iBASEt Offers AST & Science Manufacturing Solutions

iBASEt | May 18, 2021

AST & Science LLC, the company building the first and only space-based cellular broadband network-accessible directly via regular mobile phones, has chosen an iBASEt solution to handle their manufacturing production, according to iBASEt, the company that simplifies how complicated products are built and maintained.

AST & Science intends to deploy iBASEt's MES (Manufacturing Execution System) as a cloud-native solution offered as a managed service, operated by Solumina iSeries (SaaS). AST & Science can create a manufacturing process managed in the cloud that can easily scale while improving performance, maintaining regulatory compliance, and enhancing satellite quality by eliminating the need for dedicated IT resources or the procurement and maintenance of expensive hardware.

"We're excited to collaborate with AST & Science to make the company run more efficiently," said Naveen Poonian, CEO of iBASEt. "Accelerating production in complex, discrete manufacturing environments requires a robust MES solution. Solumina iSeries is uniquely designed for this world to accelerate rapid time-to-value through the efficiency and quality control that is deeply integrated into each of our solutions."

The Solumina iSeries from iBASEt is the industry's first agile platform for industrial manufacturers, using hundreds of pre-configured microservices to simplify and continuously enhance complex manufacturing operations.

About iBASEt

iBASEt is a software company that simplifies the building and maintenance of complex products. Founded in 1986 in Southern California, iBASEt solutions ensure global digital consistency through manufacturing, quality, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations. The iSeries is a cloud-native platform driven by Solumina that provides a digital ecosystem to accelerate innovation and improve operational efficiency. Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney, and Textron are among the companies that use iBASEt.


Our enormous success in the industry is the combined result of our technologically advanced manufacturing unit, . L91, MIDC .Pfizer to shut 55-year-old Mumbai manufacturing plant - MintPfizer to shut 55-year-old Mumbai manufacturing plant. Raymond offers VRS to 300 employees - The Economic TimesRaymond has offered a VRS to over 300 employees at its Thane manufacturing unit as part of cost rationalisation exercise.1968 Raymond setup a readymade garments plant at Thane .


Our enormous success in the industry is the combined result of our technologically advanced manufacturing unit, . L91, MIDC .Pfizer to shut 55-year-old Mumbai manufacturing plant - MintPfizer to shut 55-year-old Mumbai manufacturing plant. Raymond offers VRS to 300 employees - The Economic TimesRaymond has offered a VRS to over 300 employees at its Thane manufacturing unit as part of cost rationalisation exercise.1968 Raymond setup a readymade garments plant at Thane .

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HLRS and Fraunhofer IPA Partner to Advance Computing Technologies in Manufacturing Industry

HLRS, Fraunhofer IPA | November 13, 2020

The High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) and the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (Fraunhofer IPA) have for quite some time been neighbors on Stuttgart's Nobelstraße. Under another collaboration arrangement, the two associations will become much nearer as Fraunhofer will access HLRS's high-performance computing (HPC) frameworks and aptitude. The accomplices will likewise cooperate intently on issues of shared revenue identified with the utilization of cutting-edge computing technologies in the business. Fraunhofer IPA conducts exploration to address authoritative and mechanical issues over the whole manufacturing area. This incorporates new technologies to improve techniques, parts, machines, and production lines utilized in manufacturing. Considering the expanding accessibility of huge informational collections and useful assets for reproduction and man-made consciousness, the utilization of cutting edge computing technologies worked by HLRS could help quicken the advancement of new sorts of technologies that make manufacturing more proficient and manageable. The new collaboration arrangement will zero in on utilization of elite computing that has gotten significant for Fraunhofer IPA's exploration as of late. This could incorporate, for instance, performing investigations of huge informational indexes to improve manufacturing cycles, or utilizing HPC to confirm the exactness of AI applications for a human-robot joint effort. Under the understanding, HLRS and Fraunhofer additionally plan to investigate new difficulties and openings identified with quantum computing. As HLRS General Manager Bastian Koller explained, the Fraunhofer IPA partnership opens a number of new opportunities for HLRS: “The partnership will enable us to develop and improve solutions that integrate high-performance computing, high-performance data analytics, and artificial intelligence in ways that best support our users. It could also provide new impulses for HLRS’s efforts to support the adoption of HPC and related technologies into industry.” About HLRS: The High Performance Computing Center of Stuttgart (HLRS) is the first national supercomputing center in Germany and is offering services to both academic users and industry. It is a research and service institution affiliated to the University of Stuttgart. Apart from the operation of supercomputers HLRS activities include teaching and training in distributed systems, software engineering and programming models, as well as development of new technologies. HLRS is an active player in the European research arena with special focus on Scientific Excellence and Industrial Leadership initiatives. About Fraunhofer IPA: With nearly 1000 employees, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA (Fraunhofer IPA) is one of the largest institutes in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The total budget amounts to € 76 million. The institute’s research focus is on organizational and technological aspects of production. We develop, test and implement not only components, devices and methods, but also entire machines and manufacturing plants.

