Path Robotics Raises $56 Million to Build the Manufacturing Future

Path Robotics | May 05, 2021

Path Robotics, the Columbus-based AI Robotics firm responsible for developing the world's first fully autonomous robotic welding system, reported today that it has raised $56 million in Series B funding, taking the total amount invested in the company to $71 million. Returning investors Drive Capital, Basis Set, and Lemnos Lab joined Addition in leading the round.

Path Robotics is the only organization in the world that provides turnkey, autonomous robotic welding systems. Its artificial intelligence-driven robotic product is an industry disruptor, redefining industrial robotic welding.

The technology was developed with the intent of requiring no system programming and "no perfect parts." The system can see and understand virtually every part it is provided with the scanning and computer vision technologies, and it can self-adjust for each unique part. It analyses the site of the weld and generates all of the necessary planning to perform a clean weld almost instantly. The system was built to function precisely in a manufacturing environment and with highly reflective materials.

The number of people joining the welding workforce in the United States continues to decline, as the average age of welders rises. The demand for welders is growing at a rate of 3% each year, while supply is declining, resulting in a shortage of 400,000 skilled welders in the American welding workforce by 2024. This reality, along with increased demand for onshore manufacturing as a result of the pandemic, is causing a shortage in American manufacturing across industries. Path Robotics is committed to developing intelligent robotic systems that will eliminate this shortage and drive a new age of American manufacturing growth.

Drive Capital, headquartered in Columbus, has returned to Path Robotics as an investor. "We are excited to continue our collaboration and investment in Path Robotics. Their artificial intelligence and computer vision technology is meeting a huge and pressing need for manufacturers all over the world "Drive Partner Nick Solaro said.

About Path Robotics

Path Robotics is developing cutting-edge artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision systems to help industrial robots become more sophisticated. Andy and Alex Lonsberry found a commercial need for industrial welding robotics while studying on their PhDs at Case Western Reserve University. Path Robotics was founded as a result of this collaboration between Matt Klein and their father, Ken Lonsberry. Their robotic welding systems are transforming the manufacturing industry by enabling hardware to do more with less human intervention.


If you are searching for manufacturing business ideas, then watch the best 30 businesses. Easy-To-Start manufacturing business ideas list. The manufacturing business is always a profitable business if you can choose the right business. Before starting a manufacturing business you need a good business idea and plan.


If you are searching for manufacturing business ideas, then watch the best 30 businesses. Easy-To-Start manufacturing business ideas list. The manufacturing business is always a profitable business if you can choose the right business. Before starting a manufacturing business you need a good business idea and plan.

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SME | April 20, 2022

Smart Manufacturing Experience 2022, a hybrid in-person/livestreamed event, will assist small to medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) in leveraging the power of innovative production technology to boost their bottom line and real-time manufacturing processes. The event, which is slated for June 7-9, 2022, in Pittsburgh's David L. Lawrence Convention Center, is sponsored by SME, CESMII, AMT, and AMI, which have collaborated on Smart Manufacturing Experience to address the technology needs of SMMs. The sponsors collaborate with industry, academia, and government organizations to promote smart manufacturing operations. New objectives are emerging, as is the requirement for intelligent technology to drive transformation in the manufacturing ecosystem. Among the critical factors determining SMMs' survival in the coming decade will be their ability to successfully integrate smart and digital technologies as part of their businesses' digital transformation, adjust for the impact of a changing supply chain, and address the manufacturing labor shortage by both recruiting new talent and training existing employees on new technologies. "If you thought you had time to adopt new technology – the world just told you, you don't, Smart manufacturing is driving change and setting the stage for the manufacturing industry to adapt faster than ever to keep production and our economy going." Robert Willig, executive director and CEO of SME "Growth in manufacturing is not only about adoption of technology that is smarter and faster, said Willig, "but it's also about making change when the global landscape shifts. At Smart Manufacturing Experience, you will see first-hand how companies already are making smart changes, training their workforce, and getting great ROI. This event will expose you to eight key smart manufacturing disciplines that will show you the journey from a smart factory to a smart supply chain, and most of all, to a smart workforce, and you'll get to talk with these innovators about their experiences." Conference Features Multiple Learning Paths Along with the expo, each day of Smart Manufacturing Experience will showcase cutting-edge smart-technology solutions and provide delegates with multiple learning pathways or tracks. These will include keynote addresses from leading companies in smart manufacturing, workshops focusing on specific technical and business topics, thought-leadership panels featuring key industry experts debating pertinent issues, and 60 conference sessions focused on technology, issues, and solutions relevant to small- to medium-sized businesses. Keynote addresses: John Butler, Arconic's vice president of technology and engineering John Vickers, lead technologist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) Space Technology Mission Directorate, and Bob McWard, Raytheon Intelligence & Space's Director of Operations Panel discussions will address crucial topics in the field of smart manufacturing, including the following: The Role of Smart Manufacturing in Developing a More Productive, Resilient, and Data-Driven Enterprise Interoperability and Harmonization in Smart Manufacturing Attracting and Training the Manufacturing Workforce of the Future A Knowledge Bar will also be on hand at the Smart Manufacturing Experience. These interactive technical courses encourage interaction with the presenters, making the experience more personal.

