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MicroAI FactoryTM Expands the Use of Edge-Native AI in Manufacturing for Real-Time Analysis and Increased Equipment Effectiveness

MicroAI FactoryTM Expands the
On March 3, MicroAITM, the pioneer in edge-native artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software, announced MicroAI Factory's General Availability (GA). Edge-native AI is used to get data from existing systems and sensors on the factory floor. This helps improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), real-time cycle time analysis, and predictive maintenance.

A MicroAI Factory is a locally deployed industrial computing device that ingests data from programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and sensors linked with machines or humans on a manufacturing or industrial site. It then employs an edge-native AI engine to automatically generate cycle time analyses and behavioral models that provide a wealth of information about how machines and humans operate. Thanks to this modeling, real-time analysis of performance, productivity, and uptime can be done. It can also detect operational irregularities and set up maintenance and alarms based on pre-set thresholds.

"MicroAI Factory improves overall equipment effectiveness for manufacturers by providing a holistic, real-time, cycle-time analysis of operations and providing advanced, early anomaly detection to predict potential failures and performance issues, Ultimately, the MicroAI Factory will transform equipment from human-managed to self-managed."

-Yasser Khan, CEO of MicroAI.

Philippe Cases, CEO of Topio Networks, a leading industry catalyst tracking Industry 4.0 and the hyperconnected world, said: In addition to innovating with AI on the shop floor, MicroAI doesn’t create any additional work to maintain the application on-site, thereby significantly lowering the cost of ownership for predictive maintenance applications." MicroAI is the first hassle-free manufacturing software company. 

A MicroAI Factory is placed at the edge of the factory or industrial facility in a small-form-factor computing appliance coupled to PLCs and sensor systems. The data is processed, analyzed, and stored entirely on-site, removing the concerns about data security and connection reliability that come with cloud computing.

A single point of command and control is given for operation management. Dashboards can be viewed within the facility through a local area network (LAN) or remotely via the internet. Servers can be networked across several sites to share information without revealing sensitive data. MicroAI Factory can be used as a stand-alone solution in a single facility or across many locations that work independently but share insights and keep data integrity at each location.