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BYD and Nuro Partner to Develop an All-Electric Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

BYD | January 18, 2022

BYD and Nuro Partner
On January 17, BYD Co., Ltd. announced collaboration with renowned autonomous vehicle manufacturer Nuro to commence mass production of the company's third-generation electric autonomous delivery vehicle. The cooperation is projected to expand Nuro's cheap, environmentally friendly, and convenient services to millions of consumers nationwide.

"BYD will leverage the manufacturing capacity of our Lancaster plant by finishing assembly of globally sourced hardware components to support Nuro and bring more jobs to the community,Together we will build this autonomous delivery vehicle, with the mutual goal of creating a safer environment on streets across the United States."

-Stella Li, Executive Vice President of BYD Co. Ltd. and President of BYD North America

This news follows Nuro's $600 million Series D fundraising round, headed by Tiger Global Management with participation from additional investors and concluded in Q4 2021.

Nuro's third-generation autonomous delivery truck, which will combine the superior technology of both partners, will have a larger payload and enhanced safety features. With twice the cargo capacity of Nuro's existing R2 model, the automotive production-grade vehicle will also have modular storage inserts and new temperature-controlled chambers to keep items warm or cold. In addition, external airbags provide additional protection for pedestrians outside the car, as does a multi-modal sensor suite comprised of cameras, radars, lidar, and thermal cameras that create a redundant 360-degree picture of the world.

Nuro was formed in 2016 by Jiajun Zhu and Dave Ferguson, two former Google self-driving vehicle team lead engineers. Nuro has deployed two generations of autonomous cars, initiated delivery services with industry heavyweights such as Domino's, Kroger, and 7-Eleven, and announced a multi-year relationship with FedEx.

"BYD is one of the largest OEM networks of electric vehicles in the world, and we are thrilled to partner with them to help us move one step closer to scaled commercial operations,  At our new facility here in America, we look forward to transforming the hardware components of BYD’s globally sourced electric vehicle platform into innovative autonomous vehicles capable of operating on public roads at our new facility. Through our partnership with BYD, we plan to produce autonomous vehicles at a scale that can improve road safety, air quality, and overall access to goods."

-Jiajun Zhu, Nuro co-founder, and CEO

As a market leader in the NEV sector, BYD has pioneered several electrification technologies. BYD is collaborating with Nuro on vehicle development, manufacture, and early vehicle testing and providing hardware such as the Blade Battery, electric motors, electronic controllers, and displays for human-machine interfaces. Nuro is a technology platform that includes autonomous driving, control modules, and sensors. BYD will complete the construction of the hardware platform in its Lancaster, California, factory using components purchased from around the world. Nuro will subsequently finish the vehicle production process by installing and testing the autonomous technologies required operating the platform at the company's new facility in southern Nevada.


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Telit Cinterion and Nestlé Brazil Partner on Private 5G for Industry 4.0 Factory Automation

PR Newswire | August 24, 2023

Telit Cinterion, a global enabler of the intelligent edge, today announced completion of a successful proof-of-concept trial of private 5G for factory automation. Conducted in partnership with Nestlé Brazil, the trial showcases why and how manufacturers are increasingly making 5G a foundational component of their Industry 4.0 transformation strategies. Many manufacturers are considering or already implementing 5G, including private 5G networks, a global trend that will be worth $109 billion by 2030. Nestlé conducted the trial at Parque Tecnologico São José dos Campos, a government-sponsored research park where it is one of the resident companies exploring next-generation technologies and business processes. The trial focused on how Nestlé could use 5G to connect autonomous manufacturing robots and automated guided vehicles at their plants like the one in Caçapava, Brazil. The trial used the Telit Cinterion 5G FT980-WW evaluation kit, which features the FN980 module. Based on the 3GPP Rel. 15 standard, the FN980m supports all major 5G frequency bands, giving private networks maximum deployment flexibility. The Nestlé trial focused on the use of sub-6 GHz spectrum. "Telit Cinterion has been a partner of Nestlé since we began conducting the first tests using 5G technology at Nestlé's Innovation and Technology Center (CIT) at the São José dos Campos Technology Park. We are very pleased with this unprecedented joint work, which is so important for the national industry," explained Gustavo Moura, Digital Transformation Program Manager for Operations at Nestlé Brazil. "Nestlé Brazil is one of several recent Latin America 5G factory automation trials that Telit Cinterion has been part of, which shows that manufacturers across the region see 5G as key for ensuring the success of their Industry 4.0 migration," said Neset Yalcinkaya, SVP Sales Americas at Telit Cinterion. "This successful trial also is the latest example of how manufacturers, systems integrators, and others turn to Telit Cinterion for private 5G factory automation and PoC trials." About Telit Cinterion Telit Cinterion is a global enabler of the intelligent edge providing complete solutions that reduce time to market and costs, delivering custom designed, ready for market connected devices in addition to maintaining the industry's broadest portfolio of enterprise-grade wireless communication and positioning modules, cellular MVNO connectivity plans and management services, edge-cloud software and data orchestration, and IoT and Industrial IoT platforms. As the largest western provider pioneering IoT innovation, Telit Cinterion delivers award-winning and highly secure IoT solutions, modules and services for the industry's top brands.