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Siemens and Allied Electronics & Automation Have Joined Forces to Provide SIRIUS Modular Solutions for Industrial Control Panel Design

Allied | April 08, 2021

Siemens and Allied Electronics and Automation are collaborating to help board manufacturers better plan easier, more adaptable and space-saving mechanical control cupboards. Siemens' special SIRIUS particular framework, presently accessible from Allied, offers a full scope of measured mechanical control board segments in seven conservative standard sizes, including gadgets expected to switch, secure, control and screen engines from size S00 to S12 (45mm to 160 mm in width) and force evaluations from 4 to 335 HP (3 to 250 kW). Key contemplations for building control cupboards incorporate wiring time, saving board space, and whether segments meet public guidelines and industry codes. Since the board can contain distinctive size engine starters, the consistency offered by the maker is significant. With SIRIUS, CAx information is accessible all through, and clients can draw on complete, standard-consistent arrangement backing to improve on work processes and accelerate the electrical designing interaction. From engine starter defenders to over-burden transfers, delicate starters and contactors, SIRIUS parts are minimized and intended for speedy and simple association with work with mechanical control board upkeep. The seclusion and convenience of the framework additionally furnishes engineers with huge benefits when planning and building new control cupboards. SIRIUS gadgets likewise advantage from in excess of 50,000 blend tests and endorsements, making them reasonable for overall sending. "We put a great deal of thought into the particularity of our plans," says John Burns, Application Resource Center Manager at Siemens. "For instance, with the commonplace brush busbar framework you may have four starters next to each other and starter three goes down. Commonly, to supplant it you need to do a considerable amount of disengaging. With SIRIUS, we added a simple module with a backplane that gives contact safe 3-stage power across the busbar framework, making it speedy to amass, simple to plan in, and permitting it to convey a similar force rating as the brush busbar framework. In the event that one starter falls flat, the end client can undoubtedly change out that one starter and leave the others under power with this touch-safe plan. This can diminish vacation fundamentally in light of the fact that you don't have to halt the entire board." Partnered helps engineers, buyers, maintainers, armada and office supervisors, and innovators fabricate, keep up and restore their apparatus and innovation and is an approved merchant for Siemens items. Notwithstanding SIRIUS, Allied stocks a full scope of Siemens control, exchanging and assurance items for mechanical control board manufacturers, and distributes a control board part direct, just as master exhortation on points going from engine exchanging and security to modern control innovation. About Siemens Siemens Corporation is a U.S. auxiliary of Siemens AG, a worldwide stalwart zeroing in on the spaces of force age and conveyance, canny framework for structures and disseminated energy frameworks, and robotization and digitalization all the while and producing enterprises. Through the independently overseen organization Siemens Mobility, a main provider of keen versatility answers for rail and street transport, Siemens is molding the world market for traveler and cargo administrations. Because of its dominant part stakes in the openly recorded organizations Siemens Healthineers AG and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Siemens is additionally a world-driving provider of clinical innovation and advanced medical care benefits just as harmless to the ecosystem answers for inland and seaward wind power age. For over 160 years, the organization has improved and developed advances to help American industry crossing fabricating, energy, medical care and foundation. In monetary 2019, Siemens USA detailed income of $26.5 billion, incorporating $1.23 billion in sends out, and utilizes around 50,000 individuals all through each of the 50 states and Puerto Rico. About Allied Electronics and Automation Associated Electronics and Automation is a high-administration wholesaler of robotization and control, electronic, electrical, mechanical, and support items from in excess of 500 a-list providers. With deals workplaces across the Americas, an emphasis on computerized client experience, 99% boat to-arrange exactness, and more than 3.5 million sections accessible for buy on the web, engineers, fashioners, maintainers, and buyers trust Allied to give a wide scope of arrangements across the whole item lifecycle.

