, proven workflows and artificial intelligence. To balance speed, cost, and accuracy, LocLab developed a toolchain that can leverage several data input formats, such as terrestrial videogrammetry, survey data, and point clouds, using only photographs or videos at a minimum. When survey accuracy is not required, and speed is preferred, videogrammetry is a highly scalable method. The AI software compares detected objects with LocLab's vast object library of 3D elements (street objects, building components, rail equipment, etc.) to semi-automate the creation of a semantically enriched 3D model. "Like any digital twin, it provides an intuitive 3D hub for data management and information. But it has traits not always associated with digital twins: it's data-rich, kept up to date in real-time, and workflow-driven, making it seamlessly accessible. And most importantly, it's autonomously intelligent, meaning it can implement physical world actions independent of human intervention."Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén. About Hexagon AB Hexagon is the world's leading provider of digital reality solutions. We use data to improve efficiency, productivity, quality, and safety in industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector, and mobility applications. Our technologies make production and people-related ecosystems more connected and autonomous for a scalable, sustainable future.

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IperionX and SLM Solutions signs strategic MoU

SLM Solutions | March 15, 2023

IperionX, a leader in sustainable titanium technologies, and SLM Solutions, prominent in metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems, have announced signing a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) on March 14, 2023, to look into the possibility of IperionX supplying SLM with spherical titanium metal powders from its upcoming Titanium Demonstration Facility (TDF) in Virginia. With more than 850 systems and 1,400 lasers installed worldwide, SLM Solutions is a top provider of metal 3D printing solutions. The company pioneered metal AM using metal powders and invented selective laser melting via the Laser Powder Bed Fusion AM method. SLM's global clientele may soon have access to the first 100% recycled titanium metal powders as per the MoU with two industry leaders. Titanium has a significant negative influence on the environment, but with IperionX's innovative titanium technology, high-quality titanium powders can be produced using only recycled titanium feedstocks. Anastasios (Taso) Arima, Co-Founder and CEO at IperionX, remarked, "We are pleased to be partnering with SLM, a global leader in metal 3D printing solutions. This agreement recognizes the value of sustainable, 100% recycled titanium metal powders for leading companies and will be a unique titanium powder offering for SLM's global customers." (Source – Business Wire) Sam O'Leary, Chief Executive Officer at SLM Solutions, stated, "The partnership between IperionX and SLM Solutions is a real plus for SLM users and expands their material portfolio with recycled low-cost titanium material. We look forward to offer the only 100% recycled titanium metal powder as part of our extensive materials offering." (Source – Business Wire) About SLM Solutions SLM Solutions is a publicly traded company with its headquarters in Germany and offices in Canada, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States. It offers integrated metal additive manufacturing solutions. With its customers' success at its core, it has been at the forefront of metal additive manufacturing (AM) since its foundation. With up to 12 lasers and build rates of up to 1,000ccm/h, SLM Solutions is home to the fastest metal AM machines in the world. As a result, it leads the industry in terms of return on investment, profitability, and productivity.

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Oqton, Baker Hughes Team up for Additive Manufacturing Software Suite

Oqton | March 14, 2023

On March 13, 2023, Oqton, a provider of software that helps manufacturers boost productivity and creativity through the intelligent automation of production, and Baker Hughes, a leader in energy technology, announced the formation of a commercial software development and technical partnership. The agreement will combine the engineering and manufacturing know-how of the two companies to create an industrial digital ecosystem that will revolutionize how products are brought to market in highly regulated sectors like the aerospace, energy, and healthcare industries. The system aims to speed up the design and production of additively built parts throughout the manufacturing workflow. This will increase productivity and make it easier to facilitate compliance. As part of the development agreement, Baker Hughes is incorporating Oqton's Manufacturing OS into its workflow, including the company's patented additive manufacturing technologies developed for vertical applications over the past decade. As a result, the firms will be able to improve the additive manufacturing platform for the energy industry by combining Oqton's self-sufficient approach to production with Baker Baker Hughes specializes in developing and implementing manufacturing processes in highly regulated industrial environments. The companies look forward to paving the way for developing additional applications and plug-ins that will be incorporated into the Oqton Manufacturing OS and allow them to expand into new markets with more stringently regulated industries with more demanding end-use applications, such as the aerospace and healthcare sectors. Dr. Ben Schrauwen, SVP and General Manager of Oqton, stated, "We believe that manufacturing is going through its most significant phase of disruption since the first industrial revolution." (Source – Globe Newswire) Jim Sessions, Vice President for Completions, Interventions and Measurements at Baker Hughes, remarked, "As an energy technology company, Baker Hughes is fully committed to the development of the most advanced technologies looking for more efficient, more reliable, and cleaner energy solutions." (Source – Globe Newswire) About Oqton By delivering end-to-end software solutions for additive manufacturing, 3D scanning, and robotic welding, Oqton speeds up intelligent manufacturing, which in turn aids industrial and healthcare enterprises in their pursuit of efficiency and innovation. The company's additive manufacturing platform provides AI-powered features for additive design, image segmentation, build prep, MES, simulation and additive inspection, enabling total traceability and visibility across an organization.

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