A Strong Partnership between SLM Solutions and AMEXCI Accelerates Industrialization of Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing

AMEXCI | March 03, 2021

AMEXCI and SLM Solutions are ready together to accelerate the industrialization of metal-based Additive Manufacturing. AMEXCI has invested in the Selective Laser Melting machine, which is labeled as SLM500. This investment is done to achieve and to create the basis for surged productivity and part quality. The partnership aims to boost industrialization and support companies. So, that they can successfully implement Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies for serial production of complex metal parts.

On this, Edvin Resebo, CEO of AMEXCI mentions “After worked together for some time, we are delighted to take the next steps and strengthen the cooperation between AMEXCI and SLM Solutions in future. We can see technology as a strong complement alongside our existing collaborations. About the industrialization of AM, we see a growing potential in the Nordic region for the future. From an AMEXCI perspective, SLM Solutions showcases a strapping understanding of what’s important and what needs to be in place for AM as an industrial manufacturing process.”

As part of the partnership, definite case studies will also be used to evaluate Additive Manufacturing. Also, it will test the competitive industry advantages of different machines and technologies offered by SLM Solutions. Besides, AMEXCI also checks the use of the currently introduced SLM machine NXG XII 600 for industrialized series production.

Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions also mentions that AMEXCI works with a wide range of industries, especially in the Nordic region. It is a proud moment to contribute as a solution partner to support AM business cases of their customers. To provide consulting services throughout the customer's AM journey is a goal of SLM Solutions in this partnership.

The root cause for the cooperation is AMEXCI’s investment in the latest SLM500 from SLM Solutions. The machine provides features for industrial series production. As the first quad-laser system in the market, the machine is preferably suited for the rapid cost-effective production of large metal parts. The multi-laser overlap strategy with up to four 700 Watt lasers ensures enormous efficiency. The ability to change the build cylinder minimizes machine downtime, maximizes productivity, and reduces cost as well.


Behind additive manufacturing technologies lies the know-how and knowledge of qualified people on cutting-edge subjects. It is quite clear that 3D printing attracts many profiles and companies have been recruiting, but in what proportions? What are the recruiting trends in 3D printing?


Behind additive manufacturing technologies lies the know-how and knowledge of qualified people on cutting-edge subjects. It is quite clear that 3D printing attracts many profiles and companies have been recruiting, but in what proportions? What are the recruiting trends in 3D printing?

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ThinkIQ | March 02, 2022

On March 1, ThinkIQ, a pioneer of continuous intelligence across the material-centric supply chain, announced the availability of ThinkIQ Vision, which builds on its integration with Atollogy's technology for easy-to-deploy, non-intrusive Industry 4.0 solutions. Atollogy was a forward-thinking software company dedicated to making operational excellence simple and accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their patented algorithms and artificial intelligence skills have transformed the way businesses operate by automatically digitizing the physical environment and transforming it into valuable business information. Atollogy's platform automatically and continuously monitors physical assets, operators, materials, operational states, and safety processes in many industrial facilities using cameras and other non-traditional sensors. These data points are then turned into insights for managing and optimizing operations. Manufacturers today want a new degree of information that enables revolutionary decision-making throughout the manufacturing process and supply chain. Integrating Atollogy's technology into the ThinkIQ suite of solutions enhances a manufacturer's visibility into its operations and speeds the effectiveness with which people and systems respond to rapidly changing situations. "ThinkIQ is truly excited to add Atollogy's software capabilities to our growing portfolio of smart manufacturing solutions, This additional technology brings a powerful new set of edge deployment options for sensors, networks, and computers that ThinkIQ can bring to all our customers. We're thrilled to welcome the Atollogy team to the ThinkIQ family as we work together to enhance our Continuous Intelligence platform." -Doug Lawson, CEO of ThinkIQ. Joining forces with ThinkIQ gives us the ability to share our technology with more organizations across the globe," said Rob Schoenthaler, Founder and CEO of Atollogy. We share a vision to accelerate innovation, and together we will be able to help manufacturers and their supply chain partners improve their operations. We're proud of what we've accomplished through our employees' and partners' contributions, and are very excited about this next chapter. "Constant supply chain disruption has made end-to-end visibility and continuous intelligence – from raw materials to the factory floor – even more important,By integrating Atollogy's technology into the ThinkIQ suite of solutions, manufacturers will be able to further extend their continuous intelligence insights across the supply chain in a way that is much simpler and more cost-effective than existing alternatives." -John Dyck, CEO of CESMII, The Smart Manufacturing Institute ThinkIQ is the market's first platform-based continuous intelligence solution. It can be operationalized at various levels, including supply chain, product quality, process improvement, and any time-sensitive process that benefits from responding to what is happening in real-time throughout the manufacturing process. Analytics is integrated directly into operational processes, which can perform or initiate actions in response to particular circumstances being met. This includes everything from time-sensitive warnings that direct staff to the appropriate course of action to completely automated procedures that initiate downstream activities without human participation.

