DAVCO Expands into Electronics Manufacturing as Connected, Electric Vehicle Technologies Arrive in North American Commercial Transportation

DAVCO | January 06, 2022

DAVCO Expands into Electronics Manufacturing as
DAVCO, the market leader in North America for fuel heater/water separator and more, is investing $3.5 million in its Saline, Michigan, campus to establish an Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center, extending the company's manufacturing capabilities into advanced electronics technologies in preparation for the arrival of electric-powered commercial vehicles. The state-of-the-art facility will be adjacent to DAVCO's current manufacturing facility and is scheduled to open in early 2022. Company officials anticipate that this new facility will result in the creation of 20 new jobs.

"Over the past 45 years, DAVCO has proudly served customers with industry-leading products and unparalleled customer support, and that will not change, This new electronics manufacturing facility ensures we will continue to be able to serve commercial fleet customers as their needs evolve once they begin putting electric vehicles into service."

-Laurie Beegle, President of DAVCO

DAVCO is owned by Clarience Technologies of Southfield, Michigan, a global leader in advanced transportation technology that includes advanced LED lighting from Truck-Lite, RIGID, and Lumitec, ECCO, and Code-3 safety systems, and Road Ready advanced telematics.

A Manufacturing Showcase for the Transportation Industry's Future
The new DAVCO Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Center is located on the DAVCO corporate office property in Saline, Michigan, where renovations have been underway since fall 2021. DAVCO fuel filtration products will continue in an adjacent building on the DAVCO campus in Saline and will be unaffected by this statement.

The $3.5 million capital investment includes a clean room for component manufacturing, which is becoming increasingly critical in developing next-generation vehicle technology. In addition, the firm anticipates that this facility will be frequently utilized to demonstrate the capabilities of DAVCO, Clarience Technologies, and its complete family of companies to customers, and plans to expand the facility with a modern Customer Experience Center in the second phase.

In total, the company anticipates hiring up to 20 new employees as the plant ramps up operations. Interested parties should visit to apply for open opportunities at the Advanced Manufacturing Operations Center.

The Facility Will Initially Produce Telematics to Support Road Ready Growth
The Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Plant has begun operations, and DAVCO anticipates that the facility will be fully operational by this winter. Initially, the plant will manufacture electronics hardware for Road Ready advanced telematics, a Clarience Technologies subsidiary. Road Ready, which provides advanced telematics solutions for commercial transportation, has seen rapid growth over the last year. By consolidating manufacturing at the new Michigan plant, a dedicated team will assemble Road Ready telematics hardware effectively. Road Ready manufacturing encompasses all Road Ready hardware, mobile communications units, smart bridge integrators, and Road Ready-exclusive sensors. As connected vehicle technologies evolve into the digital backbone for electric and driverless vehicles, Road Ready anticipates that demand for their solutions will continue to grow.

DAVCO Maintains a Strong Customer Focus as Commercial Vehicles Become Electric
While DAVCO has always been focused on offering solutions for diesel engines, the company's reputation extends beyond any particular technology. The organization has prospered due to a laser-like concentration on consumers—listening to them, identifying their needs, and delivering solutions with a laser-like focus. This approach has benefited customers by continuously providing goods that are continuously built to the highest quality standards, with the support that exceeds expectations.

As commercial transportation adopts electric vehicle technology in the coming years, DAVCO believes that their long-standing customer focus will enable them to embrace a broader role—that of an experienced customer partner armed with the right tools that will allow them to deliver more agile and scalable solutions. This is why the company's skills are being expanded to encompass innovative electronic solutions. For DAVCO, engaging with customers and delivering more adaptable solutions will make the company indispensable as the industry receives hands-on instruction as electric car adoption increases.

With numerous electric vehicles now in development, manufacturers actively collaborate with their suppliers to finalize product designs. When demand picks up, businesses will rely heavily on their supply chains to deliver what is required to scale production. Vehicles constructed on new technology will require a slew of new components, many of which will come from suppliers that have never worked in the commercial transportation industry before. DAVCO views this as an opportunity to harness its extensive industry experience, which will benefit OEMs significantly.

