3d systems Plans To add extrusion technology with the Titan additive LLC acquisition

3d systems | February 25, 2022

3d systems Plans To add extrusion
On February 23, 3D Systems announced the acquisition of Titan Additive LLC (Titan Robotics), a Colorado-based designer and maker of large-format industrial 3D printers. Titan Robotics, as the world leader in pellet-based polymer extrusion additive manufacturing (AM) technology and the only manufacturer offering hybrid tool head configurations, delivers solutions to its clients by building application-specific processes utilizing Titan's proprietary AM technology. Through this purchase, 3D Systems will strengthen and broaden its range of polymer additive manufacturing solutions to target new applications in foundries, consumer goods, service bureaus, transportation and motorsports, aerospace and defense, and general manufacturing.

"As the leading additive manufacturing solutions partner across industrial and healthcare markets, 3D Systems is committed to meeting the widest possible range of our customers’ AM production needs, With the addition of Titan Robotics’ unique extrusion technology, we will be able to address our customers’ needs for large build volumes, superior performance, and improved productivity at a significantly lower cost. Through the innovative modular approach of their printers and the ability to use both pellet and filament product forms in an open architecture with widely available production polymer systems, we believe the adoption rate of industrial 3D printing will continue to accelerate. By combining the engineering and applications expertise of Titan Robotics with the global reach of 3D Systems’ sales, service, and applications teams, we are well-positioned to support our customers across the full range of our markets."

-Dr. Jeffrey Graves, president, and CEO, 3D Systems.

Titan Robotics is the only manufacturer that offers hybrid tool heads with pellet extrusion, filament extrusion, and a spindle tool head for precise finishing. These adjustable systems provide the user with significant freedom in selecting the optimal combination of formats for their application. The resulting solutions can deliver large, industrial parts using heated build platforms and chambers that scale from 30" x 30" x 45" to as large as 50" x 50" x 72", with print speeds up to 30,000 mm per minute. In addition, as the customer's needs change in the future, the Titan system can be easily expanded to include more materials and products that best meet their performance and cost goals.

Titan Robotics is thrilled to become part of the world-class organization at 3D Systems. Titan’s leadership team of Clay Guillory, Bill Macy, Maddie Guillory, and I are committed to continuing Titan’s mission of changing the traditional manufacturing landscape with production additive manufacturing solutions," said Rahul Kasat, CEO, Titan Additive LLC. In addition, people at 3D Systems are excited about the synergies this acquisition will bring to a wide range of manufacturing industries, as pellet-based extrusion and hybrid manufacturing systems become the new standard for production applications.

Pellet-fed directly 3D printing enables a diverse range of material alternatives, with hundreds of commercially available formulas ranging from low durometer (soft) to high performance and densely filled resins, such as those with high carbon and glass fiber content. This enables clients to pick the optimal material for their application and achieve up to a 75% cost reduction.

In addition, these technologies are appropriate for a range of applications because of their mix of rapid manufacturing, short cycle times, and lower prices.
  • Casting in sand
  • Thermoforming, vacuum forming, sheet metal forming, and composite tooling are all examples of tooling.
  • Fixtures and jigs for assembly and manufacturing
  • End-use parts applications include those that require an alternative to injection molding and those that demand high temperatures, such as air ducts, underhood, brackets, and structural components.

Reynolds Advisory Partners represented Titan Robotics in this transaction.

3D Systems anticipates that the acquisition will conclude in April 2022. The firm will discuss this expansion investment in further detail at its future earnings call on Monday, February 28, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Please check the company's website for more information.

*Certain statements in this release that are not historical or current facts are forward-looking statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.


We as Panasonic Factory Solutions are the global market leader for Electronic Manufacturing Equipment. As you can see we offer solutions not only for highly complex operations, but also for optimizing and streamlining the production processes from Screen Printing, different SMD placement machines, odd shape placer such as NPM-VF and guided manual assembly systems.


