IOhub™ IIoT Orchestrator Is Now Available on Siemens Simatic Devices

IOhub | June 24, 2021

Because of its simplicity of use, flexibility, and affordability, IOhub by EZ VPN is rapidly gaining popularity with system integrators and machine builders worldwide.

EZ VPN makes IOhub available on Siemens Simatic IPC127E devices in response to strong customer demand.

IOhub is a modular orchestrator and communication runtime that enables the development of IIoT applications without coding. IOhub enables developing Industry 4.0 applications and integrating heterogeneous PLCs, field sensors, and software easier and more inexpensive.

The availability of IOhub features and advantages on the Siemens Simatic IPC127E will accelerate IOhub's adoption as an IIoT orchestrator and communication solution.

The flexibility of IOhub

A big automation client asked EZ VPN's European team to provide a significant number of installations with IOhub as a data management and integration solution. IOhub has to be installed on a Siemens-branded hardware device to meet the customer's standards and needs.

In keeping with its goal, EZ VPN aims to keep its technology open and simple to use by making IOhub accessible on various platforms and making EZ VPN application modules available for free. Customers are not compelled to utilize proprietary languages, frameworks, SDKs, runtimes, and so on but instead benefit from the flexibility of an open-source Docker container orchestrator, such as IOhub.

The complexity of creating environments, installing, deploying, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring system statuses are hidden on the back end with IOhub, while preserving the dependability and security of an open-source solution.


Although the trend in manufacturing has been towards centralization to leverage economies of scale, the recent rapid technical development of open-source 3-D printers enables low-cost distributed bespoke production. This paper explores the potential advantages of a distributed manufacturing model of high-value products by investigating the application of 3-D printing to self-refraction eyeglasses.


Although the trend in manufacturing has been towards centralization to leverage economies of scale, the recent rapid technical development of open-source 3-D printers enables low-cost distributed bespoke production. This paper explores the potential advantages of a distributed manufacturing model of high-value products by investigating the application of 3-D printing to self-refraction eyeglasses.

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Velo3D Expands Team in Europe to Support Growing Demand for Industrial Metal Additive Manufacturing

Velo3D | August 25, 2021

As global demand for top-quality 3D-printed industrial parts continues to grow, California-based Velo3D, Inc., a leader in advanced additive manufacturing (AM) for high-value metal parts, has announced the appointment of two new Europe-based senior executives. Managing Director, Dr. Jose Greses, will be based between Germany and Spain while Sales Director, Xavier Fruh, will be located in France. They join Jon Porter, who was appointed earlier this year as European Business Development Director based in the U.K. Dr. Greses holds a Ph.D. in laser welding from the University of Cambridge (U.K.) and a M.Sc. in Marine Technology from Cranfield University (U.K.). He has worked for a number of leading European manufacturing companies in laser welding and 3D-printing—most recently with GF Machining Solutions and, prior to that, for 14 years with German AM company EOS. "Our goal is to help industries solve their engineering challenges by delivering unprecedented design freedom, part repeatability and quality in metal 3D printing," says Dr. Greses. "We're here to provide the European markets with a seamless transition to Velo3D's end-to-end manufacturing solution including its advanced support-free technology." Xavier Fruh has a Master's degree in electrical engineering from ESIGELEC Rouen and an M.B.A. from the Strasbourg School of Management, both in France. He has years of experience in the welding industry and most recently did business development around Europe for four years with AddUp, a French group specializing in AM technology. "I am passionate about innovation and technology," Fruh says. "I'm keen to support our customers in overcoming the limits of traditional manufacturing and to help them take advantage of everything that AM, the next generation of manufacturing engineering, has to offer." Benny Buller, founder and CEO of Velo3D, views his company's European growth as a sign of greater awareness of the production metrics delivered by advanced 3D-printing systems. "Expanding our footprint in Europe comes in response to new demand for the very highest-achievable levels of metal AM quality that only Velo3D provides--as well as design freedom that can unleash innovation and improve competitiveness for industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, and alternative energy," he says. In March, Velo3D announced plans to merge with JAWS Spitfire Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: SPFR) and become a public company. To learn more about how Velo3D empowers engineers and designers to imagine more and additively manufacture nearly anything, follow Velo3D on LinkedIn or visit About Velo3D Velo3D, one of Fast Company’s 2021 World’s Most Innovative Companies, empowers engineers and designers to imagine more and additively manufacture nearly anything with a fully-integrated patented solution of software, hardware, and process-control featuring FlowTM print preparation software, AssureTM quality assurance software and the Sapphire® family of laser powder bed 3D printers. Velo3D additive manufacturing solutions for 3D-printing high-value metal parts allow for previously impossible geometries, so businesses can make the mission-critical parts they need without compromise. Customers include some of the world’s most visionary companies, such as Aerojet Rocketdyne, Chromalloy, Honeywell, LAM Research and Raytheon Technologies.

