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Infinitum Acquires Circuit Connect, Inc. to Accelerate Production of Sustainable Electric Motors and Support Hypergrowth

Infinitum Acquires Circuit Connect, Inc. to Accelerate Production of Sustainable Electric Motors and Support Hypergrowth

Infinitum, creator of the sustainable, breakthrough air core motor, today announced the acquisition of Circuit Connect, Inc. a printed circuit board (PCB) fabricator based in Nashua, New Hampshire that has consistently served the OEM and electronic manufacturing industry for 30 years.

The acquisition of Circuit Connect, Inc. supports Infinitum’s efforts to become more vertical and immediately allows for a substantially higher production capacity of PCB stators. The acquisition also provides a framework for continuous volume growth, which is critical to meeting the high demand for Infinitum’s innovative electric motor technology.

Infinitum’s unique air core motor motors replace heavy iron found in traditional electric motors with a lightweight, printed circuit board (PCB) stator that is 10x more reliable. Infinitum motors are 50 percent smaller and lighter, use 66 percent less copper and consume 10 percent less energy than standard iron core stator motors. The motor’s modular design allows the housing, rotors, and stators to be reused multiple times, giving parts a second and third life to serve future generations.

Circuit Connect, Inc has supplied Infinitum with PCB stators for more than 5 years, and has been closely involved in developing the manufacturing process and quality product that is at the heart of Infinitum’s award winning motors. The company has 21 employees who will join the Infinitum family, while continuing to service existing customers via the operation from Nashua, New Hampshire.

“Our PCB stator is the heart of our sustainable electric motors and what allows us to deliver the efficiency and energy savings that is so important to our customers and the planet,” said Ben Schuler, founder and CEO of Infinitum. “Circuit Connect has worked side by side with us advancing and improving how PCB stators are made. Their acquisition will help us ensure consistent delivery of quality stator components as we execute on our hypergrowth phase and scale up manufacturing to meet demand for our motors that can power the world with less energy and waste.”

“As a leader in PCB fabrication in the US for more than three decades, Circuit Connect’s dedication to customer success aligns well with Infinitum’s mission to build motors with reliability and extended life,” said Rick Clutz, founder, Circuit Connect. “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and are excited about the next chapter as we ramp up production to help create motors that can have such a lasting and positive impact on the environment.”

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Infinitum has raised the bar for a new generation of motor that is better for the planet and people. The company’s patented air core motors offer superior performance in half the weight and size, at a fraction of the carbon footprint of traditional motors, making them pound for pound the most efficient in the world. Infinitum motors open up sustainable design possibilities for the machines we rely on to be smaller, lighter and quieter, improving our quality of life while also saving energy and reducing waste. Based in Austin, Texas, Infinitum is led by a team of industry experts and pioneers. To learn more, visit