MSA Safety and MSA Bacharach Strengthen HVAC-R Technology Connectivity

MSA Safety | January 31, 2022

When the world's leading safety and gas detection technology provider teams up with a pioneer in refrigerant leak detection systems, an opportunity to transform an industry arises. MSA Safety, Inc. (NYSE: MSA), the global leader in the research, production, and delivery of complex safety solutions that help safeguard people and facility infrastructures, and MSA Bacharach will exhibit jointly at this year's AHR Expo in Las Vegas from January 31 to February 2.

With this year's exhibition concentrating on the future of the HVAC-R sector, it's an ideal opportunity to showcase the MSA and Bacharach portfolios together. MSA's market-leading gas detection technologies, combined with Bacharach's HVAC-R expertise, enable the development of an entirely new portfolio of connected refrigerant detection technologies.

"As we look broadly at the HVAC-R industry, we see a market that is fully on board and ready to adopt IoT technologies that create new standards for remote connectivity,With Bacharach's integration into MSA, we are able to provide industry-leading solutions for refrigerant monitoring and management. Providing remote access to these monitoring solutions enhances safety and efficiency, and we're excited to be able to show these solutions together for the first time at this year's expo. Together, the organizations are in a united pursuit to help keep people, places and our planet more safe."

-Aaron Tufts, Chief Operating Officer of MSA Bacharach

MSA Safety obtained Bacharach in July 2021, combining the gas and refrigerant detection portfolio with MSA's product and production experience.

"Having our two newly integrated organizations together at one of the largest HVAC-R events aligns exceptionally well with our strategy to expand MSA's addressable market and expand our gas detection portfolio,This showcases the strength of the integration and gives those in the HVAC-R industry a new way of looking at how our complementary technologies and manufacturing processes are helping to keep people safe."

-Ken Krause, MSA Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer and executive sponsor of the Bacharach acquisition.

Along with showcasing various connected safety solutions, registered AHR Expo participants are invited to hear an expert session on Cloud Data for Remote Connectivity, Notification, and Visualization by Richard Theron, MSA Safety Product Manager. Mr. Theron will speak Tuesday, Feb. 1, at 1:15 p.m. about meeting customer demands through real-time access to simple-to-understand data. Securely connecting to this data can guarantee that swiftly handling time-sensitive issues and operations run more efficiently.

Additionally, for the first time, MSA, Bacharach, and FieldServer products will be displayed in one location. The following innovative technologies will be shown during the show:

  •  The MSA Chillgard® 5000 Monitor identifies and monitors refrigerant leaks in real-time.
  •  Bacharach Gas Detection offers comprehensive leak management and monitoring systems for refrigerants.
  •  Parasense Connected Solutions enables easy refrigerant tracking, real-time remote monitoring, and leak detection notifications.
  • The Legend SeriesTM HFC Portable Refrigerant Analyzer recognizes and analyzes vapor or liquid refrigerants in less than two minutes.
  •  FieldServer Gateways, which enable automated, on-premises, or cloud-based monitoring across a variety of businesses.

These highlighted products and expert personnel will be on display at MSA Safety's Booth C4128. Maintain up-to-date information about the AHR Expo by visiting or following MSA on social media.

We are excited to be showcasing MSA and Bacharach together at the AHR Expo and are doing so for the first time," Tufts said. "We look forward to highlighting and showing how this integration enhances remote connectivity in the HVAC-R industry and how it can help prepare organizations for a connected future.


Deploying dedicated cellular-enabled industry 4.0 solutions can generate an operational cost savings ROI of 10x to 20x over 5 years. In aggregate, these solutions can generate 8.5% in Operational Cost Savings, which equates to US$200 to US$600 per sqm per year for a factory or industrial site.


Deploying dedicated cellular-enabled industry 4.0 solutions can generate an operational cost savings ROI of 10x to 20x over 5 years. In aggregate, these solutions can generate 8.5% in Operational Cost Savings, which equates to US$200 to US$600 per sqm per year for a factory or industrial site.

