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Rheinmetall and PolyCharge Form a Joint Venture in Europe to Commercialize Innovative Capacitor Technology

Rheinmetall and PolyCharge Form
On January 12th, Rheinmetall and PolyCharge America announced the foundation of Rheinmetall PolyCharge, GmbH for the manufacturing, research and marketing of NanoLamTM DC-Link capacitors in Europe.

“Diversifying PolyCharge's manufacturing base is crucial as we transition to high volume production of NanoLam™ capacitors for automotive, aerospace, and industrial markets,”  "Rheinmetall's technical depth, application expertise, and strong presence in Europe make it an ideal partner, allowing for rapid expansion in this important and growing market."

-Steven Yializis, Chief Operating Officer of PolyCharge America

The JV is responsible for the commercialization of all NanoLam™ products within Europe and is planning to build a NanoLam™ plant within the region. Rheinmetall's decision to enter the capacitor market was driven by the growing demand for DC-link
capacitors for automotive inverters.

"Rheinmetall is positioning itself to meet the increasing demand for these components,"PolyCharge's NanoLam™ products are significantly smaller, lighter, and able to operate at higher temperatures-a real quantum leap compared to the current state-of-the-art."

-Mr. Rene Gansauge, CEO of Rheinmetall's Sensors and Actuators Division