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Faraday Future Announces New Brand Campaign as It Partners with Global Industry Leaders to Build the California-built Techluxury FF 91 EV

Faraday Future Announces
Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc., a California-based global shared intelligent electric mobility ecosystem firm, has launched a brand campaign titled "Born in California. Global DNA" to highlight the company's global partners for its flagship vehicle, the ultimate techluxury FF 91. The FF 91 is designed and manufactured in California by the company's global workers with the assistance of FF co-creators, utilizing technologies from top-tier suppliers worldwide. FF anticipates launching the FF 91 in Q3 2022.

“Our ‘Born in California. Global DNA’ campaign highlights our global sourcing which helped us create an EV unlike any other before it, While we are manufacturing the FF 91 in California, the vehicle has global DNA. We have assembled the best the industry has to offer, representing the highest quality product, with delivery to our first users expected in Q3 of this year.”

-Carsten Breitfeld, Global CEO of Faraday Future

The company's flagship FF 91 was developed in Los Angeles, engineered in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, and is manufactured in the company's Hanford, Calif. manufacturing factory. The FF 91's "Global DNA" showcases the talent at FF and throughout the world, with assistance from top-tier suppliers from nations including Italy, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, China, Belgium, and Switzerland.

To highlight the FF 91's manufacturing accomplishments, the business sponsored the ieMedals campaign. FF will reward a separate supplier in the FF 91 family from across the world with a unique ieMedal for each production-intent vehicle created in the months leading up to the FF 91's SOP. ieMedals can be earned by users of the FF Intelligent App by accomplishing certain tasks or participating in co-creation projects. The ieMedals are electronic prizes that are added to the FF Intelligent App users' FFID profiles.

To learn more about the ieMedals campaign and to participate in it, futurists can download the FF Intelligent APP at or
FF is a luxury, high-performance, intelligent electric vehicle manufacturer on a mission to redefine driver and passenger experience standards. The firm achieved its fourth manufacturing milestone with the launch of production-intent cars, which complete the last engineering certification and validation required prior to production beginning in Q3 2022. As the FF progresses through the production-intent construction process, the firm will showcase each of these new builds to highlight the global supply partners that contribute to the car's uniqueness.

More information about the campaign may be found at Users can book an FF 91 Futurist model immediately via the FF Intelligent APP or at The new FF Intelligent APP is available for download at or