Ricoh and Coghlin Companies help manufacturers bring emerging technologies to market faster

Ricoh | September 30, 2021

Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced it is teaming with Coghlin Companies, a leading product development and contract manufacturing services provider, to accelerate and enhance support and service of manufacturers bringing new and complex electromechanical equipment – such as industrial robotics, medical devices, additive manufacturing and other emerging technologies – to market. The collaboration leverages RICOH Service Advantage, a leading service and support offering that provides technology manufacturers with the scalability and flexibility to meet service needs and move their businesses forward.

There are many synergies with the type of technologies Ricoh supports through the RICOH Service Advantage program, such as automation, additive manufacturing and robotics,Ricoh is a tenured and proven partner that provides ongoing and valuable post-sale technical service and support expertise to our manufacturing customers. The company's commitment extends to our customer's customer who can leverage the global Ricoh service delivery infrastructure to support their offerings at scale through this unique collaboration.

Chris Coghlin, CEO, Coghlin Companies, Inc.

RICOH Service Advantage's extensive technical and customer support infrastructure – from end-user training and remote services to ongoing maintenance and onsite break/fix support –   combined with Coghlin Companies' engineering, global fulfillment and contract manufacturing expertise, gives manufacturers access to the full complement of post-sale technology lifecycle services and support solutions needed to grow their businesses.

"With RICOH Service Advantage, we help customers deliver scalable, comprehensive, flexible service and support offerings that provide a significant competitive advantage," said Jim Kirby, Vice President, Service Advantage, Ricoh USA, Inc. "Creating and executing superior, repeatable service strategies is a part of our foundation at Ricoh, and we're excited to team up with Coghlin Companies to deliver an end-to-end engineering, manufacturing and aftermarket solution ecosystem that enables manufacturers to deliver advanced technology to their customers."

Coghlin Companies and Ricoh are currently supporting a broad range of customers, including a vast, Internet-based enterprise that sells a variety of products and delivers media directly and indirectly to millions of customers worldwide.

About Coghlin Companies
Coghlin Companies and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Columbia Tech and Cogmedix, are a fourth generation, privately held time to market services company providing world-class product development, manufacturing, global fulfillment and aftermarket services to a diversified group of capital equipment innovators in the medical, life sciences, energy, homeland security, robotics and automation, communications, semiconductor, LED, water treatment, and food and beverage industries. For more information, visit

About Ricoh
Ricoh is empowering digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services that enable individuals to work smarter from anywhere.
With cultivated knowledge and organizational capabilities nurtured over its 85-years history, Ricoh is a leading provider of digital services and information management, and print and imaging solutions designed to support digital transformation and optimize business performance.


Jabil creates and builds the world's most well known and respected products and components in industries ranging from medical equipment to smart phones and electric car components through a unique combination of innovation, ingenuity and integrity.


Jabil creates and builds the world's most well known and respected products and components in industries ranging from medical equipment to smart phones and electric car components through a unique combination of innovation, ingenuity and integrity.

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Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation Selects Desktop Metal's X-Series Binder Jet 3D Printers for Advanced Nuclear Energy Solutions

Desktop Metal | March 16, 2022

Desktop Metal, Inc., a global leader in additive manufacturing technologies for mass production, announced that Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC), a leading developer of Micro Modular Reactor (MMR®) systems for the production of safe, commercially competitive, clean, and reliable nuclear energy, has purchased two 3D printers from Desktop Metal's recently updated X-Series line of binder jetting systems, with two additional machines planned for this year. The InnoventXTM, X25ProTM, and X160ProTM binder jet 3D printing systems for metal and ceramic powders from Desktop Metal can 3D print advanced materials such as silicon carbide (SiC), a technical ceramic with exceptional environmental stability that is frequently used in aerospace, armor, plasma shield, and high-temperature applications. USNC converts very pure, crystalline, nuclear-grade SiC into shapes and forms capable of properly encasing a nuclear fuel particle, allowing the company's Fully Ceramic Micro-encapsulated (FCM®) fuel invention. The technique, which is described in full in a case study issued on March 9, is a critical component of USNC's novel fuel design for use in a new generation of advanced reactors. “Binder jetting is a low-cost, high-yield, reliable process for our complex serial production, and an internationally recognized technology leader in nuclear fuels. He previously led multiple research and development efforts at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He added, “The advanced material capability of the X-Series machines is fundamental to our innovative approach to fuel design.” Dr. Kurt A. Terrani, executive vice president of USNC’s Core Division With reproducible open parameters and performance across a range of machines, the X-Series line was designed to scale applications from research and development to large production. USNC has developed its next-generation nuclear fuel matrix on the small-format InnoventX system currently installed at the company's Salt Lake City, Utah, facility. The matrix will be scaled up on the bigger X25Pro and X160Pro systems. “Driving mass adoption of additive manufacturing requires scalable systems capable of printing high-performance materials that enable the most innovative applications,” said Ric Fulop, Co-founder and CEO of Desktop Metal. “We’re proud to support the mission of USNC with flexible binder jetting technology that takes customers all the way to production and helps play a role in solving global-scale problems with additive manufacturing solutions.” The X-Series - Binder Jet 3D Printing for Metals and Ceramics This unique approach to binder jetting is made possible by Triple ACT advanced compaction technology for dispensing, distributing, and compacting powders throughout the binder jet printing process. This open materials design allows X-Series printers to process metals, ceramics, and other materials with high density and repeatability producing functional, precise parts and tools in a wide range of build regions. The full process of 3D printing silicon carbide is done at low temperatures. With traditional technologies or laser-based 3D printing procedures, USNC can generate complicated and unique shapes in a material.

