Intel Foundry Services Announces the Formation of an Ecosystem Alliance to Boost Customer Innovation

Intel | February 08, 2022

On February 7, Intel Foundry Services (IFS) announced the introduction of Accelerator, a complete ecosystem alliance aimed at assisting foundry clients in bringing their silicon solutions from concept to execution efficiently. The IFS Accelerator leverages the best capabilities available in the industry to help advance customer innovation on Intel's foundry manufacturing platform through close collaboration with a group of industry-leading companies across electronic design automation (EDA), intellectual property (IP), and design services.

"A vibrant semiconductor design ecosystem is critical to the success of our foundry. We are pleased to launch our ecosystem alliance program with leading design companies that will play a vital role in accelerating our foundry customers’ success."

—Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

IFS launched the initial phase of Accelerator in September 2021 to assist automotive chip designers in transitioning to more modern process technologies by providing proprietary and industry-standard intellectual property. There are now 17 founding partner companies in the IFS Accelerator, which strengthens the ecosystem alliance by getting full support from electrical design automation and service providers and a wide range of IP assets from several partners.

The IFS Accelerator provides customers with a comprehensive suite of tools,including the following:
  •  The most powerful and proven EDA solutions suit Intel's technological and manufacturing power. They cover the whole silicon development process, from the idea to high-volume silicon production.
  •  A broad, silicon-verified, and Intel process-specific IP portfolio, comprising standard cell libraries, embedded memory, general-purpose I/Os, analog IP, and interface IP.
  •  Partners in design services let clients focus on developing distinctive product concepts by delegating implementation duties to highly educated designers knowledgeable about Intel technology.

These three attributes form the backbone of the client relationship with a foundry manufacturing partner. Electronic design automation (EDA) vendors create tools to aid in the specification, planning, design, verification, implementation, and testing of electronic systems. As a result, customers can work together with EDA partners to help chip designers meet their performance, power, and area (PPA) goals while speeding up the time to market.

"Foundry customers need access to design services, IP, and tools and flows to enable their next-generation products at different stages, With the goal of accelerating customer innovation, the IFS Accelerator ecosystem alliance program brings together the brightest minds and the broadest capabilities to deliver a seamless interface with Intel’s process and packaging technologies. We are entering a new era of openness in technology, and Intel is wholeheartedly embracing the idea that innovation thrives in an open and collaborative environment."

-Randhir Thakur, president of Intel Foundry Services

As system-on-chip (SoC) architecture has become more complicated, designing devices using integrated and reusable circuit IP blocks have become a key trend. IFS collaborates with IP partners to ensure that designers have high-quality IP that meets their stringent requirements design and project timeline criteria. As a result, the IFS Accelerator IP portfolio includes important IP blocks for today's SoCs, all made for IFS.

Developing the next generation of semiconductor goods demands highly competent engineers and resources, even more so when dealing with cutting-edge process technology. Partnering with IFS Accelerator design service providers gives customers additional support when bringing their ideas to life, with specialties ranging from analog and digital-physical designs to low-level system software. In addition, silicon professionals from alliance partners may support customers at many phases, including design, verification, implementation, and emulation.

Utilizing the potential of this ecosystem has never been more critical than it is now, as semiconductor demand continues to increase across industries and applications. IFS is making its technological platforms available to these partners to accelerate the pace of innovation. In Thakur's essay, "Innovation Starts Here: Partnering to Power the Foundry Ecosystem," he discusses Intel's new openness in more depth.


Grasping the opportunities and managing the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution require a thriving civil society deeply engaged with the development, use, and governance of emerging technologies. It is, therefore, important to highlight and share more widely the ways in which civil society organizations including advocacy, development, humanitarian and labor unions are using digital and emerging technologies to increase impact and efficiency, as well as how they are advocating for responsible practice across the sector and society.


Grasping the opportunities and managing the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution require a thriving civil society deeply engaged with the development, use, and governance of emerging technologies. It is, therefore, important to highlight and share more widely the ways in which civil society organizations including advocacy, development, humanitarian and labor unions are using digital and emerging technologies to increase impact and efficiency, as well as how they are advocating for responsible practice across the sector and society.