We as Panasonic Factory Solutions are the global market leader for Electronic Manufacturing Equipment. As you can see we offer solutions not only for highly complex operations, but also for optimizing and streamlining the production processes from Screen Printing, different SMD placement machines, odd shape placer such as NPM-VF and guided manual assembly systems.

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UiPath Brings Data Integration to the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud

Businesswire | April 18, 2023

UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced the launch of the UiPath Business Automation Platform as a pre-built solution for the Manufacturing Data Cloud, launched by Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. The Manufacturing Data Cloud enables companies in automotive, technology, energy, and industrial sectors to unlock the value of their critical siloed industrial data by leveraging Snowflake’s data platform, Snowflake- and partner-delivered solutions, and industry-specific datasets. Through their technology partnership, UiPath and Snowflake enable joint customers to design and build workflows based on 360-degree views of trusted and accessible data on Snowflake’s platform – representing customers’ needs for both data and business processes that should be fast, frictionless, and automated. Automation Driving Big Changes in Manufacturing Manufacturers have faced intense pressure to increase efficiencies and cut costs. Consumer demand for lower prices, the rising cost of raw materials, and increasingly complex supply chains have prompted manufacturers to seek new ways to meet these mandates. Manufacturers understand that to evolve to survive and thrive, they must become more fully immersed in digital transformation. Automating the modern data and analytics pipeline is critical to these efforts and can help them realize significant benefits, including more accurate demand forecasting, improved quality control, more efficient inventory management, and true end-to-end visibility. With Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud, organizations can build a data foundation for their business, improve supply chain performance, and power smart manufacturing initiatives in today's digital-industrial world. “When automation, artificial intelligence, and IoT are seamlessly connected, today’s manufacturers can dramatically reduce throughput time and increase output, while enabling reduced lot sizes, ensuring sustainable operations, and lower operating costs,” said Dhruv Asher, Senior Vice President of Alliances and Business Development at UiPath. “The Manufacturing Data Cloud is an excellent step in streamlining cloud data adoption for the manufacturing industry. By bringing the UiPath Business Automation Platform to Snowflake’s Manufacturing Data Cloud, we believe customers will accelerate digital transformation and fuel faster innovations with greater data insights to capture high-impact opportunities across the manufacturing value chain.” The Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud empowers manufacturers to power Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing initiatives to deliver the performance, scalability, and data sharing capabilities needed for supply chain optimization, manufacturing automation, robotics, and IoT initiatives. By leveraging the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud, UiPath software robots can instantly connect data directly to business processes without using complex code – speeding up time to value and innovation, driving efficiency in operations, ensuring on-time full delivery, and enriching the customer and employee experience. “Our continued partnership with UiPath will help the manufacturing industry embrace the increasingly digital-industrial world,” said Tim Long, Global Head of Manufacturing at Snowflake. “Manufacturing data has no size limit and as demand for automation on this data increases, partnerships with organizations such as UiPath help Snowflake serve our joint customers globally and support our mission of mobilizing the world’s data.” Deepening Technology Partnership Across Industries UiPath and Snowflake are continuing to deepen their technology partnership to help customers across industries better use data as a critical asset to drive innovation and efficiencies in their business. As a cloud-first customer choice platform company, UiPath has built two of its offerings – UiPath Insights and UiPath Process Mining – on top of the Snowflake Data Cloud. More specifically: UiPath Insights is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) analytics solution that measures, reports, and aligns enterprise automation operations with strategic business outcomes. This combined offering of UiPath with Snowflake’s compute, elastic scaling, and enterprise-grade secure data sharing capabilities provides customers with faster data processing, while enabling them to perform long-term historical analysis to scale their automation journeys. UiPath Process Mining is the first process mining software solution to run natively on Snowflake. It analyzes data left behind in systems and applications such as SAP and Salesforce to reveal the true process, enabling organizations to identify automation and improvement potential in end-to-end business processes. Availability & More Information All companies using the Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud can begin using UiPath now with a simple one-time deployment. The AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform combines the leading robotic process automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities to understand, automate, and operate end-to-end processes, offering unprecedented time-to-value. About UiPath UiPath is on a mission to uplevel knowledge work so more people can work more creatively, collaboratively, and strategically. The AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform combines the leading robotic process automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities to understand, automate, and operate end-to-end processes, offering unprecedented time-to-value. For organizations that need to evolve to survive and thrive through increasingly changing times, UiPath is The Foundation of Innovation™. For more information, visit

