Sandvik invests in the leading provider of AI-powered production software, Oqton

prnewswire | January 15, 2021

Sandvik has gained a minority stake in the exclusive American programming organization Oqton, a main supplier of AI-controlled assembling arrangements that permits makers to oversee, upgrade, and computerize their assembling work processes.

"This investment is in line with our strategic agenda to broaden our offering in digital manufacturing. We are looking forward to working with Oqton and finding ways to expand our offering for increased customer productivity by creating new products that take advantage of Sandvik's extensive know-how about manufacturing processes and Oqton's AI-powered manufacturing solutions", says Stefan Widing, President and CEO of Sandvik.

Oqton gives a safe start to finish cloud-based assembling stage that joins information across the total assembling environment, from plan to creation, to coordinations. Their open and skeptic cloud-based stage empowers makers to work coordinated plants and oversee complex item blends, with lower stock and a rearranged store network.

"Oqton's solution targets inefficiencies and waste in the manufacturing workflow. We believe that our relationship with Oqton will give us further opportunities to define and reduce waste throughout the entire manufacturing process. We share the same desire to automate workflows and make our customers more efficient", says Mathias Johansson, President of the Design & Planning Automation division in Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions.

Established in 2017, Oqton has 60 representatives, the corporate base in San Francisco, USA, and three R&D focuses situated in Belgium, Denmark and China.

The relationship with Oqton will be overseen by Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions' division Design and Planning Automation, inside the business territory Sandvik Manufacturing and Machining Solutions. The measure of the venture was not revealed.


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Check out the annual showcase of Autodesk design & manufacturing customers. As a global leader in 3D design to manufacturing software, we give you the power to MakeAnything. Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to deliver better products faster, at lower cost, and with less waste. Let’s explore future manufacturing trends and technology that can help you succeed in this rapidly changing era of digital transformation.

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Atos Enhances its Robotic Production Capabilities With the Acquisition of Processia

Atos | April 21, 2021

Atos announced today the acquisition of Processia, a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system integrator and Dassault Systèmes Global Service Partner based in Canada. As a result of this acquisition, Atos will be able to further help manufacturing firms on their transformation path and implementation of Industry 4.0 technology, following its industry-specific approach. Atos will strengthen its PLM and Engineering Solutions franchise through Processia, complementing its current offerings of Siemens, PTC, and Dassault Systèmes services, and will extend the Group's presence in North America and Europe, especially in Belgium, Canada, France, India, Netherlands, the UK, and the US. The digitalization imperative has risen to the top of the priority list for manufacturers, leading them to explore new methods to empowering data accessibility through their entire business. PLM is a cornerstone of the manufacturer's digital transition because it serves as a product data backbone for the entire enterprise. Processia, which was established in 2000, provides consulting, integration, and managed services to companies in the aerospace, automotive, transportation, life sciences, discrete manufacturing, and high-tech sectors. Atos will add a professionally trained team of nearly 250 experts as a result of the acquisition. The closing of the transaction is expected to take place in Q2 2021. About Atos With 105,000 staff and annual revenue of more than € 11 billion, Atos is a world pioneer in digital transformation. The Group, which is the European leader in cybersecurity, cloud, and high-performance computing, offers personalized end-to-end technologies for all sectors in 71 countries. Atos, a leader in decarbonization services and products, is dedicated to providing its customers with a safe and decarbonized digital experience. Atos is known by the brands Atos and Atos|Syntel. About Processia Processia is a global consulting and system integrator that assists companies in recognizing tangible benefits from enterprise digitalization over the product lifecycle - unlocking the full potential of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Over 250 passionate and culturally diverse professionals work with the company in nine (9) countries. Processia has created a robust and pragmatic framework to provide full value to its clients through strategic roadmaps and goal operating model definition, platform deployment and upgrade, quality assurance, service transition, organizational change management, and maintenance. Dassault Systèmes recognized Processia as a Top Certified partner in 2020, recognizing the company's commitment to innovation and continuous talent development.

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EOS Sees Increase in New Applications Developed with its Flexible Lattice Patent

