MSA Safety and MSA Bacharach Strengthen HVAC-R Technology Connectivity

MSA Safety | January 31, 2022

When the world's leading safety and gas detection technology provider teams up with a pioneer in refrigerant leak detection systems, an opportunity to transform an industry arises. MSA Safety, Inc. (NYSE: MSA), the global leader in the research, production, and delivery of complex safety solutions that help safeguard people and facility infrastructures, and MSA Bacharach will exhibit jointly at this year's AHR Expo in Las Vegas from January 31 to February 2.

With this year's exhibition concentrating on the future of the HVAC-R sector, it's an ideal opportunity to showcase the MSA and Bacharach portfolios together. MSA's market-leading gas detection technologies, combined with Bacharach's HVAC-R expertise, enable the development of an entirely new portfolio of connected refrigerant detection technologies.

"As we look broadly at the HVAC-R industry, we see a market that is fully on board and ready to adopt IoT technologies that create new standards for remote connectivity,With Bacharach's integration into MSA, we are able to provide industry-leading solutions for refrigerant monitoring and management. Providing remote access to these monitoring solutions enhances safety and efficiency, and we're excited to be able to show these solutions together for the first time at this year's expo. Together, the organizations are in a united pursuit to help keep people, places and our planet more safe."

-Aaron Tufts, Chief Operating Officer of MSA Bacharach

MSA Safety obtained Bacharach in July 2021, combining the gas and refrigerant detection portfolio with MSA's product and production experience.

"Having our two newly integrated organizations together at one of the largest HVAC-R events aligns exceptionally well with our strategy to expand MSA's addressable market and expand our gas detection portfolio,This showcases the strength of the integration and gives those in the HVAC-R industry a new way of looking at how our complementary technologies and manufacturing processes are helping to keep people safe."

-Ken Krause, MSA Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer and executive sponsor of the Bacharach acquisition.

Along with showcasing various connected safety solutions, registered AHR Expo participants are invited to hear an expert session on Cloud Data for Remote Connectivity, Notification, and Visualization by Richard Theron, MSA Safety Product Manager. Mr. Theron will speak Tuesday, Feb. 1, at 1:15 p.m. about meeting customer demands through real-time access to simple-to-understand data. Securely connecting to this data can guarantee that swiftly handling time-sensitive issues and operations run more efficiently.

Additionally, for the first time, MSA, Bacharach, and FieldServer products will be displayed in one location. The following innovative technologies will be shown during the show:

  •  The MSA Chillgard® 5000 Monitor identifies and monitors refrigerant leaks in real-time.
  •  Bacharach Gas Detection offers comprehensive leak management and monitoring systems for refrigerants.
  •  Parasense Connected Solutions enables easy refrigerant tracking, real-time remote monitoring, and leak detection notifications.
  • The Legend SeriesTM HFC Portable Refrigerant Analyzer recognizes and analyzes vapor or liquid refrigerants in less than two minutes.
  •  FieldServer Gateways, which enable automated, on-premises, or cloud-based monitoring across a variety of businesses.

These highlighted products and expert personnel will be on display at MSA Safety's Booth C4128. Maintain up-to-date information about the AHR Expo by visiting or following MSA on social media.

We are excited to be showcasing MSA and Bacharach together at the AHR Expo and are doing so for the first time," Tufts said. "We look forward to highlighting and showing how this integration enhances remote connectivity in the HVAC-R industry and how it can help prepare organizations for a connected future.


Small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) must recognize that utilizing digital platforms is the most significant way of marketing for manufacturing companies Amid the rising instability of the industrial environment, manufacturers must better understand their target groups to build product marketing strategies adapted to their demands.


Small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) must recognize that utilizing digital platforms is the most significant way of marketing for manufacturing companies Amid the rising instability of the industrial environment, manufacturers must better understand their target groups to build product marketing strategies adapted to their demands.

