sensemetrics global IIoT and cloud technology company joined forces with Ackcio

sensemetrics, Ackcio | October 13, 2020

sensemetrics Inc., a worldwide Industrial IoT (IIoT) and cloud innovation organization changing sensor information into continuous business insight, today declared it has united with Singapore-based Ackcio, a supplier of remote sensor network gadgets, to robotize information the executives and investigation for common clients computerizing geotechnical and basic instrumentation in underground and surface mining, and framework markets.

The arrangement between the two organizations quickens computerized change for organizations in these areas with an incorporated arrangement that packages sensemetrics' product driven profitability apparatuses and continuous information experiences with Ackcio's demonstrated remote checking contributions. The consolidated arrangement gives associations an incredible method to not just computerize the assortment of circulated and condition observing information, yet to likewise oversee and investigate it utilizing sensemetrics' product, with the mean to moderate danger, lessen ecological effect, and improve safety management programs.

“From tunnel collapses, to dam breaches, infrastructure damage and financial loss, far too many tragedies have occurred,” said Nimantha Baranasuriya, Co-founder and CEO, Ackcio. “We share a common mission with sensemetrics around preventing these incidents, and we welcome the opportunity to combine our technological strengths to bring automated monitoring to our mutual customers to meaningfully mitigate risk for our clients.”

With this alliance, sensemetrics is building on its strategy to expand further into underground environments. One of the biggest advantages the combined Ackcio-sensemetrics solution addresses is the need for greater flexibility in distributed condition monitoring, allowing for increased customization when it comes to addressing the best way to reduce risk in each unique environment, says Cory Baldwin, CEO, sensemetrics.

“Ackcio’s long range mesh technology is widely recognized as superior for tunneling and underground industrial environments,” said Cory Baldwin, CEO, sensemetrics. “There’s simply no other solution that is as effective. We’re extremely honored to have the opportunity to work alongside Nimantha and his team to unlock additional value for our mutual customers with new data management and analytics capabilities that truly take digital transformation initiatives to the next level.”

Offering unrivaled admittance to constant data and investigation for ceaseless and complete checking for geotechnical, ecological and mining applications, sensemetrics as of late presented a custom fitted IIoT arrangement that gives mining organizations and their safety net providers ongoing, start to finish Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) experiences.

New highlights now accessible in the sensemetrics stage incorporate local iOS and Android portable applications for disentangled far off sensor the board; a Revision Management System (RMS) that underpins sequence of occasions over the life expectancy of a sensor, alongside journaling and property the executives to open consistent information standardization of determined measurements; and a distant detecting module with a dashboard show – fueled by spatially thick datasets from ground and satellite-based frameworks. The detecting module gives unmatched instruments to perception and verification of measurements assembled from set up sensors to precisely portray resource execution.

A plug-and-play arrangement, the sensemetrics stage depends on cutting edge representation apparatuses and offers maker rationalist edge network, a genuine cloud plan, an occasion driven and adaptable microservices design, work process upgrading applications, and an open API interface. Highlighting start to finish sensor mix and resource the board, the stage streamlines the complexities generally connected with sensor robotization and the executives while likewise diminishing expenses and improving operational proficiency.

About sensemetrics:
sensemetrics is a leading innovator in the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) market. The company offers the only market-proven cloud-based enterprise software platform that simplifies connectivity and standardizes industrial sensor data, enabling our partner network to more efficiently provide active risk management and safety solutions.

About Ackcio:
Ackcio produces reliable wireless monitoring solutions for industrial monitoring applications. Their Ackcio Beam wireless monitoring product suite boasts an industry leading long-range wireless mesh connectivity solution that makes it ideal for monitoring various geotechnical and structural sensors in both above ground and underground construction and mining projects.


This paper reports the results of a nationally representative survey of how the UK public views manufacturing, carried out in January 2012, providing for the first time an evidence base for the discussion on the image of manufacturing in the UK. Much of this discussion to date has been anecdotal, with little formal evidence on how public opinion has changed towards manufacturing over time.


This paper reports the results of a nationally representative survey of how the UK public views manufacturing, carried out in January 2012, providing for the first time an evidence base for the discussion on the image of manufacturing in the UK. Much of this discussion to date has been anecdotal, with little formal evidence on how public opinion has changed towards manufacturing over time.

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