Givaudan Uses Esker to Globally Automate Order Management and Accounts Payable

Givaudan | February 10, 2022

Givaudan Uses Esker to Globally Automate
On February 9, Esker, a worldwide cloud platform and industry leader in AI-driven process automation solutions for finance and customer support tasks announced that Givaudan, the world's largest maker of flavors and fragrances for the taste, health, and fragrance, and beauty industries, has chosen Esker to automate its accounts payable (AP) and order management services. A few years ago, Givaudan decided to use Esker's cloud-based solutions worldwide as part of the design of the Givaudan Business Solutions journey.

Givaudan wanted an automated solution that could satisfy its current demands while scaling to accommodate its increasing portfolio as it pursues certification as a Certified B Corporation. These are firms that adhere to the strictest social and environmental performance requirements. Givaudan first hired Esker to solve order input inefficiencies. After noticing a favorable impact on order processing times, the firm turned to Esker for their accounts payable needs. Esker's solutions will help Givaudan become more efficient and free up employees to build and maintain customer relationships.

Givaudan's adoption of best-in-class technology is paramount in driving our forward-thinking methodology and providing an unmatched customer experience, which is the foundation of everything we do at Givaudan, Even in today’s unique circumstances, and with newly distributed and remote workforces, our standard for quality work and quick turnaround is unwavering. We look to Esker as a trusted provider to improve and scale our operations with turnkey and reliable solutions. "

-Jan-Willem Scheele, Solution Expert, Customer Care and Demand Planning Service Manager at Givaudan.

Givaudan is in the process of implementing Esker's AI-powered Accounts Payable and Order Management systems throughout its global operations. Givaudan, which has shared services centers in Kuala Lumpur, Buenos Aires, and Budapest, is constantly growing and wants to improve its global reach.

Automating Order Management
Givaudan receives 60,000 orders each month and each order requires multiple human revisions and selections before using Esker's AI-driven solution. Each week, Givaudan's customer support staff increases its ability to handle orders without user assistance. As a result, up to 20% of orders are already processed without human participation in certain places. This has enabled the firm to eliminate bottlenecks and time-consuming processes, thus enhancing the speed and quality of order processing—all without increasing manpower as Givaudan expands.

Automating AP
Givaudan resorted to Esker to assist with its AP revamp to further accelerate company development and value. While SAP® provided Givaudan with a highly tailored solution, the procedure for entering invoice data mainly remained manual. Esker's automated invoice capture helps Givaudan keep up with growing business needs by saving a lot of time.

"Givaudan, at heart, is a manufacturing company, and given the nuances of handling raw materials, we required a solution that supported the needs of our purchasing channel from end to end, On average, we’re processing 2,300 to 2,500 invoices every day across the globe, and the benefits of deploying Esker’s solutions are already clear. Their team took the time to fully understand our needs, quickly outlined how to most effectively improve our AP processes, and helped us deploy a new system that serves to simplify our team members’ jobs—so they can concentrate on the aspects of their roles that require human creativity and care."

-Marton Nagy, Global Solution Expert Procure-to-Pay at Givaudan

By automating accounts payable, the firm enables its accounts payable team to provide unmatched customer care for which Givaudan is renowned.
Our goal for automation is not to make our people redundant, but to make them more valuable, continued Nagy. We need our employees to be creative, to think, to make sure we go further than where we are today. Automating the tedious, repetitive tasks lets them use their time for more valuable purposes.

Leveraging Automation Through Change
Givaudan began its automation journey and the "Esker Touchless Journey" well before the COVID-19 outbreak. Still, its embrace of process automation aided in its easy transition to the new way of working. In addition, Givaudan says that the implementation process and close collaboration with the Esker team played a big role in how well it did during the epidemic and how well it could deal with future changes in the global business climate.


See how the Aerospace Industry can benefit from the digitalization. With intelligent tools for product design and production planning and seamless communication between all systems.


See how the Aerospace Industry can benefit from the digitalization. With intelligent tools for product design and production planning and seamless communication between all systems.

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Desktop Metal | October 23, 2021