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Within its EMEA Partner Ecosystem, UiPath celebrates 2020 Automation Champions

businesswire | December 21, 2020

Driving endeavor Robotic Process Automation (RPA) programming organization, UiPath, today declared mechanization champions from associations inside the channel accomplice biological system across the EMEA locale who stood apart through their exceptional accomplishments in the previous year. These computerization represetatives have demonstrated initiative, boundless hunger for driving advancement and kicking off something new, and a solid obligation to empowering joint clients to make the best of the open doors offered by the most recent elements of the UiPath Automation Platform. UiPath has as of late dispatched the most recent adaptation of its start to finish robotization stage including extraordinary failure code abilities that empower clients to use RPA to go past computerizing existing errands and effectively make business applications that tackle genuine business issues. These highlights, made accessible through extended cloud robot arrangement capacities, empower clients to convey endeavor mechanization arrangements on premises and across different public mists no sweat. By being quick adopters and advocating the new capacities through preparing and enablement, accomplices are supporting clients along their advanced change excursions and encouraging joint efforts among individuals and programming robots. “The strength of the UiPath partner ecosystem and its ability to react fast to changing customer needs have been crucial in our response strategy designed to support organizations everywhere maintain business continuity throughout a challenging year,” said Renzo Taal, Senior Vice President and Managing Director EMEA. “We welcome the contribution of automation champions within partner organizations throughout the EMEA who have passionately supported the adoption by customers of the latest capabilities of the UiPath Automation Platform, such as process mining, test suite and document understanding, paving the way for their becoming a fully automated enterprise™.” Driving venture Robotic Process Automation (RPA) programming organization, UiPath, today declared robotization champions from associations inside the channel accomplice environment across the EMEA area who stood apart through their extraordinary accomplishments in the previous year. These robotization represetatives have indicated authority, boundless craving for driving development and kicking off something new, and a solid obligation to empowering joint clients to make the best of the open doors offered by the most recent elements of the UiPath Automation Platform. UiPath has as of late dispatched the most recent variant of its start to finish mechanization stage highlighting amazing failure code abilities that empower clients to use RPA to go past computerizing existing assignments and effectively make business applications that tackle genuine business issues. These highlights, made accessible through extended cloud robot sending abilities, empower clients to convey venture computerization arrangements on premises and across various public mists without breaking a sweat. By being quick adopters and advocating the new abilities through preparing and enablement, accomplices are supporting clients along their advanced change excursions and encouraging coordinated efforts among individuals and programming robots. 