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Overhaul Partners with MCA Connect to Create a More Agile Global Supply Chain

Prnewswire | April 06, 2023

Overhaul has partnered with MCA Connect to offer a comprehensive set of integrated capabilities spanning the value chain. Overhaul provides software-based, supply-chain visibility, risk, compliance, and insurance solutions for the world's leading brands. MCA Connect is a systems integrator and business consultancy that helps manufacturers succeed by unlocking innovation with actionable business insights. Organizations can add these robust intelligence capabilities in a matter of weeks versus months. As a result, companies can make positive, tangible progress in gaining a holistic vision over their operations. The combined capabilities are powered by both organizations' experts in supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, and data science. Overhaul's real-time visibility and 24/7/365 risk management system gives customers a control-tower view of operations, while MCA Connect's Inspire Platform optimizes data for analytics and spurs smarter decisions. "We don't know what the next supply chain constraint will be, but we do know our customers will need detailed, immediate analyses at every step of the process to easily move past it. Partnering with MCA Connect ensures our customers can meet the demands of today and tomorrow," said David Warrick, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Division at Overhaul. "Our combined capabilities offer actionable insights that will help organizations better mitigate risk and make more informed decisions with the most up-to-date data. This partnership supports our mission to provide the most comprehensive, intelligent, and resilient supply chain platform on the market." Overhaul enables organizations to increase visibility so they can better manage any shipment in real-time and alleviate the impact of uncertainty. Its hybrid model has seen unprecedented success: Overhaul currently has a 96% full truckload cargo theft recovery rate and an 80% loss ratio reduction compared to insurance industry benchmarks. It is expected to track more than $1 trillion in total moving cargo in 2023. For more than 20 years, MCA Connect's seasoned experts have helped manufacturers reduce end-to-end lead times, eliminate waste and extra inventory, and improve profitability. MCA Connect Inspire Platform consolidates that data and best optimizes it for analytics, helping customers make better and more timely decisions. "More than ever, supply chain organizations are acutely aware that time is money. One late shipment or lost or damaged container can mean tens of millions in work-in-progress inventory and lost sales," said Doug Bulla, Senior Vice President Solution Development at MCA Connect. "Together with Overhaul, we can help our mutual customers unlock the power of real-time insights, prediction, and automation from planning to procurement, production, fulfillment, and delivery to the end customer in a matter of weeks." Overhaul and MCA Connect share a mutual relationship with Microsoft. Both were selected as launch partners for the Supply Chain Center and Supply Chain Platform to offer more customers their forward-thinking solutions and create more agile global supply chains — a testament to the organizations' robust knowledge. Overhaul and MCA Connect will continue to keep their mutual clients on the front foot. About Overhaul Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Overhaul is the only device-agnostic supply chain visibility and risk management software company. As the global leader in in-transit supply chain risk management, Overhaul transforms real-time visibility into risk management, compliance, and insurance solutions for its partners. Its software-based approach offers high configurability and efficient time-to-value to supply-chain organizations without heavy tech. Overhaul is a trusted provider for Fortune 100 companies moving freight globally across industries, such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, technology, logistics, and food and beverage. Customers include Microsoft, Bristol Myers Squibb and many others. About MCA Connect Through passion and deep industry expertise, MCA Connect helps manufacturers succeed by unlocking innovation with actionable business insights. Our strategic solutions, innovation, and industry intelligence help manufacturers solve critical issues, modernize operations, and gain a competitive edge.