Desktop Metal today announced the qualification of Grade 420 stainless steel (420 SS) for use on the Production SystemTM platform, which leverages patent pending Single Pass JettingTM (SPJ) technology designed to achieve the fastest build speeds in the metal additive manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can now leverage SPJ technology for the mass production of high-strength, end-use parts in 420 SS for demanding applications in industries such as medical, aerospace, defense, and consumer products. A martensitic heat-treatable stainless steel, 420 SS is characterized by its high strength and hardness as well as its corrosion resistance to the atmosphere, foods, fresh water, and mild acids when in a fully hardened condition. 420 SS is a common material used extensively across a variety of applications such as surgical and dental instruments, ball bearings, gear shafts, pump and valve components, fasteners, gauges, hand tools, and high-end cutlery. “Engineers continue to seek out metal additive manufacturing as a leading option to drive innovation in design and manufacturing,” said Jonah Myerberg, CTO and co-founder of Desktop Metal. “We believe our qualification of 420 SS and other high-strength alloys will accelerate the deployment of our AM 2.0 solutions among customers looking to successfully mass produce critical parts at scale.” 420 Stainless Steel - Key Applications Desktop Metal’s materials science team has qualified and fully characterized 420 SS printed on Production System technology that meets MPIF 35 standards for structural powder metallurgy parts set by the Metal Powder Industries Federation. Parts printed in 420 SS on the Production System platform eliminate the use of tooling and minimize material waste, as well as represent a significant decrease in production time and part cost compared to conventional manufacturing methods. Examples of key applications include: Medical/Surgical - Locking Articulation Bar Robotic surgical systems used in a variety of medical procedures provide surgeons a better range of motion, enhanced visibility, and a level of precision unachievable with manual surgeries. These systems feature highly precise motion systems with many small intricate parts. The Production System offers high-resolution binder jet printing, making it an ideal solution for achieving the fine features required of robotic surgical instruments. For components like locking articulation bars, 420 SS is a desired material for its high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. Since no tooling is required to produce these parts with binder jetting on the Production System, volume production can begin as soon as the design is complete, saving valuable time and money on large non-recurring costs of tooling design and fabrication. Aerospace - Valve Nozzle Adapter Valve nozzle adapters connect nozzles with fluid systems in aerospace applications, where multiple versions of these adapters are often required to accommodate various nozzle geometries and sizes. Engineers prefer 420 SS for this type of adapter because of its excellent corrosion resistance and high hardness. With capacity for thousands of adapters in a single build, the Production System can support the manufacturing of these components in 420 SS in volumes competitive with conventional manufacturing methods. In addition, with no tooling required, numerous adapter geometries can be printed within a single build, saving lead time and costs associated with changing over tooling in conventional manufacturing processes. High-Volume Manufacturing - Twin Screw Extruder Mixing Elements Twin screw extruder mixing elements are used for mixing, compounding and processing viscous materials. These parts feature complex lobes around the exterior of the spline that must be optimized for the material being extruded, necessitating a unique mixing element for each different material. With conventional manufacturing, each of these elements can be complex to produce, often requiring advanced machining techniques, multiple machining setups, and custom fixturing. Binder jetting with the Production System simplifies the manufacturing process, enabling large volumes of several, unique mixing elements to be printed in each build, reducing the cost and lead time of production compared to machining. 420 SS is an essential material in these applications for its high hardness and corrosion resistance, ensuring the elements have a long lifetime and the hardness required for extruding a wide variety of materials. The World’s Fastest Way to 3D Print Metal Parts At-Scale Created by the inventors of binder jetting and single-pass inkjet technology, the Production System is an industrial manufacturing platform powered by Desktop Metal’s Single Pass JettingTM technology. It is designed to achieve speeds up to 100 times those of legacy powder bed fusion additive manufacturing technologies and enable production quantities of up to millions of parts per year at costs competitive with conventional mass production techniques. The P-50 printer is paving the way for the mass production of end-use parts -- unlocking throughput, repeatability, and competitive part costs. In addition to 420 SS, the Production System materials portfolio today includes nickel alloy IN625, 17-4PH stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, and 4140 low-alloy steel, each of which have been qualified by Desktop Metal. The open-system platform also supports several customer-qualified materials, including silver and gold. The company plans to launch additional qualified metals to its portfolio, including tool steels, stainless steels, superalloys, copper, and more. About Desktop Metal Desktop Metal, Inc., based in Burlington, Massachusetts, is accelerating the transformation of manufacturing with an expansive portfolio of 3D printing solutions, from rapid prototyping to mass production. Founded in 2015 by leaders in advanced manufacturing, metallurgy, and robotics, the company is addressing the unmet challenges of speed, cost, and quality to make additive manufacturing an essential tool for engineers and manufacturers around the world. Desktop Metal was selected as one of the world’s 30 most promising Technology Pioneers by the World Economic Forum, named to MIT Technology Review’s list of 50 Smartest Companies, and the 2021 winner of Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Award in materials.

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In the New 2021 Production Model, Xpeng partners with Livox to deploy Lidar Technology