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3D Systems Expands Portfolio of Selective Laser Sintering Platforms with Acquisition of Wematter

Globenewswire | May 08, 2023

Today, 3D Systems announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Wematter, a Swedish 3D printer manufacturer, that will broaden 3D Systems’ Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) portfolio. Wematter designed and introduced the Wematter Gravity in 2019 which brought an affordable, turnkey SLS solution to the market. The closed-loop system is designed to operate in a smaller-footprint environment outside of a manufacturing floor, such as an office. Since that time, Wematter has expanded to three models — Gravity Essential, Gravity Essential+, and Gravity Enterprise — to facilitate the adoption of SLS for a wider range of user environments. As a result of this acquisition, 3D Systems will be able to make SLS available to a broader range of customers with a high-reliability, affordable solution for the production of end-use parts. The Wematter Gravity was designed to make additive manufacturing accessible in smaller environments. The small footprint (0.7 m x 0.7 m x 1.5 m) requires 3X less space, yet has a build volume that is more than 300% larger (300mm x 300mm x 300mm) than comparable solutions, and can complete an entire job in 24 hours or less. The Gravity is CE-certified for use in offices, hospitals, and research laboratories to manufacture production parts for a breadth of applications including automotive, consumer goods, and medical devices and equipment. The Gravity only requires a standard power source and an ethernet connection which enables plug-and-play installation and can be operational in less than an hour from delivery. This is facilitated by the simple interface which guides the user through the set-up and print process. The Wematter Gravity includes a portfolio of 20 materials to address a breadth of applications. The unique powder handling system maintains a closed loop, ensuring there is no loose powder. Additionally, the system facilitates the recycling of unused powder for multiple cycles which enables manufacturers to fully use the material and eliminate waste. Because the Gravity is connected to the Cloud, users can start and monitor print jobs remotely which helps increase productivity and lowers the demand for resources. The cloud-based connection also facilitates proactive and preventative maintenance to maximize uptime and productivity. “We continue to invest in our solution portfolio through strategic acquisitions that add unique technologies to enable rapid adoption of additive manufacturing in production environments,” said Dr. Jeffrey Graves, president and CEO, 3D Systems. “Wematter has designed an SLS solution that is unmatched in the industry that allows the technology to be used in environments where it would previously have been deemed impossible. Since the announcement last fall that 3D Systems would become the exclusive global distributor of Wematter’s products, it became increasingly apparent to us how beneficial it would be to have this team and technology as part of our company. Through the acquisition of Wematter, we’ll benefit from their team’s unique engineering approach and expertise as part of our R&D organization, and our customers will benefit from the capabilities of this user-friendly, elegant platform at a more affordable price point. I believe this will enable a new category of manufacturers to take advantage of the benefits of additive manufacturing to transform their businesses and accelerate innovation.” Robert Kniola, president, Wematter added, “We’re looking forward to becoming part of 3D Systems and benefitting from the company’s reputation as a leader in innovation, and being able to expand the availability of our Gravity SLS solution to customers worldwide through their global sales network. Our unique SLS solution is designed to accelerate product development and in-house volume production with a click of a button. We are excited about the opportunities to bring SLS technology to a new class of customers for 3D Systems, and the potential it will unlock to improve efficiency in the delivery of high-quality end-use parts.” About 3D Systems More than 35 years ago, 3D Systems brought the innovation of 3D printing to the manufacturing industry. Today, as the leading additive manufacturing solutions partner, we bring innovation, performance, and reliability to every interaction - empowering our customers to create products and business models never before possible. Thanks to our unique offering of hardware, software, materials, and services, each application-specific solution is powered by the expertise of our application engineers who collaborate with customers to transform how they deliver their products and services. 3D Systems’ solutions address a variety of advanced applications in healthcare and industrial markets such as medical and dental, aerospace & defense, automotive, and durable goods. More information on the company is available at About Wematter AB Swedish 3D printing company Wematter’s pioneering solution gives hospitals, offices, and workshops access to a comprehensive system. For the first time, employees can easily print components themselves with the same strength and quality as traditional technology. Wematter’s proprietary end-to-end solution enables customers to accelerate product development and in-house volume production. At the same time, the system creates the conditions for increased flexibility, lower risk and reduced manufacturing and development costs.

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SVT Robotics and Kardex Solutions Partner to Enable Complete End-to-End Pick and Pack Solution