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Accelerating digital lidar adoption in industrial automation and smart city markets across Europe and the Middle East by Ouster and Outsight

businesswire | January 21, 2021

Ouster, a main supplier of superior advanced lidar sensors, and Outsight reported today the previously incorporated arrangement in the lidar business with installed pre-preparing programming. This attachment and-play framework is intended to convey ongoing, handled 3D information and intended to be incorporated into any application in no time. The arrangement joins Ouster's high-goal advanced lidar sensors with Outsight's insight programming which identifies, orders, and tracks objects without depending on AI. Ouster imagined computerized lidar innovation in 2015 with a dream of making elite, universal, and reasonable lidar-fueled arrangements across various businesses. Considering a comparative objective, Outsight created pre-handling programming to make 3D lidar simpler than at any other time to utilize. The mix of these two industry-driving items brings about a start to finish arrangement that conveys powerful, usable information to clients while quickening their opportunity to-advertise and diminishing item advancement costs. “Ouster and Outsight’s strategic partnership represents our shared vision for making 3D lidar-powered solutions that are useful, simple, and affordable for every customer in every industry,” said Cyrille Jacquemet, general manager of Europe and the Middle East at Ouster. “We believe Ouster’s high-resolution lidar and Outsight’s unique pre-processing software will allow customers to fully leverage 3D lidar data in any application. Together, we are advancing safe, ubiquitous autonomy with this comprehensive solution.” “By teaming up with Ouster, we created the first one-stop-shop for a comprehensive perception solution,” said Sebastien de la Bastie, Chief Business Officer at Outsight. “Our integrated kit has the right versatility for R&D experimentation and the right performance, robustness and scalability for large, real-world deployments. Together, we fill the gap between both worlds and dramatically accelerate customer’s time-to-market.” Across the board arrangement: 3D computerized lidar sensors with ongoing information preparing programming Ouster carries progressed 3D vision to different applications where constant 3D discernment, dependability, and 360-degree observing are required. Intended to IP68 and IP9K norms, Ouster's sensors are worked to withstand outrageous climate conditions. This gives another degree of dependability for broadened outside use through downpour, day off, residue, and haze. Ouster's sensors likewise have more than 50 customization choices that can be custom-made for various applications and every actual establishment – from a tight, thick direct cloud toward an extra-wide 90x360 field-of-see – across industrial facilities, ports, urban communities, air terminals, and different areas. Ouster's 3D lidar information is prepared continuously by Outsight's edge figure framework, an ARM-based process hub that capacities as a coordinated lidar box. Clients can get both the crude, high-goal point cloud information and the pre-prepared information, which goes from singular article data (position, direction, speed) to amassed examination (object checks, stream designs). Further, Outsight's restrictive pre-preparing approach doesn't need any AI – its AI-driven calculations can precisely recognize, track, and group objects with no sort of preparing or information marking. This not just diminishes clients' applications power utilization and transmission capacity prerequisites, yet additionally permits clients to be going with the arrangement very quickly and with no requirement for long information explanation measures. This arrangement is now economically accessible in Europe for modern computerization and savvy city applications. A computerized lidar arrangement intended for modern mechanization, savvy urban areas, and the sky is the limit from there From volume estimation in the modern area to more secure crossing points in shrewd urban communities, this coordinated arrangement makes it feasible for clients to handily use 3D lidar-based innovation for both new and existing applications. Modern applications incorporate utilizing Ouster's sensors to quantify enormous volumes of waste stores that are part of the way situated subterranean in covered holders. Outsight's product then pre-measures this information progressively to compute the volume and measurements of the loads. The unrivaled goal of an Ouster sensor empowers clients to compute the volume estimations at centimeter-level exactness, a level of accuracy that isn't feasible today by customary 2D strategies. Exactness and straightforwardness is basic, as this improves clients' benchmarking and decreases operational expenses. A video of this application in real life can be seen here. For brilliant framework clients, this consolidated innovation can convey object data, including vehicle and passerby position, grouping, speed, and anticipated direction. Coordinating this arrangement straightforwardly into savvy traffic frameworks opens capacities around programmed incorrect way discovery, stop bar infringement, person on foot crossing, among others. Outsight likewise gives an extra applications layer that can be changed by clients and integrators to guarantee that the arrangement accommodates their one of a kind requirements. A video of this application in real life can be seen here. Looking forward: bringing 3D lidar-based innovation to all ventures Together, Ouster and Outsight are quickening protected, universal independence with attachment and-play arrangements that are helpful, solid, and simple to incorporate across all businesses. This organization is a piece of a continuous joint exertion to bring 3D discernment abilities to each mechanical robot, crane, traffic signal, and some other moving and fixed articles. The organizations intend to stretch out the association to work together on extra arrangements in various enterprises, including mechanical technology and modern vehicles. About Ouster Ouster builds high-resolution lidar sensors for the industrial automation, smart infrastructure, robotics, and automotive industries. Using its unique digital lidar architecture, Ouster’s sensors are high-resolution, reliable, compact, and affordable. Since its founding in 2015, Ouster has secured over 800 customers and $140 million in funding. Ouster is headquartered in San Francisco and led by CEO Angus Pacala and CTO Mark Frichtl. Ouster has previously announced a merger agreement with Colonnade Acquisition Corp (NYSE: CLA), a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), that would result in Ouster becoming a publicly listed company. About Outsight Outsight develops real-time 3D LiDAR perception solutions. Our mission is to make LiDAR-based spatial intelligence become plug-and-play, so it can be used by application specialists in any market. Using any LiDAR with our pre-processing capabilities allows smart machines and smart cities to achieve an unprecedented level of understanding of their environment. We believe that accelerating the adoption of LiDAR technology with easy-to-use and scalable pre-processing will highly contribute to create transformative solutions and products that will make a smarter and safer world.

