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Manufacturing Journalist TR Cutler Interviews Ergonomics International Leadership About Evidence-based Risk Analysis

May 08, 2020 / TR CUTLER

Ergonomics International’s Evidence-Based Risk Analysis Software Suite utilizes standardized tools which have high validity and reliability. These tools provide management with real-time data to make evidence-based decisions, yet data is simple enough for ergonomic, safety, occupational health, Lean Manufacturing, and Six-Sigma professionals to understand and apply.

TRC: Specifically, how does this technology help a QA/QC professional know whether an ergonomic hazard exists?

Sam/Mark: Many times, quality findings are present where mental or physical demands exceed the capabilities of the individual.  This can occur when the speed of movement or decision-making thresholds are greater than of those of the individual based on known decision-making capabilities.  

These breakdowns lead to increased rework and failures in the quality verification leading to a repetitive cycle of failure.  This leads to increased work and resources to produce the same number of products at a higher cost.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) system evaluates the job or task to determine if the level of repetition exceeds known standards determined to be harmful.