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AON3D's Duplication Mode Doubles the Output of a High Temperature 3D Printer

AON3D | March 15, 2022

Montreal-based AON3D announced an optional firmware upgrade for its AON M2+ High-temperature Industrial 3D Printer to enable Duplication Mode and Mirror Mode 3D printing. This innovative new feature doubles the production of new and existing M2+ machines, allowing factory floors to keep up with expanding demand. With unrestricted access to the world's most advanced thermoplastics, the most significant build volume in its class, and features that minimize post-processing, the AON M2+ continues to be the agile manufacturing solution of choice for businesses worldwide, capable of producing functional end-use parts at scale in half the time of any other high-temperature 3D printer. Through an Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) mechanism, the AON M2+ will be able to print two identical parts or two mirrored parts concurrently, doubling the machine's output. In addition, the IDEX system allows for more design freedom because it can print big interior geometries and non-linear holes with water-soluble support options while cutting down on the amount of work needed afterward. The AON M2+ can also print high-performance materials like PEEK, PEKK, and ULTEMTM, which are some of the strongest and best materials available for 3D printing right now. It has a superior strength-to-weight ratio compared to many metals High heat resistance: temperatures up to 260 °C can be used continuously Resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons Low friction and high wear resistance Additionally, there are other advantages. The AON M2Duplication +'s Mode upgrade provides twice the size, twice the output, and more material possibilities than any other sub-$60,000 high-temperature 3D printer on the market. By the fall of this year, duplication and mirror mode is planned to be available via a firmware upgrade. Existing AON M2+ customers on a success plan will automatically receive the upgrade. Visit to learn more about the AON M2+, easy financing options, and high-performance material options for your project.

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Atlis Motor Vehicles Signs Agreement With Schwab Industries For Manufacturing Support

Atlis Motor Vehicles | October 28, 2021

Atlis Motor Vehicles (ATLIS), a startup mobility technology company, announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Schwab Industries (Schwab) to engage Schwab's capabilities for Body-in-White manufacturing for the XT pickup truck. Built on the company's three business units - Energy, XP Platform, and XT Pickup Truck, ATLIS is developing its own electric vehicle battery cells and packs to power 300, 400, and 500-mile range batteries for the ATLIS XP platform and XT pickup truck. The XT pickup truck, targeted at the work truck market, is being developed to meet the size, refueling, towing and payload capabilities of conventional diesel-powered pickup trucks. The XT will be built on a modular XP platform that enables ATLIS to produce vehicles in other configurations, such as emergency vehicles or delivery vans. Schwab is a Michigan-based, premier OEM and Tier 1 supplier to all major automotive and aerospace companies, with 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space. "As we focus on our Energy business unit in the near-term, we have identified a strategic partner with manufacturing capabilities in place to lead the Body-in-White manufacturing process of the XT pickup. This will enable ATLIS to emphasis on our resources today while continuing progress toward XT production," said Mark Hanchett, CEO and found of ATLIS. "Schwab's full-service stamping, assemblies and fabrication is exactly what we need to begin production to meet our launch goals of late 2022." ATLIS intends to produce the motors, gearboxes, frame, and suspension for the platform and the truck, as well as body control modules, vehicle dynamic systems, and braking systems all in-house. This strategic partnership with Schwab continues to ensure the high-quality standards that ATLIS desires to optimize its manufacturing process. Once the bed and cab are complete, final assembly will take place at ATLIS to ensure all products meet Hanchett's quality, reliability, and durability expectations to truly transform the work truck market. About ATLIS Motor Vehicles Atlis Motor Vehicles (ATLIS) is a mobility technology company developing products that will power work. The ATLIS innovators are building an electric vehicle technology platform for heavy and light duty work trucks used in the agriculture, service, utility, and construction industries. To meet the towing and payload capabilities of legacy diesel-powered vehicles, ATLIS is developing proprietary battery technology and a modular system architecture capable of scaling to meet the specific needs of the all-electric vehicle.

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