2020 EMEA Automation Champions Eric Pourrat, RPA Practice Leader - Inetum (France). Inetum actualized a yearning relocation program at a huge French insurance agency in the midst of tight administrative cutoff times and effectively accomplished the movement of 265,000 agreements utilizing 165 UiPath robots. Florence Bollaert, Manager IT Consultant - CGI (France). CGI has prepared a few of individuals on the UiPath Automation Platform in France and has utilized the subsequent specialized and hierarchical skill to convey excellent help to clients across businesses all through their mechanization ventures. Marc Ennemann, Partner - Head of Alliances KPMG Germany. KPMG Germany has upgraded familiarity with the benefits of utilizing the UiPath Automation Platform, reinforcing its status as the computerization foundation of decision both inside and for joint clients. Desmin Dekker, Head of RPA and AI Department - You-Get (Netherlands). You-Get is focused on instructing and extending the nearby market by executing an essential high-development technique that has as its middle the UiPath Automation Platform and its capacities. Ralph Landolt, Managing Partner - Boydak (Switzerland). Boydak upheld probably the biggest gathering of private facilities in Switzerland to receive the rewards of utilizing the UiPath Test Suite and computerize vital business measures. Malkoc Sualp, Chief Strategy Officer - Unite BT (Turkey). Join BT has coordinated their foundation Aletheia with the UiPath Automation Platform, to give IT helpdesk top notch administrations utilizing conversational AI. Mike Swetman and Gavin Honor, Co-Founders - Morpheus (United Kingdom). Morpheus are a top affiliate in the UK and Ireland and the principal accomplice in the area to pick up UiPath Service Network (USN) accreditation. The group has run one of the main OTP instructional classes across various controls for GSIs during lockdown and has as of late extended its preparation capacities into the United States and Canada. Jorge Soares, Founder and Chief Executive Officer - ABP Consultancy (United Kingdom). USN guaranteed, ABP Consultancy are the quickest developing UiPath accomplice in the area and have extended their capacities by opening workplaces in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and, most as of late, in Israel and Denmark. Sonia Vieira, Head of Partnerships, EMEA - IBM GBS. IBM GBS are leading UiPath reception inside IBM, cultivating a local commitment model to guarantee a significant organization for joint clients. Rajesh Janakaraj, Intelligent Process Automation, Benelux and DACH - Cognizant Netherlands and Gopal Ramasubramanian, Intelligent Automation Leader - Cognizant UK. Perceptive EMEA are focused on assisting joint clients with accomplishing the most noteworthy capability of their mechanization projects via preparing countless their staff to empower the appropriation of the most recent abilities of the UiPath Automation Platform. Debraj Dutta, Partner FSO, Simon Constance, Partner - Alliances and Emerging Technology and Thierry van Herwijnen, Head of Sales EMEIA - Intelligent Automation - EY. EY has quickened its development with UiPath by putting resources into instructing their accomplice workers and by acquiring its USN confirmation. Also, they have assembled joint arrangements like Alladin and Helix and administrations to assist clients with profiting the outcomes in their own robotization ventures. Deloitte EMEA. An affirmed USN accomplice across the EMEA, Deloitte has progressed RPA appropriation across various areas with prominent outcomes; Germany - extended inside utilization projects and organizations across essential customers; Ireland - granted Single Supplier Framework Contract for RPA Software across all administration offices; Spain - their Robot as a Service stage arrangement has been turned out across numerous records; Netherlands - broadened inward use all through Audit, Financial Advisory, Risk, Tax and Legal divisions; UK - upheld COVID-19 testing for government laborers. About UiPath UiPath has a vision to deliver the Fully Automated Enterprise™, one where companies use automation to unlock their greatest potential. UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities that enable every organization to rapidly scale digital business operations.