EOS | May 11, 2021

EOS, the main provider for mindful assembling arrangements dependent on modern 3D printing innovation, is announcing solid market interest for applications including its licensed 3D printed adaptable grid. EOS calls it Digital Foam™, yet regardless of the result, the organization is anxious to work with associations who need to use this kind of plan in their assembling. Concocted by EOS representatives Michael Jan Galba, Monika Gessler, and Johann Oberhofer, the creative patent identifies with any generatively 3D printed object which has an adaptable network like construction or framework (i.e., grid), made out of open cells that are combined in gatherings of contrasting attributes. Portrayed in fundamental terms, this covers any differing 3D printed grid structures transforming into one another. Regardless of whether applied to polymers or metals, the IP covers the added substance assembling of any three-dimensional item that has a grid structure intended for foreordained adaptability qualities is ensured by EOS in the U.S under Patent number 10,259,941 gave in April 2019 – and universally, with different filings. One of the patent's creators, Michael Jan Galba, saw the capability of this headway years prior. "We realized that this interaction would empower uncommon assembling customization openings. Yet, seeing the selection by such countless imaginative associations who are truly making it a foundation of their 3D printed applications has outperformed our assumptions." "Utilizing our patent, originators can make gatherings of cells making a cross-section that can be designed with shifting degrees of compressibility," adds Galba. "One regular model we are seeing influence this IP is in athletic footwear. Presently, customers can buy footwear custom-made to their particular necessities or wanted execution qualities, for example, shoe bottoms with shifting compressibility in the impact point, toe, and curve regions, made across the board additively fabricated piece. This is an incredible genuine use-instance of mass customization." Early adopters of EOS' Digital Foam are looking for item separation, upper hands, and improved item execution qualities including security, solace, lightweight, and "tuneability." "We are having many discussions now with makes who are creating or have built up some truly entrancing items, and our group is set-up to work together at whatever degree of help is required, from designing and setting-up creation to permitting," said Dr. Gregory Hayes, senior VP of applied designing at EOS North America. "We anticipate working straightforwardly with any makers intrigued by 3D printing adaptable grids so they can profit by our ability around this IP." About EOS EOS gives dependable assembling arrangements utilizing modern 3D printing innovation to makers throughout the planet. Associating great creation effectiveness with its spearheading development and manageable practices, the free organization framed fit as a fiddle the eventual fate of assembling. Fueled by its foundation-driven computerized esteem organization of machines and an all-encompassing arrangement of administrations, materials, and cycles, EOS is profoundly dedicated to satisfying its clients' necessities and acting mindfully for our planet.

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Ultimation Industries' New Warehouse Robots Provide a Solution for Creating the Future's Fully Integrated Warehouse

Ultimation | May 07, 2021

With the global industrial robot market expected to rise at a 9% annual pace to $75.84 billion by 2025, Ultimation Industries LLC is extending its Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) line-up to provide automated systems that allow businesses of all sizes to turn their facilities into fully integrated warehouses. For over 30 years, Ultimation has been a leader in conveyor technology and automation. Ultimation has added warehouse robotics built by OTTO Motors of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to their full line of material handling solutions. The addition of OTTO devices, according to Canny, is a good compliment to the company's newly announced strategic relationship with Denmark's Nord-Modules, which manufactures top modules for AMRs. These collaborations position Ultimation Industries as a one-stop-shop for the whole AMR kit. The new OTTO 1500, available from Ultimation, is designed to transport pallet-scale loads weighing up to 4,000 lbs. autonomously through busy factories and warehouses. With a maximum speed of two meters per second (about 4.5 mph), the OTTO 1500 delivers more payload more quickly and efficiently than any other AMR in its class. Unlike manual pallet jacks and forklifts, the OTTO 1500 moves the heaviest payloads in complex conditions with speed, safety, and agility. It is most widely used to connect current automated processes, such as machining centers, welding cells, packaging cells, palletizers, or stretch wrappers. Unlike automated guided vehicle (AGV) or cart (AGC) systems, which require a route or track to follow or use wires or lasers, warehouse robots read their environment using integrated sensors. Once an AMR has been assigned to a warehouse, it will move from point A to point B on a single order with no human intervention. AMRs, when properly implemented, will also help increase the overall safety efficiency of a warehouse operation. AMRs can handle loads that humans cannot, and when equipped with the appropriate top module, they avoid the repetitive bending and stretching associated with loading and unloading. They are easy to incorporate, adaptable, and can be used to supplement current material handling systems without reconfiguring production lines or factory footprints. Although warehouse robots provide tremendous flexibility, certain tasks, such as accumulating or buffering, are better suited to floor-mounted motor-driven roller conveyors or overhead control and free conveyors. “The optimal facility plan will take this into consideration and link material handling processes as an integrated whole,” Canny said. Ultimation is the leading direct-to-consumer conveyor maker, specializing in resolving efficiency issues with quick-to-deploy solutions. The company develops, produces, and implements material handling equipment and has the capability of manufacturing automation components and subassemblies. About Ultimation Ultimation Industries, LLC is a woman-owned industry leader in conveyor technology and automation. Ultimation, which was established in 1989, develops, manufactures, and installs machinery and equipment, automated devices, tire and wheel processing lines, and conveyor systems for customers all over the Americas. The firm has a line of proprietary automation systems and is also a Jervis Webb Conveyor Systems integrator. Ultimation's e-commerce channel offers conveyor equipment from Ultimation, Interroll, Itoh Denki, Jervis Webb, and other manufacturers. Ultimation was named one of the Inc. 5000's fastest-growing private businesses in America in 2020.

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