Aptean Launches Integrated CRM and Industrial Manufacturing ERP

Aptean | October 04, 2021

Aptean, a global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, announced the launch of a new integrated offering joining its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Made2Manage Edition. The integration of the CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will enable customers to centralize data and decrease the likelihood of errors that can result from switching between platforms.

In the industrial manufacturing industry, buyer journeys can be complex. To effectively nurture relationships, industrial manufacturers need a CRM that can store customer interactions at every touchpoint, over time, in one central location. Aptean’s integrated CRM and Industrial Manufacturing ERP helps manufacturers improve their customer service by creating an easier way to access customer data as well as orders, timelines, complaints and follow-ups.

The integrated CRM and ERP solution is cloud-based and delivers benefits, including:
  • Ability to monitor and store all customer interactions in one central location accessible to all internal stakeholders regardless of device or location.
  • Access to rich marketing campaign performance and sales lead data that can help production anticipate demand to forecast schedules and maintain optimized inventory levels.
  • Improved customer experience and relationships, streamlined internal processes and enhanced productivity.

Growing and serving a manufacturing business requires unique processes and data,With this new integration between Aptean CRM and Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP Made2Manage Edition, we’ve delivered a much more efficient and effective way to help our customers in this important sector maximize efficiencies, gain holistic views of data and improve customer experience and service levels.

Marianne Chikos, Senior Vice President of Customer Operations at Aptean

About Aptean
Aptean is one of the world’s leading providers of purpose-built, industry-specific software that helps manufacturers and distributors effectively run and grow their businesses. With both cloud and on-premise deployment options, Aptean’s products, services and unmatched expertise help businesses of all sizes to be Ready for What’s Next, Now®. Aptean is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia and has offices in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


It’s no surprise that the acceleration of regulatory complexity is increasing manufacturers’ risk of being negatively impacted by sales and use tax compliance in ways that can hinder their growth.


It’s no surprise that the acceleration of regulatory complexity is increasing manufacturers’ risk of being negatively impacted by sales and use tax compliance in ways that can hinder their growth.

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For Magic Leap 2, Infineon and Pmdtechnologies Have Developed 3d Depth-sensing Technology

pmdtechnologies | May 31, 2022

Augmented reality (AR) applications are on the verge of revolutionizing how we live and work. Magic Leap, the AR pioneer, is set to unveil its newest AR device, the Magic Leap 2, later this year. The Magic Leap 2 will be one of the most immersive enterprise AR headsets on the market, having been designed exclusively for business use. Thanks to industry-leading optics and fast computers in an ergonomic form, Magic Leap 2 will enable operators to operate more efficiently, help firms streamline complicated processes, and allow staff to effortlessly communicate. One of the most important parts of Magic Leap 2 is the 3D indirect-Time-of-Flight (iToF) depth sensing technology, which was made by Infineon Technologies AG and pmdtechnologies ag. Magic Leap 2 features the REAL3TM 3D Image Sensor. The IRS2877C Time-of-Flight imager records the physical environment surrounding the user, allowing the gadget to understand and interact with it. The VGA resolution of the 3D imager makes it possible to find many different things in great detail. Infineon and pmd's Time-of-Flight technology generate a precise 3D mapping of the environment as well as a 3D image of faces, hand details, or objects in real-time. With this breakthrough, the Magic Leap 2 will be able to interact with its surroundings more accurately. In addition, the sensor allows Magic Leap 2 users to use better gesture controls. The 3D sensor was enhanced by Infineon and pmd to reduce power consumption, reduce heat, and extend the battery life of the Magic Leap 2. “Sensing the environment precisely and in real-time is key for augmented reality applications. Magic Leap 2 will provide an even more immersive user experience. These superior functionalities will help to connect the physical and digital world even more seamlessly.” Magic Leap CTO, Julie Green “We have introduced our 3D imager technology in a professional environment, where precision and reliability are life-saving features,” said Andreas Urschitz, Division President Power & Sensor Systems and designated CMO at Infineon. New augmented and mixed reality applications for healthcare and industry will be enabled by the latest 3D time-of-flight technologies. It is about to drastically alter the way we live and work.