The dramatic fluctuations in vehicle demand experienced in the North American commercial vehicle market-unlike anything seen in any other industry-will only be amplified by electric vehicles." "We believe customers will take solace in the fact that we understand what's required as these fluctuations occur," said Beegle.

Clarience Technologies: Industry-Leading Brands Prepared for the Future of Transportation
Clarience Technologies was founded in 2020 to lead and thrive in the transportation industry's future. Its brands include LED smart lighting, safety and alarm components, and advanced telematics. Each brand is a market leader in the markets they serve. Clarience Technologies, as the parent business, offers best-in-class capabilities, worldwide size, and a daring vision built on a desire to help present and future clients.

By recognizing the influence that emerging technologies will have on transportation, the Clarience team established itself as a new firm dedicated to developing more practical applications for these transformative technologies.

"As global transportation faces significant changes as new technologies take hold, customers are turning to those who have remained a step ahead of what's on the horizon,Clarience Technologies was formed to help ensure these well-known transportation brands would be around well into the future."

-Brian Kupchella, CEO of Clarience Technologies.

Additionally, company officials have developed strong relationships with several prestigious universities, including Michigan State University and Lawrence Technological University in Michigan and Carnegie-Mellon University, and Penn State Behrend in Pennsylvania, which serve as critical enablers for future innovations. Similarly, with the DAVCO Advanced Manufacturing Operations Center located just minutes from downtown Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan, the firm envisions this facility eventually increasing relationships with the university and the greater Ann Arbor community.


Manufacturing remains one of the largest industries despite the rise of online services and virtual currencies. Manufacturing involves the processing of raw materials into finished products and necessitates the use of various heavy equipment during operation, which puts operators at risk while performing their job. Due to the high-risk nature of its activities, manufacturing safety is as important as, if not more than, having a high-quality product.


Manufacturing remains one of the largest industries despite the rise of online services and virtual currencies. Manufacturing involves the processing of raw materials into finished products and necessitates the use of various heavy equipment during operation, which puts operators at risk while performing their job. Due to the high-risk nature of its activities, manufacturing safety is as important as, if not more than, having a high-quality product.

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53% of manufacturing organisations say that cyber attacks are vulnerable to operational technology.

