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Novaria Group Acquires Hydro Fitting Manufacturing

On January 12, Novaria Group announced the acquisition of Hydro Fitting Manufacturing Corporation, a maker of bespoke high-pressure valves, charging kits, hose assemblies, and fittings for the aerospace and military industries. This is Novaria's sixth purchase since April 2020, as the company's broad family of aerospace and military components continues to grow. However, the deal's terms have not been made public.

Hydro Fitting was founded in 1962 and incorporated in 1981. The company serves clients in the aerospace, commercial automobiles, mining, heavy equipment, and military industries. Novaria's current fitting operation, Acra Aerospace, will remain headquartered in Covina, California.

"We’re excited to embark on our relationship with Hydro Fitting,They have a proven track record in manufacturing and supplying components that are vital to the aerospace and defense industries, which fits perfectly within Novaria’s vision and product strategy. I have personally admired their defense products and superb customer service for over two decades and am excited to welcome them to our family."

-Novaria CEO Bryan Perkins.

Novaria General Manager Jed Burmahln added, Hydro Fitting provides specialty expertise that we at Novaria value. It will be a great addition to our engine and airframe fitting business lines.We look forward to Novaria continuing to build on the foundation we’ve established at Hydro Fitting,President Seth Schwartz said. Becoming part of Novaria represents many things for Hydro Fitting – opportunity, market access, growth – all of which we couldn’t be more excited about.