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Electra and LG Energy Solution Sign Three-year Cobalt Supply Agreement

LG Energy Solution | September 23, 2022 | Read time : 01:55 min

Electra and LG Energy News
Electra Battery Materials Corporation (NASDAQ: ELBM) (TSXV: ELBM) ("Electra") today announced the signing of a three-year agreement to supply battery grade cobalt to LG Energy Solution (LGES; KRX: 373220), a leading global manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. Electra has agreed to supply LGES with 7,000 tonnes of battery grade cobalt from 2023 to 2025. The material will be supplied from the only cobalt sulfate refinery in North America, located north of Toronto, Ontario.

Electra will supply 1,000 tonnes of cobalt contained in a cobalt sulfate product in 2023 and a further 3,000 tonnes in each of 2024 and 2025 under an agreed pricing mechanism. In addition to the supply agreement, Electra and LG Energy Solution have agreed to cooperate and explore ways to advance opportunities across North America's EV supply chain, including, but not limited to, securing of sustainable sources of raw materials.  Financial terms of the supply agreement were not disclosed.

"LG Energy Solution is a global leader in the electric vehicle supply chain, and we are delighted to sign our first strategic supply agreement with such an important player in the lithium-ion battery market, This is only the beginning of a larger strategic relationship with LG Energy Solution involving our other assets and growth initiatives in the North American battery supply chain."

-Trent Mell, CEO of Electra.

As we have recently announced our mid- to long-term strategy to focus on North America, the fastest growing EV market, these partnerships serve as a crucial step towards securing a stable key raw material supply chain in the region, said Youngsoo Kwon, CEO of LG Energy Solution. By establishing a strategic partnership with Electra, a key critical material supplier and only cobalt refinery in North America, LGES will continue to ensure the steady delivery of our top-quality products, thereby further advancing the global transition to EVs and ultimately to a sustainable future.

"A key part of our government's plan to build Ontario is supporting partnerships like this one between Electra and LG Energy Solution, With our critical minerals strategy, cutting-edge technology and world-class workforce, Ontario has what it takes to build the cars of the future, and we're proud to see more and more companies come to Ontario for exciting partnerships."

-Vic Fedeli, Ontario's Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

About Electra Battery Materials:
Electra is a processor of low-carbon, ethically-sourced battery materials. Currently commissioning North America's only cobalt sulfate refinery, Electra is executing a multipronged strategy focused on onshoring the electric vehicle supply chain. Keys to its strategy are integrating black mass recycling and nickel sulfate production at Electra's refinery located north of Toronto, advancing Iron Creek, its cobalt-copper exploration-stage project in the Idaho Cobalt Belt, and expanding cobalt sulfate processing into Bécancour, Quebec.


The industrial sector contributed approximately one-third of the 35 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted in 2020. Industrial market engagement is going to be crucial to meet the climate change targets being set by governments around the world. However, challenges extend beyond just the industry’s carbon footprint, with concerns around raw material depletion, harmful emissions, pollution, and water consumption.


The industrial sector contributed approximately one-third of the 35 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted in 2020. Industrial market engagement is going to be crucial to meet the climate change targets being set by governments around the world. However, challenges extend beyond just the industry’s carbon footprint, with concerns around raw material depletion, harmful emissions, pollution, and water consumption.

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Autel Robotics Further Boosts Manufacturing Capabilities to Supply North American and European Markets

PR Newswire | August 29, 2023

Autel Robotics Co., Ltd. a leading provider of drone products and industry solutions, highlights its factory in Hai Phong with leading manufacturing capabilities, where it now manufactures 150,000 units of flagship products that are supplying U.S. and European markets. The factory in Hai Phong, Vietnam covers an area of 10,000 square meters and has 500 dedicated and highly skilled employees. It boasts an annual production capacity of 150,000 units and has been producing the first batch of the Lite product series since September 2022 and the Dragonfish series starting from November of the same year, mainly supplied to the U.S. and European markets. UAVs are new to Vietnam, a country known for its skilled workforce and advanced technological capabilities, and Autel Robotics adheres to the principles of quality-first and customer-centric, producing top-quality drones such as the exceptional EVO Max series, the revolutionary Dragonfish, and EVO II V3 Series The groundbreaking products are the fruit of Autel Robotics' meticulous planning and seamless execution, and it has launched the production of 6 flagship series in Vietnam: 2022 EVO Lite Series Dragonfish Series 2023 EVO II V3 Series: EVO Nano Series EVO Max Series "Autel Robotics makes every effort to strengthen the team's foundations, enforces rigorous engineering standards, streamlines operations, and ensures our customers can have a good product experience. Our drone project in Vietnam will play an important role as the company's manufacturing center in the future, leveraging the favorable investment environment locally. We will continue to invest our factory in Vietnam, boosting the supply capability to meet the demands of overseas markets, especially North America and Europe," said Mr. Liu, head of the Vietnam factory of Autel Robotics. Autel Robotics aims to use technology to improve efficiency and create values for customers, and it recognizes the importance of data security and privacy protection with technologies and devices constantly advancing. Autel Robotics provides a number of tools and protection measures for industry application customers to ensure data security regarding drone activation, data transmission, multimedia storage, updates, and maintenance. All data except the PRC's is stored in AWS data centers within the US. About Autel Robotics Founded in 2014, Autel Robotics is a team of industry professionals with a passion for technology and years of engineering experience. Autel Robotics has always been customer-oriented and focuses on achieving excellence through ceaseless innovation. It is dedicated to delivering groundbreaking solutions for new aerial exploration leveraging its market-leading quadcopter and camera technology. Headquartered in Shenzhen, the industrial and software frontier of China and the capital of drones, Autel Robotics also has R&D bases in Seattle, Munich, and the Silicon Valley.