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Retrocausal Revolutionizes Manufacturing Process Management with Industry-First Generative AI LeanGPT™ offering

Globenewswire | April 21, 2023

Retrocausal, a leading manufacturing process management platform provider, today announced the release of LeanGPT™, its proprietary foundation models specialized for the manufacturing domain. The company also launched Kaizen Copilot™, Retrocausal’s first LeanGPT application that assists industrial engineers in designing and continuously improving manufacturing assembly processes and integrates Lean Six Sigma and Toyota Production Systems (TPS) principles favored by Industrial Engineers (IEs). The industry-first solution gathers intelligence from Retrocausal's computer vision and IoT-based floor analytics platform Pathfinder. In addition, it can be connected to an organization’s knowledge bases, including Continuous Improvement (CI) systems, Quality Management Systems (QMS), and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) systems, in a secure manner. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Industrial Engineering is a $27B market in the United States alone. IEs design and optimize industrial processes by combining domain expertise, organizational knowledge, and tedious manual observations such as time studies, ergonomics assessments, and yield estimates, while reasoning in a Lean Six Sigma and TPS framework. Insights generated by IEs are strategic to building efficient, adaptable, and sustainable manufacturing businesses. Unfortunately, IEs are often struggling with workload, knowledge sharing, and post-Kaizen analysis which limits their ability to maximize productivity, yield, and quality, and ultimately limits the bottom line for the businesses they operate in. “We trained Retrocausal's generative AI LeanGPT models on specialized knowledge needed for manufacturing,” said Dr. Zeeshan Zia, CEO of Retrocausal. “Using our new LeanGPT-powered Kaizen Copilot application with our Pathfinder floor analytics platform gives IE’s all the information they need to excel in their roles, including domain expertise, organizational knowledge, and automated process observations, eliminating the need for tedious field studies or combing through unwieldy knowledge bases, while staying firmly rooted in Lean principles.” Kaizen Copilot can autonomously access the Retrocausal Pathfinder analytics platform through API calls to observe factory floor activity through computer vision and IoT sensors. It can also retrieve hidden insights from an organization’s internal knowledge bases, either by just connecting to it or by “fine-tuning” proprietary LeanGPT models on it. Retrocausal is also releasing Kaizen Copilot as a tablet application so industrial engineers can take it on their Gemba walks around the shopfloor. This app further embeds contextual knowledge into the tool to proactively offer help to IEs and assist in gathering worker feedback on problems and solutions. The company is piloting its solutions with several Fortune 500 automotive, appliances, medical devices, and electronics manufacturers. Results include improved first-time yields by 20 percent, reduced scrap costs due to assembly mistakes by 75 percent, and reduced operator training times by 44 percent. “This technology has revolutionized Process Management,” added Dr. Zeeshan Zia. “Instead of starting a new assembly line at 65 percent yield, IEs can now obtain concrete guidance on how to push yield to 95 percent from day one. A Kaizen event performed at one station will automatically trigger notifications to relevant processes across an organization’s factories and assembly lines as determined by the AI, unlocking the potential for massive revenue growth.” Retrocausal recently raised $3.4 million to advance its AI-powered platform led by Glasswing Ventures and Differential Ventures, along with major investors Incubate Fund US, Argon Ventures, Ascend Ventures Vietnam, and Hypertherm Ventures. The company also opened a new office in Dallas, Texas, to be closer to its manufacturing customers in the Midwest and Mexico. It unveiled joint projects with Honda Innovations and Siemens Digital Industries. About Retrocausal: Retrocausal is the industry leader in AI-powered augmentation systems that help manufacturing workers avoid assembly mistakes while assisting industrial engineers continuously improve shopfloor processes. Retrocausal has been named to CB Insights’ Advanced Manufacturing 50 (AM50) list, selected from among 6,000 private market vendors as one of the 50 most promising private, advanced manufacturing companies worldwide.

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