Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator, North America's first Industry 4.0 accelerator, has Announced an Investment in the Detroit-based Andonix

Andonix and Automation Alley | June 30, 2021

Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator, North America's first Industry 4.0 accelerator, has Announced an Investment in the Detroit-based Andonix
The Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator, the nation's first Industry 4.0-specific accelerator, has announced its most recent direct investment in a startup business focused on using Industry 4.0 technology in Michigan's manufacturing ecosystem. Andonix, based in Detroit, received the investment. The company developed the Safely Pass app in 2020 to provide organizations with tools to digitally monitor workplace safety and health, including the daily staff screenings required for essential manufacturing employers during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Automation Alley Executive Director and CEO Tom Kelly made the announcement.

Andonix creates software solutions to bring frontline workers into the digital era to improve efficiency, machine productivity, quality, and safety compliance and assist businesses in moving toward the elimination of paper-based processes. Before developing Safely Pass, the firm created the Smart Work Station platform, which uses current technologies to quickly onboard and educate industrial workers. Addressing one of the most significant problems faced by industrial companies—the unconnected frontline labor force Work Station helps manage several ongoing issues, such as long training periods, turnover, machine asset underutilization, and scrap, which can cost millions of dollars operational inefficiencies each year.

The Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator is led by Automation Alley, Michigan's Industry 4.0 Knowledge Center. It is run in collaboration with Lawrence Technological University's Centrepolis Accelerator and Jackson-based Lean Rocket Lab. Startups worldwide compete to be a part of the accelerator because of the comprehensive training, education, and visibility that the accelerator provides both internally and via corporate partners. The accelerator works with global entrepreneurs to help them establish momentum in Michigan's manufacturing ecosystem and bring innovative innovations to market.

Andonix will receive a total investment of $110,000 from partner companies in the capital, programming, and contractual services; this is the biggest investment presently available from any Industry 4.0 accelerator in the world. While most accelerators are linked to a single major corporate funding partner, the Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator exposes its participating companies to over 20 corporate partners, including OEMs, Tier One, and Tier 2 suppliers.

The Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator program was launched in 2020, with $1.3 million in funding provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC). Early-stage businesses seeking to commercialize products, services, or technology in the Industry 4.0 industry can now access funding. The first investment was made in Autaza in October 2020, a business that focuses on using Industry 4.0 technologies, such as AI and computer vision, on automating quality inspection procedures for vehicle paint, automobile bodies, aircraft, glass, and surfaces (virtually). The accelerator has received over 300 submissions from companies in over 30 countries and now supports more than 25 startups at different stages.

About Automation Alley

Automation Alley is a World Economic Forum Advanced Manufacturing Hub and a non-profit Industry 4.0 information center with a global and regional perspective. To drive Michigan's economy and accelerate innovation, we promote public-private partnerships by linking industry, education, and government. Our programs provide companies with a competitive edge by assisting them at each stage of their digital transformation journey. We are obsessed with disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and automation. We work hard to make these difficult ideas simpler for companies to understand and execute.

About Andonix

Andonix provides a reliable, resilient, and scalable digital work instruction and communications platform to frontline automotive employees. By placing Andon Cord functionality in the hands of frontline employees, the Smart Work Station enhances the production process's safety, productivity, and efficiency. The Smart Work Station, based on the lean manufacturing pillars of continuous improvement, visibility, and standardization, enhances worker training, process deployment, and monitoring via multimedia-rich standard operating procedures and checklists. The Safely Pass app expedites and simplifies workplace safety and OSHA compliance while providing businesses with the ability to connect and communicate with frontline employees directly. Andonix uses the cloud and low-cost smart devices to improve operational performance with an easy-to-use, scalable, and quick-to-implement platform. Powerful data analytics provides insights into people and process performance.


HiETA Technologies specialise in the end-to-end design and manufacture of metal 3d printed components.  World class thermal engineering technology, inspired and enabled by additive manufacturing. Our product portfolio includes high and low temperature heat exchangers, turbo machinery as well as hybrid titanium carbon space frame structures and waste heat recovery systems.