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Nano Dimension Acquires DeepCube to Drive Industry 4.0 Evolution

DeepCube | April 23, 2021

DeepCube, the award-winning deep learning pioneer, has agreed to be acquired by Nano Dimension Ltd. in a binding deal. DeepCube will operate as a subsidiary of Nano Dimension Ltd. after the deal is completed, developing first-of-their-kind AI-powered-Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)/PE (3D-Printed Electronics) platforms and services. DeepCube's training platform and real-time inference engine will be built into Nano Dimension AME 3D printers, serving as smart nodes in a Smart Fabrication Network (SFN) and the AI control center for these networks. The vision of Industry 4.0 – where machines cooperate, understand, refine, and distribute printed electronics – is now a reality because of DeepCube's experience in machine learning/deep learning. DeepCube's ground-breaking algorithms significantly accelerate multi-domain neural models by orders of magnitude, making it an excellent match for complex and real-time edge problems, especially 3D manufacturing. To achieve aggressive performance goals, the novel DeepCube approach combines a cutting-edge training framework and a highly efficient inference engine. Smart 3D manufacturing nodes are equipped with a variety of real-time, cross-disciplinary sensors that generate GigaBytes of time-sensitive data. DeepCube's platform converts this huge volume of data through real-time insights and actions, resulting in self-learning and improving machine infrastructure. AI-powered distributed digital fabrication, pioneered by Nano Dimension and DeepCube, can enhance yield, throughput, quality, design options, and optimization. DeepCube, the first deep learning software accelerator supporting real-world AI implementations, had a successful year before the acquisition. DeepCube won several peer and market recognitions after its May 2020 launch before deploying an extensive product suite in February 2021. The team's experience and execution-driven ethos have resulted in several active AI-centric ventures across various hardware architectures. DeepCube's hardware-agnostic platform, in particular, has proved to be unique in its ability to accelerate diverse families of neural models, being a valuable asset for Tier-1 players. About DeepCube DeepCube is a deep learning leader that offers the industry's first software-based deep learning acceleration platform that significantly boosts performance on existing hardware. DeepCube's patented technology, which is modeled after how the human brain learns through childhood, is the first to be purpose-built for the application of deep learning models in data centers and intelligent edge systems. Its proprietary framework can be implemented on top of any current hardware, resulting in significant speed and memory savings.DeepCube, led by a group of expert deep learning researchers and developers, has patented several innovations, including methods for quicker and more precise deep learning model testing, as well as significantly improved inference efficiency. About Nano Dimension Nano Dimension is a manufacturer of intelligent machines used in the production of Additive Manufactured Electronics (AME). Active electronic and electromechanical subassemblies with high precision are key attributes of autonomous intelligent drones, cars, satellites, smartphones, and in vivo medical devices. They necessitate iterative development, IP protection, rapid time-to-market, and system efficiency improvements, requiring the use of AME for in-house, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing. Nano Dimension machines meet cross-industry needs by simultaneously depositing proprietary consumable conductive and dielectric materials and combining in-situ capacitors, antennas, coils, transformers, and electromechanical components to achieve unparalleled efficiency. Nano Dimension bridges the gap between printed circuit boards (PCBs) and semiconductor integrated circuits (SICs).

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