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DAVCO Expands into Electronics Manufacturing as Connected, Electric Vehicle Technologies Arrive in North American Commercial Transportation

DAVCO | January 06, 2022

DAVCO, the market leader in North America for fuel heater/water separator and more, is investing $3.5 million in its Saline, Michigan, campus to establish an Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center, extending the company's manufacturing capabilities into advanced electronics technologies in preparation for the arrival of electric-powered commercial vehicles. The state-of-the-art facility will be adjacent to DAVCO's current manufacturing facility and is scheduled to open in early 2022. Company officials anticipate that this new facility will result in the creation of 20 new jobs. "Over the past 45 years, DAVCO has proudly served customers with industry-leading products and unparalleled customer support, and that will not change, This new electronics manufacturing facility ensures we will continue to be able to serve commercial fleet customers as their needs evolve once they begin putting electric vehicles into service." -Laurie Beegle, President of DAVCO DAVCO is owned by Clarience Technologies of Southfield, Michigan, a global leader in advanced transportation technology that includes advanced LED lighting from Truck-Lite, RIGID, and Lumitec, ECCO, and Code-3 safety systems, and Road Ready advanced telematics. A Manufacturing Showcase for the Transportation Industry's Future The new DAVCO Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center is located on the DAVCO corporate office property in Saline, Michigan, where renovations have been underway since fall 2021. DAVCO fuel filtration products will continue in an adjacent building on the DAVCO campus in Saline and will be unaffected by this statement. The $3.5 million capital investment includes a clean room for component manufacturing, which is becoming increasingly critical in developing next-generation vehicle technology. In addition, the firm anticipates that this facility will be frequently utilized to demonstrate the capabilities of DAVCO, Clarience Technologies, and its complete family of companies to customers, and plans to expand the facility with a modern Customer Experience Center in the second phase. In total, the company anticipates hiring up to 20 new employees as the plant ramps up operations. Interested parties should visit to apply for open opportunities at the Advanced Manufacturing Operations Center. The Facility Will Initially Produce Telematics to Support Road Ready Growth The Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Plant has begun operations, and DAVCO anticipates that the facility will be fully operational by this winter. Initially, the plant will manufacture electronics hardware for Road Ready advanced telematics, a Clarience Technologies subsidiary. Road Ready, which provides advanced telematics solutions for commercial transportation, has seen rapid growth over the last year. By consolidating manufacturing at the new Michigan plant, a dedicated team will assemble Road Ready telematics hardware effectively. Road Ready manufacturing encompasses all Road Ready hardware, mobile communications units, smart bridge integrators, and Road Ready-exclusive sensors. As connected vehicle technologies evolve into the digital backbone for electric and driverless vehicles, Road Ready anticipates that demand for their solutions will continue to grow. DAVCO Maintains a Strong Customer Focus as Commercial Vehicles Become Electric While DAVCO has always been focused on offering solutions for diesel engines, the company's reputation extends beyond any particular technology. The organization has prospered due to a laser-like concentration on consumers—listening to them, identifying their needs, and delivering solutions with a laser-like focus. This approach has benefited customers by continuously providing goods that are continuously built to the highest quality standards, with the support that exceeds expectations. As commercial transportation adopts electric vehicle technology in the coming years, DAVCO believes that their long-standing customer focus will enable them to embrace a broader role—that of an experienced customer partner armed with the right tools that will allow them to deliver more agile and scalable solutions. This is why the company's skills are being expanded to encompass innovative electronic solutions. For DAVCO, engaging with customers and delivering more adaptable solutions will make the company indispensable as the industry receives hands-on instruction as electric car adoption increases. With numerous electric vehicles now in development, manufacturers actively collaborate with their suppliers to finalize product designs. When demand picks up, businesses will rely heavily on their supply chains to deliver what is required to scale production. Vehicles constructed on new technology will require a slew of new components, many of which will come from suppliers that have never worked in the commercial transportation industry before. DAVCO views this as an opportunity to harness its extensive industry experience, which will benefit OEMs significantly. The dramatic fluctuations in vehicle demand experienced in the North American commercial vehicle market-unlike anything seen in any other industry-will only be amplified by electric vehicles." "We believe customers will take solace in the fact that we understand what's required as these fluctuations occur," said Beegle. Clarience Technologies: Industry-Leading Brands Prepared for the Future of Transportation Clarience Technologies was founded in 2020 to lead and thrive in the transportation industry's future. Its brands include LED smart lighting, safety and alarm components, and advanced telematics. Each brand is a market leader in the markets they serve. Clarience Technologies, as the parent business, offers best-in-class capabilities, worldwide size, and a daring vision built on a desire to help present and future clients. By recognizing the influence that emerging technologies will have on transportation, the Clarience team established itself as a new firm dedicated to developing more practical applications for these transformative technologies. "As global transportation faces significant changes as new technologies take hold, customers are turning to those who have remained a step ahead of what's on the horizon,Clarience Technologies was formed to help ensure these well-known transportation brands would be around well into the future." -Brian Kupchella, CEO of Clarience Technologies. Additionally, company officials have developed strong relationships with several prestigious universities, including Michigan State University and Lawrence Technological University in Michigan and Carnegie-Mellon University, and Penn State Behrend in Pennsylvania, which serve as critical enablers for future innovations. Similarly, with the DAVCO Advanced Manufacturing Operations Center located just minutes from downtown Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan, the firm envisions this facility eventually increasing relationships with the university and the greater Ann Arbor community.

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Carbios to Be Constructed in France in Collaboration with Indorama Ventures, Its First-of-a-kind Manufacturing Plant for 100% Bio-recycled Pet