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Mobile Industrial Robots | December 07, 2021

Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) market leader Mobile Industrial Robots A/S (MiR) and a major material handling equipment manufacturer, Logitrans A/S, have entered a strategic collaboration to build autonomous pallet jacks. Designed to fill a gap in the market for safely, efficiently, and autonomously lifting pallets directly from the ground, the autonomous pallet jack will combine MiR’s autonomous navigation and software capabilities with the functionality of electric pallet jacks developed by Logitrans over the last 80 years. The companies plan to develop a new range of autonomous pallet jacks that will supplement MiR’s current heavy-payload mobile robots, which can transport pallets and goods smoothly and safely among people and other transport equipment in dynamic surroundings. MiR’s existing robots can pick-up pallets from specially designed pallet racks, and many MiR customers are requesting AMRs that can pick-up and deliver pallets from the ground. The collaboration enables both MiR and Logitrans to meet customer demands while also creating many new business opportunities in an emerging market. Our mission has always been to transform the way companies handle internal logistics so they can be more productive and competitive—and this new initiative is another giant step forward in doing so. Combining our software competencies with Logitrans’ decades of hardware knowledge will help us to quickly fill this gap so that we can support our customers throughout their entire value chain. Søren E. Nielsen, president of MiR. New Solution Expands AMR and Pallet Jack Capabilities to Cover Most Intralogistics Needs MiR and Logitrans plan to make a fully automated and a semi-automated autonomous pallet jack to fulfill different needs in the logistics processes. The long-term and strategic initiative of establishing new business areas and products for both MiR and Logitrans leverage the high-quality hardware equipment of Logitrans and the same advanced navigation technology and sophisticated fleet software as MiR’s traditional AMRs. About Mobile Industrial Robots A/S Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) develops and markets the industry’s most advanced line of collaborative and safe autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which enable companies to quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage internal logistics and free employees for higher-value activities. Hundreds of mid-sized through large multinational manufacturers and logistics centers, along with several hospitals around the world, have installed MiR’s innovative robots. As the global market leader, MiR has a distribution network in more than 60 countries, with regional offices in New York, San Diego, Singapore, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Tokyo and Shanghai. Founded by experienced Danish robotics industry professionals, MiR is headquartered in Odense, Denmark, and owned by Teradyne, a leading supplier of automated test equipment. About Logitrans A/S Logitrans A/S develops, manufactures and sells material handling equipment and is one of the world leaders in customized ergonomic handling solutions, highlifters and stainless products for the food and the pharmaceutical industry. Logitrans has 75 employees in Denmark, 55 in China and 5 in the USA, and more than 95% of the products are sold through dealers in more than 55 countries. Especially stainless products, custom-built products and small product series are manufactured in Denmark. Larger series and less complex products are manufactured in China.

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KX and Telit Partner to Deliver End-to-End Industrial Analytics Platform for Microsecond Decision Making in the Manufacturing Sector