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Brose Tuscaloosa Plant Recognized for Manufacturing Excellence by IndustryWeek

Brose North America | August 27, 2021

Brose North America's Tuscaloosa, Alabama manufacturing facility earned the prestigious honor of being selected as one of IndustryWeek's 2021 Best Plants Award winners. IndustryWeek recognizes Brose Tuscaloosa for exceptional manufacturing performance in 2020 amid a global pandemic, maintaining quality, optimizing production and, most importantly, maintaining team morale during a year filled with adversity. "This great honor belongs to the individuals at Brose Tuscaloosa whose hard work and dedication to efficiency and innovation drive quality in the most challenging of times," said Jim Barbaretta, general manager. "Brose Tuscaloosa is a lean organization that serves as a performance benchmark to our peers and receiving recognition on a national scale inspires our continual focus on excellence." Brose Tuscaloosa began production of door systems, cooling fan modules and seat adjusters in 2004. To meet growing customer demand, the facility has invested $14 million in infrastructure, including a drive-in acoustics chamber, state-of-the-art measurement laboratory and a 9,150 square-foot expansion of office space. The facility also added 400 jobs in recent years, fulfilled partially through its award-winning hands-on apprenticeship program. Just three North American manufacturing facilities earned recognition from IndustryWeek as part of the 2021 Best Plants Awards program for their ability to outpace expectations through supply chain issues, labor shortages and a global pandemic. "These plants are driven to achieve excellence in all they do—streamlining production, improving processes, eliminating defects and empowering their workers to achieve the impossible," said Travis Hessman, IndustryWeek editor in chief. "They deliver their products on time and on budget, sure, but they do so with world-class metrics in operational efficiency, safety, and a sense of continuous improvement that permeates their entire culture." The IndustryWeek Best Plants Awards competition began in 1990 to showcase excellence in leadership, plant floor operations and quality in manufacturing. Today, the competition's 31st class of honorees demonstrate comprehensive levels of excellence across a broad range of categories, as well as the ability to sustain and improve on those extraordinary achievements. IndustryWeek will celebrate 2021 Best Plants Award winners during an awards ceremony at the 2021 Manufacturing & Technology Conference, held November 9-11 in Cleveland. About Brose Brose is the fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier. Every other new car worldwide is equipped with at least one Brose product. The company's intelligent solutions for vehicle access and interiors provide greater comfort and flexibility. Innovative concepts for thermal management increase efficiency and contribute to environmental and climate protection. Brose's systems understanding enables new functions in all kinds of vehicles - whether on four or two wheels. Around 25,000 employees at 65 locations in 24 countries generated a turnover of 5.1 billion euros in 2020. About Brose North America Brose has been a committed partner to the North American market since 1993. The mechatronics specialist now counts twelve locations across Canada, the United States and Mexico and employs approximately 6,000 people in the region. The entire range of Brose products is manufactured throughout the North American facilities, from door modules and seat systems to drives and electronics.

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IOhub™ IIoT Orchestrator Is Now Available on Siemens Simatic Devices

IOhub | June 24, 2021

Because of its simplicity of use, flexibility, and affordability, IOhub by EZ VPN is rapidly gaining popularity with system integrators and machine builders worldwide. EZ VPN makes IOhub available on Siemens Simatic IPC127E devices in response to strong customer demand. IOhub is a modular orchestrator and communication runtime that enables the development of IIoT applications without coding. IOhub enables developing Industry 4.0 applications and integrating heterogeneous PLCs, field sensors, and software easier and more inexpensive. The availability of IOhub features and advantages on the Siemens Simatic IPC127E will accelerate IOhub's adoption as an IIoT orchestrator and communication solution. The flexibility of IOhub A big automation client asked EZ VPN's European team to provide a significant number of installations with IOhub as a data management and integration solution. IOhub has to be installed on a Siemens-branded hardware device to meet the customer's standards and needs. In keeping with its goal, EZ VPN aims to keep its technology open and simple to use by making IOhub accessible on various platforms and making EZ VPN application modules available for free. Customers are not compelled to utilize proprietary languages, frameworks, SDKs, runtimes, and so on but instead benefit from the flexibility of an open-source Docker container orchestrator, such as IOhub. The complexity of creating environments, installing, deploying, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring system statuses are hidden on the back end with IOhub, while preserving the dependability and security of an open-source solution.

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