Carbios | February 24, 2022

Carbios have developed an enzymatic solution for the end-of-life treatment of plastic and textile polymers. Indorama Ventures, a PET manufacturer from India, and Carbios have agreed to work together to build a manufacturing plant in France that will use Carbios' PET bio-recycling technology. "We are very pleased that Carbios and Indorama Ventures have chosen France to build their first 100% bio-recycled PET manufacturing plant. From cutting-edge science, Carbios has developed a disruptive technology and process that enables the efficient transformation of plastic waste into novel, valuable products. This breakthrough project showcases the government’s ambition within France 2030: to get ready for the challenges of the next decade. Combining biotechnology and a renewed industrial ambition will be key to achieving a more circular economy.“ According to Bruno Le Maire, France's Minister of Economy, Finance, and Recovery. "The announcement by Carbios of a flagship project for enzymatic plastic recycling demonstrates our ability to foster the emergence of innovative industry leaders with cutting edge technologies for the energy transition." It is a success for industrial startups in France and a key milestone in the France 2030 strategy, making our industry ready to meet the needs of the Transition. " -Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate for Industry. Contributing to a cleaner planet while creating new jobs and economic value is our core mission. Hence, we are very pleased to welcome Carbios to the Grand-Est Region and very proud to welcome the Longlaville site selection for their world-first 100% bio-recycled PET plant, in partnership with Indorama Ventures, already present and very active in our region. The Carbios reference plant is fully integrated within the Grand-Est Region's ambition to become a leading territory for PET circular economy. This project represents the first significant milestone in building our complete ecosystem. Jean Rottner, President of the Grand-Est Region, stated Carbios has successfully launched its demonstration plant in Clermont-Ferrand and is now taking the next step toward industrialization and commercialization through a partnership with Indorama Ventures. The goal is to build and run the world's first industrial-scale enzymatic PET bio-recycling plant in France, which would process around 50.000 tons of post-consumer PET waste each year, which would be enough to make 2 billion PET bottles or 2.5 billion PET trays. "With this first medium-sized plant, we want to become the global reference for the circular economy of plastics and textiles. By engaging in such a partnership with Indorama Ventures, we confirm our commitment to pursue our initial industrial development in France. This plant will pave the way towards international commercial and industrial deployment. We are grateful to our shareholders, partners, the French Government, and the Grand-Est Region for sharing Carbios’ ambitions and vision towards a profitable circular economy. " Comments by Emmanuel Ladent, Chief Executive Officer of Carbios. Indorama Ventures and Carbios decided to complete a due diligence process after the good results of Indorama Ventures' first investigation into the technical soundness of Carbios' technology over the last several months. A feasibility study will be conducted to determine the viability of industrializing Carbios' technology at Indorama Ventures' French manufacturing facility. If these technical and economic analyses are successful, Indorama Ventures will co-invest in the project. "We are pleased to implement Carbios’ innovative and transformative technology at our Longlaville site. Bio-recycled PET addresses customers’ growing demand to contribute to a cleaner planet through high-quality plastics while decreasing the use of hydrocarbons. "adds D K Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer of Indorama Ventures. The capital expenditure required for the project is projected to be roughly €150 million for Carbios' core technology, including an integrated purification stage. Additionally, an estimated €50 million in investment will be made to prepare the site's infrastructure. The project is estimated to generate around 150 full-time employment opportunities, both direct and indirect. Carbios anticipates concluding a major non-dilutive financial support package from the French Government and the Grand-Est Region 5 in the coming months, based on an offer received last week from Industry Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher and Grand-Est Region President Jean Rottner. This financial assistance is contingent upon notice to the European Commission and contracting with French authorities. Carbios reported a €112 million cash position on September 30, 2021 in its half-year reports. Carbios has also acquired a €30 million loan from the EIB6 since then. This agreement represents both sides' desire to address the rising concern about plastic pollution by advancing Carbios' enzymatic bio-recycling technology. This innovative technology can speed the transition to a circular economy for plastics. Carbios' technology, dubbed C-ZYMETM, uses a world-first enzyme-based biological process to transform PET (the predominant polymer in bottles, trays, and polyester fabrics) into its core monomers, which can then be utilized to make 100 percent recycled and indefinitely recyclable PET. This one-of-a-kind production facility combines Carbios' science and technology with the world-class manufacturing capabilities of Indorama Ventures. Companies that make consumer goods, like Carbios' partners L'Oréal and Michelin and big companies like PepsiCo and Suntory Beverage & Food Europe, want more environmentally friendly packaging for their products. This partnership will help meet both of these needs.

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