SVT Robotics | March 17, 2023

SVT Robotics, a leading enterprise software provider for the rapid integration of industrial robotics, and Kardex Solutions, a leading Global Business Partner of AutoStore™ and intralogistics solution provider of automated storage, retrieval, and material handling systems, today announced a strategic partnership. The partnership now enables Kardex Solutions customers to easily deploy and integrate AutoStore systems with additional automation technology by leveraging the power of the SVT Robotics SOFTBOT® Platform. Building upon its Kardex Control Center WES technology, Kardex Solutions has connected its software to the SOFTBOT Platform to enable a complete end-to-end pick and pack solution. Through this partnership, Kardex Solutions customers can quickly integrate and deploy an AutoStore system and Kardex Control Center with other warehouse functions, such as a WMS. "Agility is one of the greatest advantages that companies can leverage. When it comes to automation, it's imperative that businesses can quickly deploy supply chain technologies as well as reconfigure them to meet their evolving needs," said A.K. Schultz, CEO of SVT Robotics. "We're excited to partner with Kardex Solutions to offer their customers a simple and effective method for rapid automation adoption." "By coupling Kardex Control Center with the SOFTBOT Platform, we're able to provide our customers with a true 'easy button' approach to automation," said Mitch Hayes, President of Kardex Solutions. "What we've done is eliminate the complexities around warehouse automation by creating a pathway for AutoStore systems to easily integrate with technologies commonly found in distribution centers. We're proud to offer this complete solution to our customers." About SVT Robotics SVT Robotics is an enterprise software company that's revolutionizing robot deployments in the warehousing and manufacturing industries. SVT's tech-agnostic, low-code SOFTBOT Platform enables companies to integrate robots, automation, IoT technology, or human productivity tools for any task in just days or weeks. About Kardex Solutions Kardex Solutions is part of the Kardex Group, which is a leading intralogistics solution provider of automated storage, retrieval, and material handling systems and an AutoStore Global Business Partner. The Kardex mission is to provide solutions and services to increase the efficiency in storing and handling of goods and materials on a global scale.

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Okuma America Corporation Launches New Business Segment Focused on Automation Solutions for Manufacturers

Prnewswire | April 04, 2023

Senior executives at Okuma America Corporation, a global leader and builder of computer numeric control (CNC) machine tools, controls and automation systems, are pleased to announce the launch of a new business segment created to recommend, sell and support manufacturing production line systems comprised of Okuma CNC machine tools and integrated automation technologies. The new division will begin operations April 3, 2023, and be based at the Okuma America Corporation headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The decision to launch the Okuma Factory Automation Division was in direct response to increased demand from manufacturers seeking automated machining systems and cells for their operations to address labor shortage issues and to increase production capacities. With the launch of this new division, Okuma will be optimally positioned to offer customers a broad range of Okuma machine tools and automation system pairings. Solutions will include both proprietary and seamlessly integrated automation systems including automated material loading and unloading systems, machine tending and industrial robotics, automated work piece pallet changers (APC), flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), smart manufacturing systems and beyond. Jim King, President & Chief Operating Officer for Okuma America Corporation shared his perspective about the new division, "the launch of the Okuma Factory Automation Division is a strategic milestone in the company's 125-year history of creating products and services that meet customer needs of the day. Manufacturing has significantly evolved over the last five years with the broad adoption of automated technologies and changes in workforce trends. With our newly created Factory Automation Division, we are well positioned to advise and provide customers of all sizes with manufacturing systems to optimize their operations." To support the new business segment, company leaders have appointed Wade Anderson as the division's new General Manager. Mr. Anderson has worked for Okuma for 17 years in a variety of roles including engineering, technical sales, sales leadership, product management, and technology partner relationships. Additional organizational resources will be appointed to support the division's infrastructure and customer applications. Mr. Anderson shared his thoughts about his new role and the new division, "For 125 years Okuma has always been on the leading edge of manufacturing technologies. As we set our sights to the future, the creation of the Okuma Factory Automation Division will foster the development and delivery of the most user-friendly OEM and industry leading partner automation solutions on the market. We have proven that automated processes deliver the highest machine tool utilization, which ultimately yields higher profits for our customers. With our goal of creating "Automation for All" solutions, coupled with Okuma's well-known quality, expertise, service and support infrastructure, there is no limit to the solutions we can provide for our valued customers." About Okuma America Corporation Okuma America Corporation is the U.S.-based sales, engineering and service affiliate of Okuma Corporation, a world-leading builder of CNC (computer numeric control) machine tools, controls and automation systems. The company was founded in 1898 in Nagoya, Japan, and is the industry's only single-source provider of CNC machines, drives, motors, encoders, spindles and automation systems, all manufactured by Okuma. The company designs its own CNC controls to integrate seamlessly with each machine tool's functionality. In 2014 Okuma launched the Okuma App Store, the industry's only centralized online marketplace for machine tool apps and related content. Along with its extensive distribution network (largest in the Americas), and Partners in THINC network of enhanced manufacturing technologies, Okuma is committed to helping users gain competitive advantage through the open possibilities of machine tools today and into the future.

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