Cognitiwe's Predictive Vision AI Platform Helps Prevent Food Waste

Cognitiwe | February 21, 2022

Cognitiwe's Predictive Vision
Cognitiwe, a new entry into the rapidly increasing artificial intelligence sector, minimizes food waste with their predictive vision AI technology.

"We will be able to instantly monitor the freshness of vegetables and fruits in supermarkets, As well as checking for freshness of produce, shelf stock, and planogram analysis, we are breathing new life into the retail sector with fraud detection.

-Cognitiwe Co-Founder Attila Algan

Additionally, our technology provides quality control and the detection of defective items in the manufacturing process. We also offer solutions for stock management, health, and safety monitoring, explained Algan, adding:We want to position ourselves as a global brand, delivering our retail and manufacturing sector-specific products, developed using advanced technology on our predictive visual AI platform. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, Cognitiwe has offices in Istanbul and Milan.

Sustainability for Retail and Manufacturing
According to the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) 2021 Food Waste Index Report, the retail sector generated 13% of the 931 million tons of food waste generated globally in 2019. "We will soon be able to use AI to reveal the environmental footprint of the retail sector's food waste that we have been able to prevent," Algan told reporters, adding further, "and thanks to data from deep learning algorithms deployed on manufacturing production lines, we will achieve materials, time and energy savings that contribute to greater sustainability". GDPR-compliant devices from Cognitiwe may be incorporated into existing IP cameras without requiring any hardware expenditure. Additionally, because it is cloud-based, they do not require server investments.

Preventing financial losses in the retail and manufacturing sector
Cognitiwe Co-Founder Mete Bayrak notes to clients, "above all, by providing real time and predictive data, we help retail and manufacturing industries to reduce risks, prevent loss, and improve quality." Bayrak added that they had added a feature to the retail product that prevents financial losses caused by mis-scan or walk-off detection at supermarket checkouts and self-service payment points but did not elaborate on the fact that a 5G mobile solution for employee health and safety is also in the pilot phase.


Coherix empowers manufacturers with precision 3D process control in line, at line speed, unleashing a bold new dimension of performance. We’re solving the complexity of sealant and adhesive dispensing, leading the way to zero defects, fewer line stoppages, less waste, less expense, and more predictable success. Enabling the lights-out-factory of the future – today.


Coherix empowers manufacturers with precision 3D process control in line, at line speed, unleashing a bold new dimension of performance. We’re solving the complexity of sealant and adhesive dispensing, leading the way to zero defects, fewer line stoppages, less waste, less expense, and more predictable success. Enabling the lights-out-factory of the future – today.

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