KX, Telit | October 05, 2021

KX, a worldwide leader in real-time streaming analytics, today announced that it has partnered with Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), to deliver an end-to-end, enterprise-grade industrial analytics platform that combines KX's real-time streaming analytics capabilities with Telit's deviceWISE® Industrial IoT platform. The partnership enables true, in-the-moment microsecond decision making by bringing together acknowledged leaders in low-latency connectivity and analytics. In one integrated solution, customers have both the unrivalled connectivity and simplicity of Telit's deviceWISE IoT platform and the power of KX's streaming analytics technology. Already deployed at a large manufacturing site in Europe, the joint solution enables manufacturers to significantly enhance operational performance by applying advanced AI models to all production data regardless of type of machine or format of data. This integration of operational technology with IT systems allows for a deeper, richer understanding of the manufacturing process enabling automation of quality control processes and the delivery of preventive and predictive maintenance programs. "Modern manufacturing organizations are seeing a huge increase in data, coming at them at speed, and the need to gain a truer understanding of the manufacturing process in real-time has never been greater," says Przemek Tomczak, SVP IoT and Utilities at KX. "Combining Telit's unrivalled ability to connect enterprise systems to industrial machines and sensors, and our market-leading streaming analytics capabilities, we can help customers predict operational issues, automate key decisions and significantly improve operational performance." The award-wining Telit deviceWISE IoT Platform is a complete, data-centric IoT platform with pre-built device drivers, connectivity management tools and application connectors that enable development teams to focus on building apps, not infrastructure, and make systems work together the way their customers want. Powerful capabilities integrate with connected factories and connected machines to give teams total flexibility in how data is collected, where it is sent and how their solution responds to data based on events and changing conditions throughout deployment – whether in the Cloud, on premise or at the edge. With deviceWISE, legacy and modern devices work together without custom coding, regardless of the different protocols they may use. With KX and Telit, systems integrators and manufacturers can implement a full-stack streaming analytics IoT platform. Leveraging data and analytics provides the insights needed to respond quickly to either bring on additional resources or tighten process controls to increase productivity,Data intelligence is critical in driving actionable insights to make informed business strategies, goals and decisions. Ricardo Buranello, Head of Platforms Business Unit, Telit. The market opportunity for the joint solution is considerable. The Industrial Analytics Market is valued at USD 13.60 billion and expected to reach USD 36.73 billion by 2026. With data volumes growing exponentially - Industry analyst firm IDC estimates that enterprise-related sensor data is growing at 40% per annum and will soon surpass all other data types - this joint offering answers demand from customers looking to accelerate time to deployment and value from their industrial automation strategies. About KX KX, the leading technology for real-time continuous intelligence, is part of FD Technologies plc, a group of data-driven businesses that unlock the value of insight, hindsight and foresight to drive organizations forward. KX Streaming Analytics, built on the kdb+ time-series database, is an industry leading high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence platform. It delivers the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications across multiple industries. The Group operates from 15 offices across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific and employs more than 2,500 people worldwide. About Telit Telit simplifies onboarding of connected 'things' with a portfolio of enterprise-grade wireless communication and positioning modules; cellular MVNO connectivity plans and management services; edge and cloud software; and data orchestration, IoT and Industrial IoT platforms. With over two decades of pioneering IoT innovation experience, Telit delivers award-winning, secure, integrated IoT solutions for many of the world's largest enterprises, OEMs, system integrators and service providers, so they can connect and manage IoT at any scale.

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Global AI in Manufacturing Market Size Expected to Rise Owing to Increasing Demand for Collaborative Robots

Fortune Business Insights | October 05, 2020

The global AI in manufacturing market size is expected to rise owing to the increasing demand for collaborative robots and the growing semiconductor industry. According to Fortune Business Insights, its latest report, titled “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Manufacturing Market Size, Share & COVID-19 Impact Analysis, By Offering (Hardware, Software, and Services), By Technology (Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Context Awareness), By Application (Process Control, Production Planning, Predictive Maintenance & Machinery Inspection, Logistics and Inventory Management, Quality Management, and Others), By Industry (Automotive, Medical Devices, Semiconductor &Electronics, Energy & Power, Heavy Metal & Machine Manufacturing, and Others), and Regional Forecast, 2020-2027.”, observes that the market will hit USD 9.89 Billion by 2027 while exhibiting a promising 24.2% CAGR between 2020 and 2027. This market is expected to witness substantial growth owing to the COVID-19 impact and hence the 2020-2027 CAGR is high/very high, as a large section of the industry would look to adopt AI in order to automate the operation with less human intervention.

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HiETA Technologies specialise in the end-to-end design and manufacture of metal 3d printed components.  World class thermal engineering technology, inspired and enabled by additive manufacturing. Our product portfolio includes high and low temperature heat exchangers, turbo machinery as well as hybrid titanium carbon space frame structures and waste heat recovery systems.