Aizon Introduces a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Predictive Maintenance Solution

Aizon | January 25, 2022

On January 24, Aizon announced the introduction of its new asset tracking tool for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Aizon Asset Health is built on Aizon's GxP-compliant AI SaaS Platform. It performs intelligent historical maintenance analysis, continuously monitors the condition of critical assets in real-time, identifies potential problems, and provides actionable maintenance recommendations to keep equipment operating at peak performance. This data-driven approach to maintenance lowers maintenance costs, minimizes unexpected downtime, and maximizes product output, thus maximizing the potential of Smart Pharma Manufacturing.

Maintaining manufacturing equipment in good operating order may be costly and inefficient. A schedule-based approach to maintenance frequently results in the wasteful repair or replacement of equipment that is still operating in acceptable conditions or the catastrophic failure of equipment owing to undiscovered faults. This might result in production interruptions, product rejection, and a longer time to market, and product compromise. That is, guaranteeing that any operation is executed correctly the first time and every time. Combining sophisticated analytics and multivariate analysis with artificial intelligence, the Aizon Asset Health program improves unexpected downtime reduction beyond today's industry standard, eventually lowering maintenance costs while increasing asset dependability and performance.

"Pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotech companies are under tremendous pressure to maximize their return on investment and to reduce unplanned downtime. However, the traditional schedule-based maintenance approach tends to fall short in terms of gaining control of downtime and the high costs associated with replacing equipment in an effort to achieve better performance, Our Asset Health application enables our customers to harness the power of their equipment and environmental data to slash maintenance costs, optimize equipment performance, enhance product output, and improve product quality."

-John Vitalie, CEO, Aizon

Monitoring Intelligent, Real-Time Assets Across Equipment and Facilities
The Aizon Asset Health application enables pharmaceutical and biotech organizations to employ predictive analytics to monitor their assets' health and receive advanced warnings on their problems based on the solution's prescriptive and conditional data-driven insights. These actionable insights enable operators and maintenance teams to respond and intervene in real-time, ensuring the continued operation of manufacturing lines. In addition, asset Health is a cloud-native application that can be expanded across various sites and regions and maintains a history and condition of every piece of equipment.

This enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations to assure total asset integrity, maintain ideal facility conditions (such as temperature, humidity, and vibration), forecast the projected life of equipment, and track the energy utilized by an asset and its CO2 emissions. Furthermore, this vital information is aggregated on a single dashboard tailored to meet every firm's particular asset care requirements.

"Demands for pharmaceutical manufacturing have never been higher. The Aizon Asset Health application helps manufacturers prevent unplanned downtime and maximize product quality and yield Aizon Asset Health taps into real-time sensor data, consolidates it, and leverages AI to generate alarms and/or actionable insights to optimize asset performance. It’s a game changer for the industry. "

-Andy Alasso, SVP Product, Aizon.


Calculating ROI has become a requirement for any corporate investment, across all business functions. Gone are the days when B2B marketers could attribute their spend to “branding.” Today, they’re being forced to provide concrete spend-to-revenue analysis to justify their investments in people, technologies – and really, every inch of their marketing efforts. So the pressure is on (and heavier than ever) for B2B marketers to make super smart decisions about where they put their money.


Calculating ROI has become a requirement for any corporate investment, across all business functions. Gone are the days when B2B marketers could attribute their spend to “branding.” Today, they’re being forced to provide concrete spend-to-revenue analysis to justify their investments in people, technologies – and really, every inch of their marketing efforts. So the pressure is on (and heavier than ever) for B2B marketers to make super smart decisions about where they put their money.

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Nexeo Plastics | December 09, 2021

Nexeo Plastics announced that it will partner with its supplier Forward AM, the brand of BASF 3D Printing Solutions, to expand access to Forward AM’s additive manufacturing materials in North America and Europe. Under this collaboration, 3D at Nexeo Plastics will carry Forward AM’s comprehensive portfolio of innovative and durable 3D printing materials, including powders, photopolymers, and plastics and metal filaments. Our company’s objective is to provide our diverse customer base with the largest variety of 3D printing materials that can meet every type of 3D printing need. This partnership with Forward AM increases our customers’ access to a large variety of quality 3D materials for large scale manufacturing and applications in the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, medical and dental markets.” Paul Tayler, president and CEO of Nexeo Plastics Ultrasint® polymer powders are developed to be used in a broad spectrum of demanding industrial applications that require cost-effective, flexible or heat resistant performances. Ultracur3D® photopolymers deliver class-leading performance ranging from flexible to ultra-tough resins. The Ultrafuse® Portfolio comprises filaments ranging from engineering-grade materials, through reinforced and support materials, to advanced metal filaments for a variety of industrial applications. Nexeo Plastics’ 3D supplier expansion is part of a continued strategy to provide a wide range of product choices, supply chain expertise, and exceptional sales and customer service to meet the demands of its 3D customers. About Nexeo Plastics and 3D at Nexeo Plastics 3D at Nexeo Plastics is part of Nexeo Plastics, a leading global thermoplastic resins distributor, representing quality products from world-class suppliers, and serving a diverse customer base across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. In the 3D Printing market, we provide expert local application and technical support, shortened lead times, smaller order quantities, and customer service through our sales team and eCommerce site, Nexeo 3D.