prnewswire | November 17, 2020

TrapX Security, the worldwide pioneer in Deception-based digital guard arrangements, has today delivered discoveries of an exploration review in organization with the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). The overview asked 150 digital and IT experts legitimately associated with security methodology, control and activities inside assembling associations about their current and future concerns. The exploration discoveries highlight an industry whose security groups are seeing the data innovation (IT) and operational innovation (OT) conditions meeting at a fast movement. However fabricating associations are battling to shield OT resources as they are utilizing similar devices to defend their IT framework as they are for OT. Therefore, IT groups can't stay aware of developing volumes of security information or the expanding number of security alarms. They do not have the correct degree of perceivability and danger insight examination and don't have the correct staff and abilities to deal with the cybersecurity outstanding task at hand. Subsequently, business tasks are being disturbed and digital danger is expanding as the greater part of the assembling associations studied have encountered some kind of cybersecurity episode on their OT frameworks over the most recent a year taking weeks or months to remediate. IT and OT Convergence Best Practice for Manufacturers Assembling associations have enormous and developing interests in IT and OT innovation, helping them accomplish more spry business measures. As the exploration uncovers, IT and OT mix is quick turning into a best practice. Almost half (49%) of associations state that IT and OT framework are firmly coordinated while another 45% case that there is some reconciliation. This reconciliation will just increment as 77% of respondents expect further IT and OT framework intermingling later on. Nonetheless, just 41% percent of associations utilize an IT security group with committed OT authorities, while 32% depend on their IT security group alone to ensure OT resources. 58% use network innovation strategies like IP reaches, VLANs, or microsegmentation to section IT and OT network traffic. Just about one-quarter (24%) of associations basically utilize one regular organization for IT and OT interchanges, diminishing the perceivability and reaction needed for OT-centered assaults. Regular devices and staff may bode well, however conveying a plenty of IT security advances to get ready for the particular dangers of OT leaves IT groups ill-equipped and powerless against assault. As outlined through this exploration, IT groups are consistently overpowered by the developing volumes of security information, perceivability holes, and an absence of staff and aptitudes. Groups Overwhelmed by Volumes of Security Data Security groups are tested by the developing volumes of security information, and the expanding number of security cautions. 53% accept that their security tasks outstanding burden surpasses staff limit. furthermore, 37% conceded they should improve their capacity to change security controls. The greater part of studied associations (58%) concurred that danger location and reaction has developed more troublesome. When requested to give extra detail on the particular idea of that developing unpredictability, almost half (45%) state they are gathering and preparing greater security telemetry and 43% state that the volume of security alarms has expanded. Makers are as yet working in obscurity however with simply under half (44%) refering to developing and changing dangers as making danger location and reaction more troublesome, especially evident as danger entertainers exploit the "mist" of COVID-19. "The research illustrates a potentially dangerous imbalance between existing security controls and staff capabilities, and a need for more specialized and effective safeguards," said Jon Oltsik, ESG Senior Principal Analyst and Fellow. "Manufacturing organizations are consolidating their IT and OT environments to achieve economies of scale and enable new types of business processes. Unfortunately, this advancement carries the growing risk of disruptive cyber-attacks. While organizations have deployed numerous technologies for threat detection and response, the data indicates that they are overwhelmed by growing volumes of security data, visibility gaps, and a lack of staff and skills. Since they can't address these challenges with more tools or staff, CISOs really need to seek out more creative approaches for threat detection and response." OT Is the New Threat Vector As the IT/OT assault surface develops, security groups are spread more slender as they attempt to stay up with activities undertakings, for example, danger location, examination, episode reaction, and danger moderation. 53% concurred that their association's OT framework is powerless against some kind of digital assault, while a similar number expressed that they had just endured some sort of digital assault or other security episode in the last 12 two years that affected their OT foundation. At the point when approached what amount of time it commonly requires for their firm to recuperate from a digital assault, 47% of respondents said between multi week and one month, bringing about huge and conceivably exorbitant vacation for basic frameworks. Assembling associations come up short on the perceivability required for powerful danger recognition and reaction – particularly with respect to OT resources. Therefore, extra security multifaceted nature is unsuitable – any new speculations they make must assist them with disentangling security measures and get more out of existing devices and staff. 37% said they should improve their capacity to see vindictive OT action, 36% state they should improve their capacity to comprehend OT-centered danger knowledge and 35% accept they should improve their capacity to viably fix weak OT resources. 44% of respondents featured Deception innovation's important part in assisting with danger research (44%), and 56% said that Deception innovation can be utilized for danger discovery purposes. The greater part of the assembling associations (55%) studied use Deception innovation today, yet 44% have not made the association between Deception innovation and expanded assault perceivability. "This exploration shows that assembling associations are encountering genuine difficulties with regards to danger discovery and reaction, especially for specific OT resources that are basic for business tasks," said Ori Bach, CEO of TrapX Security. "This information, and our own experience working with trend-setters in all areas of assembling, exhibit there is a reasonable requirement for arrangements like Deception, which can improve digital guards and diminish vacation without the need to introduce specialists or upset existing security frameworks and activities." "This research shows that manufacturing organizations are experiencing real challenges when it comes to threat detection and response, particularly for specialized OT assets that are critical for business operations," said Ori Bach, CEO of TrapX Security. "This data, and our own experience working with innovators in all sectors of manufacturing, demonstrate there is a clear need for solutions like Deception, which can improve cyber defenses and reduce downtime without the need to install agents or disrupt existing security systems and operations." For additional experiences into the discoveries, download the full white paper, composed by Jon Oltsik, ESG Senior Principal Analyst. About TrapX Security TrapX Security is a pioneer and global leader in cyber Deception technology TrapX DeceptionGrid rapidly detects, deceives, and defeats advanced real-time cyber-attacks and human attackers in real-time. The DeceptionGrid provides automated, highly accurate insight into malicious activity unseen by other forms of cybersecurity. By deploying DeceptionGrid, users can create proactive security to fundamentally halt the progression of an attack. This strategy shifts the economics of cyberattacks to cost the attacker instead of the victim. TrapX Research Labs clients include several Forbes Fortune 500 commercial and government customers worldwide. Sectors include defense, healthcare, finance, energy, consumer products, and other key industries.

