ProcessMiner and Industrial IoT Solutions Announces their Partnership

ProcessMiner | March 08, 2021

ProcessMiner and Industrial IoT Solutions today announced their partnership. Together, they will deliver ProcessMiner's real-time AI-powered decision automation platform to manufacturing industries across Latin America. ProcessMiner, an artificial intelligence platform for manufacturing, has been working for years and has been known for its capabilities. Industrial IoT Solutions, an information technology integrator and solutions distributor, are known for focusing on delivering proven IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology in Brazil.

This partnership will help manufacturers seeking to transform their operations using a fully automated data-driven approach to achieve Industry 4.0 and SMART Factory objectives. This also includes autonomous manufacturing for business operations.

About this partnership, Karim Pourak, ProcessMiner CEO, mentioned that there is a sheer excitement for working with the I-Iot Solutions team. This has been established to implement the ProcessMiner AI platform into the Latin American market as the aim is to expand and provide the best service to clients related to the region's manufacturing industry. It is founded that I-Iot Solutions was the best fit for all the types of needs, and the team will be aligned to long-term objectives.

Further, organizations in Latin America have been working increasingly toward digital transformation and Industry 4.0. This partnership will lend a hand to transform manufacturing industries by improving factory floor processes and delivering autonomous. Continuous quality improvements will also endeavor to increase efficiency across manufacturing operations.

Hélio Samora, CEO of Industrial IoT Solutions, highlights this partnership is a fascinating partnership with ProcessMiner. It is because companies in Brazil and Latin América are looking forward to adopting artificial intelligence solutions to improve their businesses and to be able to compete globally. In partnership with ProcessMiner, its people will help to achieve this goal. She continues by saying when they evaluated AI platforms, it was a moment of instant impression for ProcessMiner. The expert's in-depth domain knowledge, technical expertise, and client-centric approach to managing customers stood out.


In the last decade, few industries have been impacted by rapid advancements in technology quite like manufacturing. Manufacturers have been faced with an evolve-or-die ultimatum as customers expect faster rates of innovation. A lower cost of entry has introduced a seemingly endless flow of new competitors, and new technology has transformed the modern shop floor.


In the last decade, few industries have been impacted by rapid advancements in technology quite like manufacturing. Manufacturers have been faced with an evolve-or-die ultimatum as customers expect faster rates of innovation. A lower cost of entry has introduced a seemingly endless flow of new competitors, and new technology has transformed the modern shop floor.

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Integration of AI in Product Engineering Upgrades, Development to Drive Global Product Engineering Services Market - TMR Insights

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