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Arcelik Selects AWS as Preferred Cloud Provider for ML and Analytics

Amazon Web Services, Arcelik | September 17, 2020

Today, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ: AMZN), announced that Arçelik, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household appliances, has selected AWS as its preferred cloud provider for machine learning and analytics across its entire operations. Arçelik, which owns 12 global appliance brands including Beko and Grundig, is relying on the breadth and depth of AWS services to transform itself into a data-driven organization and provide enhanced customer experiences, innovate new services, and lower costs across its operations in nearly 150 countries. By adopting AWS analytics, compute, database services, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and storage, Arçelik is gaining deeper visibility across its organization, optimizing processes related to production and quality control, and driving efficiency across all business segments, from customer care to manufacturing.

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Desktop Metal becomes the only publicly traded company in the world for Pure-Play Additive Manufacturing 2.0

businesswire | December 10, 2020

Work area Metal, Inc. a pioneer in large scale manufacturing and turnkey added substance fabricating arrangements, and Trine Acquisition Corp, a specific reason obtaining organization drove by Leo Hindery, Jr. what's more, HPS Investment Partners, a worldwide acknowledge speculation firm for over $60 billion in resources under administration, today declared the fruition of their recently reported business blend. The subsequent organization is named Desktop Metal, Inc. also, its normal stock and warrants are required to begin exchanging on the New York Stock Exchange under the new ticker image "DM" and "DM.WT" on December 10, 2020. The exchange was consistently affirmed by the top managerial staff of Trine and was likewise endorsed at an exceptional gathering of Trine's investors on December 8, 2020. Because of this exchange, Desktop Metal has gotten around $580 million of gross continues from Trine's trust account and simultaneous value private situations. “Today is an exciting moment and major milestone for our company and for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry at large,” said Ric Fulop, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Desktop Metal. “With a broad portfolio of solutions offering revolutionary ease-of-use and productivity for the AM industry, Desktop Metal is uniquely positioned to disrupt how parts are made across a wide range of industries. The capital raised through our transition to a publicly traded company will accelerate our global go-to-market efforts, enhance our relentless efforts in R&D, and allow us to capitalize on the tremendous growth opportunities we see over the next decade as we integrate industry-leading technology and intellectual property with strong secular growth trends around AM. We are excited to bring Desktop Metal to the public markets as the only pure play Additive Manufacturing 2.0 (AM 2.0) company and offer everyone the opportunity to invest in a company aiming to transform the manufacturing industry.” Established in 2015 with a dream to pioneer innovation that changes the manner in which parts are created through AM, Desktop Metal has immediately developed to turn into a worldwide venture offering an assorted set-up of AM arrangements. Driven by an accomplished group with profound operational and logical family, Desktop Metal has dispersion in excess of 60 nations around the globe and appropriation from driving organizations traversing an expansive cluster of enterprises, including car, customer items, mechanical computerization, clinical gadgets, aviation and safeguard. The Company's item portfolio is moored by its leader Production SystemTM P-50, which is planned to start volume business shipments in the second 50% of 2021. The P-50 is intended to accomplish print accelerates to multiple times those of heritage technologies(1), conveying a huge number of parts every day at costs serious with traditional assembling. The as of late uncovered Production System P-1 use a similar patent-forthcoming Single Pass JettingTM innovation as the P-50 and starts beginning shipments to clients in Q4 2020. Work area Metal's AM 2.0 portfolio additionally incorporates Shop SystemTM, a mid-volume, adaptable assembling arrangement intended for machine shops which started volume fabricating and worldwide shipments in Q4 2020; Studio SystemTM, an office-accommodating metal 3D printing framework for low-volume creation which has been transporting in volume internationally since 2018; and FiberTM, a ceaseless fiber composite printer, booked to start volume business shipments in Q4 2020.

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