businesswire | December 31, 2020

Xpeng In, a main Chinese keen electric vehicle ("Smart EV") organization, has teamed up with Livox, a main lidar creator, to send its car grade lidar innovation in Xpeng's new creation model in 2021. Livox is Xpeng's first accomplice in lidar innovation. Livox has tweaked its Horiz sensor (the car grade rendition of its Livox Horizon) for Xpeng, meeting car grade prerequisites as well as conveying cost effectiveness and dependability for creation models. The usage of lidar in XPILOT engineering - Xpeng's self-ruling driving framework - will additionally improve XPILOT's security just as the capacity to cover an extensive scope of driving situations. Xpeng's new 2021 creation model will be the world's first mass-delivered shrewd EVs outfitted with lidar, hardening Xpeng's bleeding edge position in the keen EV innovation. Since its establishing in 2016, Livox has zeroed in its R&D endeavors on empowering cost-proficient large scale manufacturing of lidar arrangements, expecting to beat the three bottlenecks in the lidar business: value, versatility and unwavering quality. Livox's car grade arrangement brags a reach industry-driving guidelines as far as identification range, FOV (Field of View) and point cloud thickness. Livox is upgrading the recognition scope of its Horiz sensor to 150m (for objects at 10% reflectivity), empowering Xpeng's XPILOT framework to effectively recognize any far off deterrent while on parkways and metropolitan streets. Livox's modified answer for Xpeng likewise incorporates another "ultra FPS" (Frames Per Second) lidar innovation idea. Through a keenly planned pivoting mirror innovation, the items inside the lidar's ROI (Region of Interest) will procure a 20Hz point cloud information when the entire framework is working at a casing pace of 10Hz. The new ROI point cloud thickness is consequently expanded to 144 lines comparable at 0.1 second without the requirement for additional laser transmitters. The expanded point cloud thickness empowers the quicker discovery of small items out and about surface, including walkers, bikes or even traffic cones. The level FOV of Horiz has likewise arrived at 120°. This significantly improves the keen driving experience by settling numerous industrious difficulties looked by drivers, remembering the expulsion of vulnerable sides against cut-for vehicles. Xpeng focused on creating exhaustive and more secure independent driving arrangements, advancing the entrance of keen EVs Xpeng has created industry driving independent driving design with different modules for large scale manufacturing vehicles: insight, conduct arranging, conduct/movement expectation and guide combination. The execution of lidar further improves XPILOT's discernment ability. The expansion of lidar adequately improves the vehicle's high-exactness acknowledgment execution, fundamentally upgrading the whole vehicle's discernment capacities, especially the precision and spatial goal in the level and vertical tomahawks, improving the capacity to evade walkers and static impediments. Combined with lidar's capacity to screen little obstructions paying little mind to encompassing light levels, this can give more prominent wellbeing repetition to ADAS capacities. Xpeng's independent driving stage as of now coordinates camera, millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic and different sensors. The expansion of lidar won't just give a more noteworthy degree of wellbeing repetition, by permitting more exact imaging of the street circumstance, however will likewise upgrade target location, estimation exactness, execution in low surrounding light and other testing discernment conditions, and will altogether improve the general execution of NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot), AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) and different capacities. About Xpeng Xpeng Inc. is a leading Chinese smart electric vehicle company that designs, develops, manufactures, and markets Smart EVs that appeal to the large and growing base of technology-savvy middle-class consumers in China. Its mission is to drive Smart EV transformation with technology and data, shaping the mobility experience of the future. In order to optimize its customers’ mobility experience, Xpeng develops in-house its full-stack autonomous driving technology and in-car intelligent operating system, as well as core vehicle systems including powertrain and the electrification/electronic architecture. Xpeng is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, and San Diego. The Company’s Smart EVs are manufactured at plants in Zhaoqing and Zhengzhou, located in Guangdong and Henan provinces, respectively.

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Saw Mill Capital continues iAutomation's acquisition strategy, Adding RND Automation

prnewswire | January 20, 2021

Saw Mill Capital Partners II, LP and subsidiary private value venture reserves oversaw by Saw Mill Capital LLC (altogether alluded to in this as "Saw Mill") are satisfied to declare the securing of RND Automation ("RND"). "This securing speaks to an exceptional chance for iAutomation to extend its joining, vision, and advanced mechanics abilities while likewise giving an actual impression in the southeast," remarked Tim Nelson, Partner at Saw Mill. During these unprecedented occasions, the pandemic is reinforcing the situation for advanced mechanics and mechanization. iAutomation has demonstrated throughout the long term that they are focused on going past and turning into the most complete asset for its customers and accomplices. This latest vital move with RND robotization demonstrates that responsibility and it is only the start. RND Automation is Florida's biggest custom mechanical technology, bundling, and gathering hardware producer settled in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. "We are excited by this opportunity to partner with Saw Mill to take our growth to the next level," stated Sean Dotson, President of RND. "We have been partnering with Saw Mill's portfolio company, iAutomation, for the last couple of years and are impressed by the expansive enterprise Gregg Holst, CEO of iAutomation, and his team has built with Saw Mill." "To now have a stand-alone affiliate company that when applicable will leverage our combined capabilities is extremely exciting," stated Gregg Holst, CEO of iAutomation. "We now will be able to round out our goal of having capabilities in all three of the critical industrial automation disciplines: motion control, vision, and robotics. Together we will be able to deliver best in class capabilities and services to our collective customer base and beyond." Saw Mill is focused on aiding all its portfolio organizations accomplish their full development potential, both naturally and through essential acquisitions. All of Saw Mill's Fund II portfolio ventures, including iAutomation, are effectively looking for acquisitions. ABOUT RND AUTOMATION Based in Lakewood Ranch, FL, RND Automation designs, engineers and integrates automation solutions for packaging and assembly applications in the medical device, life sciences, and consumer products sectors, among others. ABOUT IAUTOMATION Headquartered in North Attleborough, MA, iAutomation is a designer and distributor of innovative automation products, solutions, and services to the world's leading manufacturers of technologically advanced automated equipment.

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