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Desktop Metal becomes the only publicly traded company in the world for Pure-Play Additive Manufacturing 2.0

businesswire | December 10, 2020

Work area Metal, Inc. a pioneer in large scale manufacturing and turnkey added substance fabricating arrangements, and Trine Acquisition Corp, a specific reason obtaining organization drove by Leo Hindery, Jr. what's more, HPS Investment Partners, a worldwide acknowledge speculation firm for over $60 billion in resources under administration, today declared the fruition of their recently reported business blend. The subsequent organization is named Desktop Metal, Inc. also, its normal stock and warrants are required to begin exchanging on the New York Stock Exchange under the new ticker image "DM" and "DM.WT" on December 10, 2020. The exchange was consistently affirmed by the top managerial staff of Trine and was likewise endorsed at an exceptional gathering of Trine's investors on December 8, 2020. Because of this exchange, Desktop Metal has gotten around $580 million of gross continues from Trine's trust account and simultaneous value private situations. “Today is an exciting moment and major milestone for our company and for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry at large,” said Ric Fulop, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Desktop Metal. “With a broad portfolio of solutions offering revolutionary ease-of-use and productivity for the AM industry, Desktop Metal is uniquely positioned to disrupt how parts are made across a wide range of industries. The capital raised through our transition to a publicly traded company will accelerate our global go-to-market efforts, enhance our relentless efforts in R&D, and allow us to capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunities we see over the next decade as we integrate industry-leading technology and intellectual property with strong secular growth trends around AM. We are excited to bring Desktop Metal to the public markets as the only pure play Additive Manufacturing 2.0 (AM 2.0) company and offer everyone the opportunity to invest in a company aiming to transform the manufacturing industry.” Established in 2015 with a dream to pioneer innovation that changes the manner in which parts are created through AM, Desktop Metal has immediately developed to turn into a worldwide venture offering an assorted set-up of AM arrangements. Driven by an accomplished group with profound operational and logical family, Desktop Metal has dispersion in excess of 60 nations around the globe and appropriation from driving organizations traversing an expansive cluster of enterprises, including car, customer items, mechanical computerization, clinical gadgets, aviation and safeguard. The Company's item portfolio is moored by its leader Production SystemTM P-50, which is planned to start volume business shipments in the second 50% of 2021. The P-50 is intended to accomplish print accelerates to multiple times those of heritage technologies(1), conveying a huge number of parts every day at costs serious with traditional assembling. The as of late uncovered Production System P-1 use a similar patent-forthcoming Single Pass JettingTM innovation as the P-50 and starts beginning shipments to clients in Q4 2020. Work area Metal's AM 2.0 portfolio additionally incorporates Shop SystemTM, a mid-volume, adaptable assembling arrangement intended for machine shops which started volume fabricating and worldwide shipments in Q4 2020; Studio SystemTM, an office-accommodating metal 3D printing framework for low-volume creation which has been transporting in volume internationally since 2018; and FiberTM, a ceaseless fiber composite printer, booked to start volume business shipments in Q4 2020.

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