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Velo3D Approves New Superalloy for Use in its Sapphire® Printer Family

Velo3D | January 07, 2022

Velo3D, Inc., a leader in metal additive manufacturing technology for mission-critical parts, has qualified Amperprint® 0233 Haynes® 282®, a nickel-based superalloy powder, for use in its Sapphire® line of printers. The powder was manufactured under license from Haynes International, Inc. by Höganäs AB, a world leader in metal powder production. It is developed for high creep strength, thermal stability, weldability, and fabricability not found in other alloys. As a result, the material is well suited for high-temperature structural applications such as energy generation, gas turbines, and space launch vehicles. In addition, it is used to construct heat exchangers, combustors, nozzles, combustion liners, rocket engines, and shrouded impellers. Duncan Machine Products (DMP), a contract manufacturer situated in Duncan, Oklahoma, will run the first Sapphire® printer using Amperprint® 0233 and Haynes® 282® powder. The system will be DMP's eighth Velo3D Sapphire® printer. "Our goal at Velo3D is to enable engineers to build the parts they want without compromising on design or quality, Qualifying new powdered metals, like Amperprint® 0233 and Haynes® 282®, for use in our end-to-end solution further expands what’s possible with our additive manufacturing technology. Our partners at Höganäs provide materials of the highest quality, and I look forward to seeing what our customers build using this amazing alloy." -Benny Buller, Velo3D CEO and Founder. For high-temperature applications, powdered nickel-based superalloys, such as Amperprint 0233 and Haynes® 282®, are typically used to print parts because of the alloy's resilience to cracking and its ability to work at temperatures close to the melting point. This tolerance enables the alloy-printed components to be used in vacuums, plasmas, and other demanding environments. In addition, due to the powder's excellent weldability, it is useful for components in bigger systems due to its ability to be welded to other components. Höganäs is a leader in developing powders for additive manufacturing, producing products with a uniform spherical shape, precise chemical control, and better flowability. The powders are created from the purest sources and have exact trace element compositions that give the metals their distinctive qualities. "It’s inspiring to see what engineers have been able to build using metal powders from Höganäs and Velo3D’s support-free additive manufacturing process,The first parts printed using our Amperprint® 0233 Haynes® 282® powder are impressive, and I believe customers are only scratching the surface of what is possible with this superalloy. The powder, combined with Velo3D’s end-to-end solution metal AM solution, is an extremely effective combination for consolidating parts into monolithic structures to eliminate coefficient of thermal expansion in large, high-performance systems." -Jerome Stanley, Höganäs Director of Global Sales, Customization Technologies. Velo3D was one of the first companies to offer Amperprint® 0233 Haynes® 282® powder to its customers. Many of Velo3D's customers use the company's end-to-end solution to manufacture components for aviation, energy, oil and gas, space, and other high-performance applications, making the powder a natural fit for the company's portfolio. Along with Amperprint® 0233, Haynes® 282® powder, Velo3D's technology is compatible with the following metal powders: Hastelloy X®, Inconel 718, aluminum F357, Ti 6Al-4V Grade 5, and several more. *This press release contains "forward-looking statements" as defined by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1996. These forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements about the company's future expectations, hopes, beliefs, intentions, or strategies. They contain significant risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. Accordingly, you should carefully evaluate the risks and uncertainties outlined in the company's periodic SEC filings.

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