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Ally Financial Extends Cobalt Robotics’ Services to Other Facilities

Ally Financial Extends Cobalt Robotics’ Services to Other Facilities

In yesterday’s announcement, Cobalt Robotics, the only machine learning company automating repetitive manual security and facility tasks with autonomous robots, will be providing its services to leading auto financing business with Ally Financial, a financial services firm with the largest all-digital bank in the country and an industry-leading auto financing business.

After the pandemic, Ally started using Cobalt robots for security patrols and building maintenance checks in its Charlotte, North Carolina office.

Cobalt robots are used by Ally to improve workplace security and safety. In one event, Cobalt detected significant quantities of carbon monoxide while pressure washing a protected parking structure. The robot informed the building engineers of the problem, who then alerted the Security Operations Center (SOC). In a different instance, which occurred even before complete deployment, a Cobalt robot discovered a vendor who had not been approved to be on the premises and notified the SOC. Additionally, Ally is looking at how to use the thermal camera on the robot to find space heaters that have been left on overnight and could pose a fire risk.

“Ally is a terrific example of an enterprise using our AI-powered robots to run a more cost-efficient, secure business,” said Mike LeBlanc, President and COO of Cobalt Robotics. “We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Ally and help them make their offices smarter and safer for their team members. Ally has really leveraged our robots’ current capabilities, and as those capabilities expand, we look forward to partnering with Ally in shaping the workplace of the future.”

About Cobalt Robotics

Cobolt Robotics’ unique solutions portfolio combines cutting-edge robotics, machine learning software, and qualified human oversight into one integrated solution to automate repetitive manual security and facility chores. Cobalt Robotics’ technology platform and 24/7 dedicated professional security services team enhance facility workflows, security and safety with greater predictability and efficiency at significantly lower costs, while freeing up security guards to concentrate on jobs that call for judgment, empathy, and decision-making. Mobile robots from Cobalt help businesses make their interiors smarter, safer, and more secure.