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Continental and Google Cloud Partner to Drive Automotive Advancements

Continental | September 11, 2023

Google Cloud and Continental collaborate to transform the automotive industry with cutting-edge AI-driven solutions. Integration of Conversational AI redefines in-car voice assistants for enhanced user experiences. The partnership promises accelerated innovation and cost reductions for Automotive OEMs as well as a safer, more efficient, and highly connected future. Google Cloud and Continental have joined forces to revolutionize the automotive industry. By merging Continental's automotive expertise with Google's data and AI capabilities, the two companies aim to create cutting-edge, user-centric automotive solutions. Their initial focus is redefining automotive voice assistants by integrating Google Cloud's Conversational AI into Continental's Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer (HPC) with Android Automotive OS. Philipp von Hirschheydt, Head of the Automotive Group Sector and Executive Board Member of Continental, said, "By working with Google Cloud, we can accelerate our innovation and enhance our solutions for the software-defined vehicle. This collaboration will help our customers to reduce costs, improve efficiency, flexibility, and increase value for all." [Source – Cision PR Newswire] The solutions were showcased at IAA MOBILITY 2023 in Munich, introducing innovative ways for passengers to communicate with their vehicles using natural language powered by generative AI. Continental's Smart Cockpit HPC ensures efficient system performance and reduced costs for automakers, paving the way for enhanced in-car connectivity and user experiences. Behshad Behzadi, VP of Engineering at Google Cloud GenAI, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with Continental, highlighting its significant potential. He also mentioned that the collaboration with Continental would enable the integration of Conversational AI technologies into vehicles, streamlining the process for automotive companies to harness Generative AI and develop innovative passenger experiences in cars. This partnership promises accelerated innovation, paving the way for safer, more efficient, and highly connected automotive solutions. Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) stand to gain significant cost reductions through streamlined processes, reduced complexity, and shorter development timelines, ultimately expediting the introduction of cutting-edge products. Furthermore, this collaboration is poised to enhance the overall user experience, benefiting drivers and passengers as they embrace the future of automotive technology and connectivity.

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Pelican Invests In American Manufacturing By Building The Largest Injection Molding Machine In The Western U.S.

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Pelican Products, Inc., the global leader in rugged, mission-critical protective cases, coolers, and lights doubles down on its commitment to American jobs with a significant investment in its California-based factory. The Company recently fired up what's believed to be the largest injection molder in the Western United States. Nicknamed "Thor," and equipped with 3000 tons of clamp pressure, the machine can pump out a new Pelican case every 209 seconds. Thor now out-muscles "Colossus," who, at 1800 tons, has become Pelican's 2nd biggest machine out of 23 on the factory floor. "Made in the USA" has been a cornerstone of the Pelican brand since 1976 and, according to Kevin Miniard, Pelican's Chief Operating Officer, it remains a high priority. "Pelican is a global leader in protective cases—our products are sold around the world. Still, we work hard to keep the majority of our production and our workforce here in the U.S. The investment in Thor demonstrates that commitment—as well as our non-stop drive toward innovative solutions." Thor will accelerate Pelican's production capabilities by enabling the creation of larger cases at a faster pace, while maintaining the brand's renowned quality, and durability standards. Thor will generate several products, including the 1755 Air Case, as well as the V730, V770, and V800 Vault Cases, and other long cases. Thor features six chambers, designed to accommodate colored materials for efficient and seamless changes during the manufacturing process. This cutting-edge technology paves the way for new possibilities, allowing Pelican to meet evolving market demands. The scale of the build required the implementation of a custom crane and new infrastructure to facilitate the installation. About Pelican Products Pelican Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases, temperature-controlled packaging solutions, advanced portable lighting systems and rugged gear for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Their products are used by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire safety, law enforcement, defense / military, aerospace, life sciences, industrial, entertainment, and in numerous outdoor markets. Pelican™ products are designed and built to last a lifetime. The company operates in 27 countries, with 23 international sales offices and eleven manufacturing facilities around the globe. In Europe, the company does business under the name Peli Products, S.LU. and the division that manufactures temperature-controlled packaging for the healthcare industry does business worldwide under the brand Peli BioThermal. For more information, visit

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