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Telit Cinterion and Nestlé Brazil Partner on Private 5G for Industry 4.0 Factory Automation

PR Newswire | August 24, 2023

Telit Cinterion, a global enabler of the intelligent edge, today announced completion of a successful proof-of-concept trial of private 5G for factory automation. Conducted in partnership with Nestlé Brazil, the trial showcases why and how manufacturers are increasingly making 5G a foundational component of their Industry 4.0 transformation strategies. Many manufacturers are considering or already implementing 5G, including private 5G networks, a global trend that will be worth $109 billion by 2030. Nestlé conducted the trial at Parque Tecnologico São José dos Campos, a government-sponsored research park where it is one of the resident companies exploring next-generation technologies and business processes. The trial focused on how Nestlé could use 5G to connect autonomous manufacturing robots and automated guided vehicles at their plants like the one in Caçapava, Brazil. The trial used the Telit Cinterion 5G FT980-WW evaluation kit, which features the FN980 module. Based on the 3GPP Rel. 15 standard, the FN980m supports all major 5G frequency bands, giving private networks maximum deployment flexibility. The Nestlé trial focused on the use of sub-6 GHz spectrum. "Telit Cinterion has been a partner of Nestlé since we began conducting the first tests using 5G technology at Nestlé's Innovation and Technology Center (CIT) at the São José dos Campos Technology Park. We are very pleased with this unprecedented joint work, which is so important for the national industry," explained Gustavo Moura, Digital Transformation Program Manager for Operations at Nestlé Brazil. "Nestlé Brazil is one of several recent Latin America 5G factory automation trials that Telit Cinterion has been part of, which shows that manufacturers across the region see 5G as key for ensuring the success of their Industry 4.0 migration," said Neset Yalcinkaya, SVP Sales Americas at Telit Cinterion. "This successful trial also is the latest example of how manufacturers, systems integrators, and others turn to Telit Cinterion for private 5G factory automation and PoC trials." About Telit Cinterion Telit Cinterion is a global enabler of the intelligent edge providing complete solutions that reduce time to market and costs, delivering custom designed, ready for market connected devices in addition to maintaining the industry's broadest portfolio of enterprise-grade wireless communication and positioning modules, cellular MVNO connectivity plans and management services, edge-cloud software and data orchestration, and IoT and Industrial IoT platforms. As the largest western provider pioneering IoT innovation, Telit Cinterion delivers award-winning and highly secure IoT solutions, modules and services for the industry's top brands.

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Array Technologies and Lock Joint Tube Collaborate on New Steel Tube Mill in Texas

Globenewswire | July 24, 2023

Array Technologies, a leading provider of tracker solutions and services for utility-scale solar energy projects, entered into an agreement with Lock Joint Tube, a manufacturer of mechanical and structural-grade steel tubing, to secure supply from a new steel mill in Texas dedicated to manufacturing utility-scale solar tubing. Located in Temple, Texas, where Lock Joint Tube has established operations, the new mill will use locally sourced steel in the production of solar tubing in response to domestic content requirements in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The collaboration between the two companies will create new manufacturing jobs and use automation technology for optimal efficiency in production. “Lock Joint Tube’s newest mill will provide Array with domestic tubing under the IRA, which our customers are demanding in this high-growth market for utility-scale solar,” said Kevin Hostetler, Chief Executive Officer at Array Technologies. “This investment in American manufacturing will provide jobs aligned with the renewable energy market to the local community, boost the integrity of the domestic solar supply chain, and support Array’s continued expansion in the U.S., including in Texas and throughout the central U.S.” Lock Joint Tube is a top supplier of steel tubing for solar panels and also provides torque tubing for tracker systems or solar tracker tube. Partnering with established steel suppliers around the globe enables Array to secure high-quality products on a regional basis to our customers and mitigate supply chain challenges. “Our collaboration with Array Technologies advances our market leadership in serving the evolving needs of the U.S. solar power and solar manufacturing sectors,” said Kevin Marks, President at Lock Joint Tube. “By utilizing domestically sourced steel, Lock Joint Tube enables our customers to maximize domestic steel content, which has become essential to the expansion of clean, renewable energy throughout the country underpinned by a growing U.S.-based supply chain.” About Array Technologies Array Technologies is a leading American company and global provider of utility-scale solar tracker technology. Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions on the planet, Array’s high-quality solar trackers and sophisticated software maximize energy production, accelerating the adoption of cost-effective and sustainable energy. Founded and headquartered in the United States, Array relies on its diversified global supply chain and customer-centric approach to deliver, commission and support solar energy developments around the world, lighting the way to a brighter, smarter future for clean energy. For more news and information on Array, please visit

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