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Maxim Integrated Extend its NXR-Series IO-Link Product Line through Authorizing OMRON

manufacturing | February 17, 2021

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. announced that OMRON Corporation adopted its dual IO-Link products for the company's NXR-Series IO-Link Controller and IO-Link I/O hubs. By this, it is expanding its IO-Link bi-directional controller and digital IO capabilities. NXR-Series offer OMROM customers a new way to add IOs to factory automation systems and set up intelligence to the edge of their manufacturing lines. All of this is being used by Maxim Integrated's MAX14819A dual IO-Link controller and MAX14827A IO-Link device, as well as MAX14912 and MAX14915 digital output devices. OMRON's innovative NXR-Series enables continuous diagnostics and monitors health along with the status of manufacturing equipment at OMRON's customers' production sites. IO-Link's bi-directional links are to introduce intelligence to sensors and actuators and drive smarter manufacturing. All these are possible by enabling equipment that can adapt product changes on-the-fly and make decisions in real time. Maxim Integrated's IO-Link technology is combined with its portfolio of extensive software-configurable digital output products. It provides OMRON with new opportunities for IO-Link I/O hub solutions. OMRON's use of IO-Link will also assist to accelerate the adoption of this standard in the industry. In addition to it, OMRON is adding the first remote digital output IO-Link I/O hub (NXR-CD166C-IL2 module) to its offerings. And in this way, it is extending the use of IO-Link beyond the sensor world. The company addresses the dual problems that customers' chronic shortage of manufacturing-line engineers causes like dropping manufacturing line downtime and improving the efficiency of commissioning new equipment. In this way, OMRON analyzed unnecessary and inefficient work in production processes and developed the NXR Series that comes equipped with various functions to save time. This introduction has abele to achieve a 90 percent reduction in setup and commissioning times. This is all because of using the new NXR IO-Link controller (NXR-ILM08C-EIT) and IO-Link I/O hub (NXR-[]D166C-IL2). Apart from this, these new NXR series of IO-Link controller and I/O hub products reduce downtime by leveraging the smart diagnostics capability. So, that it can gather real-time operational information across the manufacturing line. The devices are also built reliably having inherent wire-break diagnostic and robust protection technologies. IO-Link Overview IO-Link is considered as the first standardized IO technology worldwide (IEC 61131-9) for communication with having sensors and actuators. The powerful point-to-point communication is based on the long-established 3-wire sensor and actuator connection with the help of existing cables.

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McNeilus Redesigns Parts Brands to Better Serve All Fleets' Replacement Parts Needs

McNeilus | January 15, 2022

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing, Inc., a subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation, is reorganizing its replacement parts business to provide customers with two unique alternatives for acquiring the parts they need when they need them — regardless of the brand or model of their fleets. Street Smart PartsTM and McNeilus® Genuine Components offer high-quality parts, vehicle lifetime support, and online ordering 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The distinction is that Street Smart Parts provides replacement parts for all makes and models of concrete mixers and garbage collection trucks. In contrast, McNeilus Genuine Parts offers replacement parts for McNeilus-manufactured vehicles alone. McNeilus' objective is to keep client fleets operational. These component brands accomplish that purpose, mainly when supply chain concerns may cause customers to choose repair over replacement. "Our customers need a partner that can help them keep their business running—without the middleman or the runaround—and they have that in McNeilus," - Matt McLeish, Vice President of Sales and Marketing-McNeilus Refuse Collection Vehicles. And they’re getting full lifecycle support, not just for the McNeilus trucks in their fleet but for their entire fleet, with our two replacement parts brands,added Peter Gallette, Vice President of Sales and Marketing-McNeilus Mixer Platform. Street Smart Components McNeilus has reintroduced the Street Smart Parts brand as a dedicated source for competitor replacement parts created and tested to match or exceed OEM specifications. The brand now has a fresh logo and a broader selection of replacement components for all makes and models of vehicles. When combined with McNeilus Genuine Parts, clients benefit from a one-stop-shop dedicated to offering high-quality replacement parts that meet the requirements of any fleet, regardless of its composition. Genuine McNeilus Components McNeilus assists customers in minimizing vehicle downtime and maximizing the performance of their fleets. McNeilus Genuine Parts will meet your expectations for every McNeilus model. These OEM components were developed exclusively for McNeilus products by engineers dedicated to the concrete and trash-collecting sectors. In addition, all of our products are supported by the power of our parent business, Oshkosh Corporation, which possesses unmatched competence in the design and manufacture of severe-duty vehicles for the most challenging situations.

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