Allied Electronics & Automation Provides Industrial Control Solutions in North America

Allied Electronics & Automation | January 24, 2023 | Read time : 02:20 min

Allied Electronics & Automation Provides Industrial Control Solutions in North America

Allied Electronics & Automation is the largest authorized distributor of industrial control equipment in North America, offering over 197,000 products optimized for industrial control systems. It is a trading brand of RS Group plc, a global omni-channel product and service solutions provider.

Industrial control systems (ICS) are systems, devices, networks, and controls used to electronically operate or automate industrial processes in public utilities, manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, automotive, and transportation industries. System sizes can range from a few modular controllers to massive control systems with thousands of field connections.

Allied supports the distinct needs of different ICS with a wide range of industrial control products and a highly experienced, reliable, and responsive technical staff committed to helping customers find the right solutions for their systems.

Allied provides cable entry and exit solutions for industrial control cabinets, including ILME rectangular connectors and Mencom cable gland adapters. These solutions allow for secure wiring connections with contactors inside the cabinet (available from suppliers such as Joslyn Clark) and support high-precision machinery and equipment outside the cabinet, including linear motion technology from suppliers that include SCHNEEBERGER.

Allied's industrial control solutions include contactors, control stations, controllers, disconnect switches, electric linear actuators, electronic and mechanical counters, inductive signal couplers, machine guarding and machine safety equipment, mechanical power transmission equipment, panel meters, power outlets, power transfer switches, robots, signal conditioning and converter devices, slip rings, solenoids, and timers.

About Allied Electronics & Automation

Allied Electronics & Automation is a trading name of RS Group plc, a leading global omni-channel industrial product and service solutions supplier to customers developing, building, and maintaining industrial equipment and operations safely and sustainably. The company ships roughly 60,000 shipments daily through numerous methods to 32 countries. It assists customers throughout the product life cycle through innovation and technical support during the design phase, improved time to market and productivity during the build phase, or reduced purchasing costs and inventory optimization during the maintenance phase. The company provides customers with customized product and service offerings that are critical to the success of their businesses and help them save time and money.


5G offers businesses the opportunity to stay connected. With ultra-low latency, it is more reliable compared to 4G or Wi-fi in meeting Industry 4.0 network demands.


5G offers businesses the opportunity to stay connected. With ultra-low latency, it is more reliable compared to 4G or Wi-fi in meeting Industry 4.0 network demands.

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Sakuu Reports Successful 3D Printing of High-Performance Patterned Batteries

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