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UiPath Announces CIO Automation Council to Identify Trends and Advance Democratization of Automation

UiPath | July 12, 2022

UiPath (NYSE: PATH), a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced its inaugural CIO Automation Council comprised of pioneering and innovative CIOs from across industries. Together with leaders from UiPath, the CIO Automation Council endeavors to accelerate automation maturity through sharing best practices; identify new business objectives and market needs for automation; and establish industry benchmarks and provide input to guide industry regulation. The Council is part of UiPath’s broader focus around the CIO, including a CIO Industry Practice dedicated to delivering value to CIOs through education, networking, and thought leadership. “The CIO Automation Council is designed to deepen relationships that help propel the automation industry and strengthen the CIO’s influence both within and outside their organization, The CIO Council members are visionary leaders who will contribute tremendous insights that will directly benefit their peers. We are taking an outcome-based approach to help CIOs realize the possibilities of automation to solve complex enterprise challenges.” -Bobby Patrick, Chief Marketing Officer at UiPath. CIOs are critical decision makers on enterprise solutions and are responsible for maximizing return on technology investments. While CIOs pursue digital modernization, reducing technical debt, and enhancing IT governance and security, they are also facing macroeconomic conditions such as inflation, supply chain disruption, and labor shortages that add difficulty to their roles. In fact, a recent UiPath survey of business executives revealed 78% are very or somewhat likely to invest more in automation to offset the impact of the labor shortage. In addition, a report by IDC predicts that by next year, 60% of CIOs will be primarily measured for their ability to co-create new business models and outcomes through extensive enterprise and ecosystem-wide collaboration. Among the topics the CIO Automation Council will seek to address are expanding and strengthening citizen development and communicating with workers to identify new automations; improving the employee experience through automation to retain talent and attract new talent; and understanding how low code and AI capabilities can take on more advanced use cases with high business impact. The members of the CIO Automation Council include: Vincent Melvin, Arrow Technologies Fumbi Chima, BECU Scott Kessler, BJ's Wholesale Club Steve McMahon, CrowdStrike Lutz Beck, Daimler Truck NAFTA Robert Barrios, E. & J. Gallo Winery Tim Dickson, Generac Power Systems Rajan Kumar, Intuit Leslie Sequeira, Patrick Industries Dr. Zafar Chaudry, Seattle Children's William S. Kehoe, State of Washington Sriram Sitaraman, Synopsys Ryan Kean, Total Quality Logistics Shawnna DelHierro, Visionworks Steve Miller, Xerox Join the UiPath Automation Council members along with other automation leaders and experts at the largest global gathering of automation professionals by registering for UiPath FORWARD 5. About UiPath- UiPath has a vision to deliver the Fully Automated Enterprise™, one where companies use automation to unlock their greatest potential. UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities that enable every organization to rapidly scale digital business operations.

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Embraer Signs an Agreement with Toyota to Increase the Efficiency of its Manufacturing System

Embraer | July 01, 2022

Embraer has signed a contract with Toyota do Brasil to incorporate Toyota Production System (TPS) principles and concepts into its manufacturing operations. The initiative aims to reduce waste, improve operational efficiency, and generate more value for stakeholders. During the first phase of this collaboration, a team of Toyota Brazil TPS specialists will immerse themselves in Embraer's daily operations to evaluate and suggest improvements for the company's main manufacturing area at the Ozires Silva Unit in So José dos Campos, So Paulo. "Bringing Toyota to execute this work reinforces Embraer's commitment to focus on business excellence and sustainable growth, It will be an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and accelerate the usage of the Lean philosophy in the production systems, while strengthening practices already conducted by the Embraer Enterprise Excellence Program, the P3E." -Francisco Gomes Neto, CEO of Embraer Embraer has used the Lean philosophy as a business strategy to spread P3E principles, concepts, and practices since 2007. This program is in charge of leading transformations in an integrated manner, paving the way for the entire company to take significant steps toward improving its processes. This excellence system prioritizes safety first, quality always, and on-time delivery at the lowest possible cost. Embraer, a reference in the concept of Industry 4.0, has made enormous progress at the forefront of manufacturing technologies with digital, integrated, and low environmental impact factories, with continuous process improvement and technology adaptation for people and operations. The company's goal is to become carbon neutral by 2022 and to have 100 percent of energy in Brazilian operations come from renewable sources by 2024.

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