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Skillful Craftsman Announces a Strategic Alliance to Develop a Metaverse Platform for Smart Technical Skills Training

Skillful Craftsman | March 03, 2022

Skillful Craftsman Education Technology Ltd. ("the Company") (NASDAQ: EDTK), a provider of interactive online learning services, today announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement (the "Agreement") with Jiangsu Hibao Tech Software Co., Ltd. ("Hibao"), a provider of smart factory technology, to develop the Meta-Factory, a smart technical skills training platform. Both parties agree that they will develop Meta-Factory for the purpose of providing vocational colleges and manufacturing industry customers with multi-person collaborative and multi-scene simulation training bases that will enable them to effectively cater to the rapidly changing labor market for manufacturing factories. Hibao undertakes to offer basic manufacturing industry data, and the company agrees to be responsible for developing a virtual reality ("VR") smart operating platform and establishing vocational training centers. The Meta-Factory combines virtual reality ("VR") and augmented reality ("AR") technology with advanced immersive user interaction design to assist students in simulating the operation of each step in a smart factory and enhance their learning experience through a high-quality virtual simulation environment. With the integration of various types of production data, three-dimensional spatial data, management data, personnel data, and other static data input via sensors and networks, Meta-Factory is expected to replicate virtual factory buildings, workshops, equipment, personnel, production environments, and dynamic manufacturing processes on a full scale with three-dimensional simulation display, full range adjustment, and scene switching. The Meta-cloud-based Factory's collaborative application module enables time, data, location, production process, and personnel synchronization, enabling real-time monitoring and administration of production processes, logistics, and space, equipment, and employees. Additionally, Meta-Factory will facilitate interaction and communication amongst students in various positions. "We are very excited to cooperate with Hibao to develop our Meta-Factory by leveraging our respective advantages and have a high expectation for what Meta-Factory can bring to the vocational education industry. Building a Metaverse platform is significant for vocational students to have an immersive skills training experience that meets the trend of the industry. Following the guidelines of the Chinese government and its plan to promote vocational education, we are committed to serving students and vocational colleges with our technologies and upgraded skill training platform, helping them meet the rapid development trend of modern smart factories. The development of Meta-Factory is a significant milestone for the company to pave the way to achieve a long-term goal of providing high-quality training to students. " -Mr. Xiaofeng Gao, Chairman and Co-CEO of Skillful Craftsman This news contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements reflect our current expectations, forecasts, and predictions regarding future events.

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IIoT World | March 15, 2021

IIoT World declares subtleties on its Manufacturing Day virtual meeting on March 18, 2021. The occasion unites driving topic specialists to share bits of knowledge on their computerized change venture, through board conversations and crowd Q&A meetings. Furthermore, the online gathering makes new associations for those changemakers in Industrial IoT (IIoT) who partake. More than 5000 participants from 125+ nations are relied upon to join in. The occasion is centered around sending IIoT and Artificial Intelligence advances in assembling. "At IIoT World's Manufacturing Day, leaders in Industrial IoT will share their insights, projects, and future plans, helping to empower attendees in delivering innovative, scalable, and best-in-class digital experiences," said Lucian Fogoros, Co-Founder, IIoT-World. "Our content is targeted to C-level executives and business line leaders, engineers, plant managers, IT/OT professionals, and others with an interest in manufacturing technologies." The occasion highlights speakers from driving IIoT innovation organizations and makers including Google, Intel, Emerson, Accenture, mHub, WEF, Whirlpool, Nexteer, AREA, Guidehouse, the Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group, and some more. IIoT World's Manufacturing Day is supported by Alleantia, Canvass, Eurotech, Hitachi Vantara, HiveMQ, Fortinet, Losant, Trend Micro, UrsaLeo, Vertex, and WellAware.

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