Portable CMMs Are in High Demand Due to the Need for Shop Floor Metrology Solutions

According to Frost & Sullivan's new analysis of the global portable coordinate measuring machines (CMM) market, clients' increased demand for automation across sectors is driving up demand for portable CMMs. As a result, automotive and machine shops are the two industrial verticals driving the entire portable CMMs market, which comprises articulated-arm and handheld CMM segments. In addition, portable CMMs to do inline measurements are projected to enhance the market, which is expected to rise to $564 million by 2025 from $344.9 million in 2020, a 10.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

"Customers' increased preference for adopting complete or piecemeal Industry 4.0 solutions will augment the need for inline measurement and inspection, Further, manufacturers' need to maximize productivity on the shop floor will drive more automation and robotics, pushing the demand for portable CMMs."

Ram Ravi, Senior Industry Analyst, Industrial Practice, Frost & Sullivan

Ravi added: "With portability and flexibility enabling inline measurements, the AACMM segment will lead the total portable CMMs market growth. On the other hand, the need to better handle temperature changes and deliver accurate measurements in unstable environments will aid the growth of the handheld CMM segment globally."

To capitalize on the rising portable CMM sector, market participants should take the following actions:

Enhance shop-floor metrology for increased efficiency and adaptability: Concentrate on providing the software tools necessary for intelligent insights and provide shop-floor metrology equipment.

Assure that EV powertrains and electric motors are inspected for quality to maximize their efficiency: As EV sales expand in number, providers should consider incorporating scanners into CMMs to expedite the measurement process and provide improved accuracy, dependability, productivity, and flexibility.

Arrange for the inspection of parts made using additive manufacturing processes: Along with multi-axis turntables, vendors should continue to incorporate scanners into arms to assist with quality control and inspection.

Global Portable CMM Growth Opportunities is the latest addition to Frost & Sullivan's Measurement & Instrumentation research and analysis, made available through the Frost & Sullivan Leadership Council. The Frost & Sullivan Leadership Council assists organizations in identifying a continuous flow of growth opportunities in an unpredictable future.