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Picket Equipment Brings $2 Million in Manufacturing Back to the US via SRM-Contract Manufacturing

Snake River Manufacturing (SRM)-Contract Manufacturing (CM) signed a letter of agreement with Pickett Equipment, LLC to be a contract manufacturer for Pickett Equipment edible bean harvesters. Pickett will bring $2,000,000 of offshore equipment manufacturing back to the United States through this partnership.

Under the terms of the agreement, SRM-CM will custom manufacture forty bean harvesters. SRM-CM will produce these units between March and June 2022.

"Our extensive manufacturing experience through our subsidiaries, SRM-Double L and SRM-Kodiak, makes us the perfect partner for Pickett Equipment. We are pleased to be a conduit that brings manufacturing back to the United States, and our team in Idaho is already hard at work building-out the Pickett bean harvesters."

Grant Flaharty, Snake River Manufacturing CEO

Jonathan Price, Pickett Equipment partner added, "Farmers know and trust that when the Pickett name goes on our equipment, that their equipment will be dependable and durable. SRM-CM is a U.S. equipment manufacturer that shares these values, and we are certain that our equipment will be the best on the market. Now that we have found a U.S. manufacturing partner, we are pleased to be creating great jobs and superior equipment in the U.S."

About SRM-Contract Manufacturing
Snake River Manufacturing and SRM-Contract Manufacturing employ over 125 team members in Southern Idaho and across the US. Snake River Manufacturing develops, manufactures, and sells equipment ranging from potato planting and harvesting/storage to commercial snow blowers. SRM-CM is a contract manufacturer designed to deploy a complete suite of expertise to bring large equipment concepts from drawing board to completion. Snake River Manufacturing is innovating to make the world more productive ™ in every category we represent.

About Picket Equipment
Pickett Equipment designs and sells a complete line of edible bean equipment for the agricultural industry.