OMRON Introduces a Concept for Future Manufacturing Innovation Based on the Evolution of "innovative-Automation"

OMRON | February 09, 2022

OMRON Introduces a Concept for Future
OMRON Corporation has announced that "innovative-Automation," OMRON's manufacturing innovation concept, will be the direction of manufacturing evolution for the next decade. This is because of the many complex changes in the market and OMRON's success in the three "i"s of automation.

OMRON pursues on-site innovation by incorporating three objectives of a reimagined automation paradigm: "Digital engineering transformation," "Automation beyond human abilities," and "Advanced collaboration between people and machines."

Manufacturers worldwide are currently confronted with the challenge of renewing and evolving manufacturing in the post-COVID era. Along with responding to technological advancements and changes in products and manufacturing processes, manufacturers place a premium on process transformation that considers the global environment as embodied in the SDGs, the diversification of people's values, and the well-being of their employees. OMRON has been resolving manufacturing issues for numerous customers since 2016 by implementing its unique manufacturing innovation concept of innovative-Automation.

For this new path, OMRON will work more closely with its customers to address the growing diversity and complexity of the manufacturing industry with unique automation that allows for coexistence with the world and employee well-being.

"The concept of 'innovative-automation' has helped OMRON a lot in enhancing its presence in the industrial automation segment by solving manufacturing issues of many sectors across Asia Pacific such as automotive, food & beverage, FMCG, infrastructure & digital to name just a few. With this evolution, we are confident to contribute more via advanced technology solutions, better reach and improved service." 

-Mr. Takehito Maeda, MD, Industrial Automation Business, OMRON Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Innovation in manufacturing sites through "digital engineering transformation".
At OMRON, simulations and remote monitoring via virtual technologies were critical in developing our goods and the upkeep of our industrial facilities in light of the COVID-19 pandemic's mobility and access limitations. OMRON thinks that such on-site innovation based on Digital Experience (DX) is critical for manufacturing sophistication, even in a post-COVID environment, and will expedite the development of technology and solutions that speed production sites' DX evolution.

 "Automation beyond the capabilities of humans", Allow the machine to do what it can do.
While manufacturers face challenges securing human resources, they are also under pressure to continually improve production efficiency to meet supply obligations and maintain and strengthen their competitiveness. OMRON's "Automation beyond human capabilities" concept, based on high-speed and high-precision control application technology, aims to innovate manufacturing sites where people can engage in creative work without feeling threatened by fully utilizing IoT, AI, and robotics technology and delegating human-dependent work to machines. Additionally, by balancing productivity and energy efficiency, OMRON will help establish modern manufacturing that fulfills quickly changing product demands while considering the global environment.

"Advanced human-machine collaboration" enables people to reach their full potential.
Human skill and imagination are required for production to keep pace with the variety and customization of product requirements. Therefore, it is vital for manufacturing to evolve to optimize human capabilities. OMRON's mission is to create innovative manufacturing that enables people to achieve their potential and experience growth and motivation by putting people first and advancing the transition from humans to machines. By delegating heavy labor and routine tasks to robots, machines augment human skills, and in the case of an emergency, humans, and robots will cover each other. OMRON aspires to create a manufacturing environment in which employees like their work and production while still achieving high productivity by emulating the notion of "Advanced collaboration between people and machines."


Learn how to use SIPROTEC DigitalTwin for virtual training for your customers. 


Learn how to use SIPROTEC DigitalTwin for virtual training for your customers. 

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