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CMTC's Business Improvement Services Assist a Pet Product Manufacturer in Restoring Revenue to Pre-pandemic Levels

CMTC's Business Improvement
California Manufacturing Technology Consulting® (CMTC) recently offered business improvement services to assist Jax & Bones in developing strategies for significant development and developing a future roadmap.

Jax & Bones designs and manufactures luxury pet goods in the United States, utilizing sustainable materials and high-end design. The environmentally conscious company specializes in luxurious dog bedding and durable dog toys and accessories. All Jax & Bones bedding and fabric accessories are handcrafted in the company's Los Angeles manufacturing facility.

Jax & Bones had grown steadily since its inception in 2004, but the COVID-19 epidemic posed substantial obstacles, resulting in income losses. As a result, the owner approached CMTC for assistance in realigning the company's goals and streamlining processes to reclaim market share and revenue levels before the pandemic.

CMTC offered business improvement services that included a goal-setting session with the full Jax & Bones team, weekly leadership coaching with the company's owner, and an operational review to facilitate business expansion and collaborations. CMTC collaborated with the Jax & Bones team to develop a five-year development strategy that included staff cross-training and career path creation. Additionally, CMTC assisted management in recruiting and hiring a sales director, reworking costing sheets, and increasing the minimum salary.

As a result of CMTC's ongoing support, troubleshooting, and team development, Jax & Bones anticipates a 200 percent increase in sales, $200,000 in retained sales, and $15,000 in information systems and workforce practices. Additionally, Jax & Bones anticipates creating 7-10 additional employment next year. Contact Rachel Miller at or 310-984-0096 for further information about CMTC's company enhancement services.