Did you know that social media platforms and their users are the largest growing segment of the internet?

If your manufacturing company wants to create an online presence and reach more businesses, it may be time to invest your time and dollars trying social media strategies using the most influential channels. As there have been unprecedented changes throughout the marketing landscape over the past several months, time demands marketers to pay heed to their tactics. This needs to be done to survive in this sink or swim world, which the pandemic has caused. Because of this, many manufacturing-related brands and companies are now relying on social media platforms to heavily sustain their marketing efforts to keep the doors open to achieve growth in 2021.

Social Media for Manufacturers—How to Get the Benefits?

Marketers are big fans of trends. But engaging audiences through social media marketing is a challenge for manufacturers. Yet, once it is done strategically, it is worth taking on. Following this, social media for manufacturers can be valuable for content promotion, leading to lead generation.

Social media can be an effective tool for brand recognition and reputation management. Because of this, many brands in the manufacturing industry are becoming more creative. Several brands have already started using social media differently because of consumers. This sums up that as brands and consumers have evolved, so have social media platforms. The platforms are improving and updating every day to meet the ever-growing consumer demands.

If your business hasn't explored the power of social media yet, this article will help you understand the benefits of some powerful social media platforms.


Even though Facebook and Twitter are the top noted social media platforms for manufacturers, LinkedIn provides more value for B2B marketing. LinkedIn boasts of more than 500 million active users monthly. This is because LinkedIn has a strict network for professionals. An estimated 90 million users are senior-level influencers, and approximately 63 million are at decision-maker positions. Therefore, manufacturing marketers need to have a strong presence on LinkedIn in today's time.

Given that marketing professionals frequently turn to LinkedIn to consume articles and news related to the industry, being active on this platform can be the best way to get your company noticed. When it comes to ' 'LinkedIn's lead generation capabilities, promoting content is only the tip of the iceberg. To achieve core results, you should encourage your team to maintain a constant LinkedIn presence. But why?

Firstly, employee-shared content has a high click-through rate than content shared by any third-party. Secondly, long-form content published as a native LinkedIn article is particularly effective. It is considered a good practice.  So, if your LinkedIn profile is thoughtfully optimized, it can increase your chances of ranking high in a Google search, search visibility and improve brand awareness.


Twitter's popularity has made it the most influential platform. This social media platform for manufacturing businesses can be a good start to build an effective social presence. Research says that monthly more than 330 million active users spend time on Twitter irrespective of the industry or niche from all over the world.

As a manufacturing marketer, sharing content can be valuable on Twitter. If your company has a blog or content related to industry facts/news, Twitter can promote your articles broadly to the right audience. The hashtag culture of Twitter will take you to the audience who are searching for manufacturing-related information. And hence, your company could be the one out of millions to be approached.

Though Twitter isn't exactly the best channel for generating leads, it positively has an audience ripe for content consumption and industry news. Nearly 70% of B2B organizations are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool. Its ad views are 26% more likely to be influential versus others. Besides this, Twitter engages highly in short but meaningful conversations. This way, a consistent sharing of industry content can cultivate your company's offering to millions at once.


B2B marketers often are mistaken and overlook YouTube as a viable social media channel. They consider YouTube as  one of the most underrated and unutilized platforms. But the fact is that social media for manufacturers, like YouTube, can be preferred fruitful platform for their businesses.

Yes, it does entail some extra work, knowledge, and equipment to create an excellent filmed and edited video for YouTube. However, many manufacturers don't realize how helpful these videos can be when it comes to landing a potential customer or generating leads. All these can be done inexpensively.

In the manufacturing industry, businesses often spend dollars on a single purchase. And this is because they want to know every detail of product or service every time. So, rather than just spreading the word about your company, a video creation can get more eyeballs and massive engagement for your customers for which they are searching solutions. From product demonstrations to virtual facility and more can be easily achievable. This way, YouTube can be beneficial to generate more leads and convert them into your customers.

Besides, YouTube's search engine optimization can even maximize the effectiveness of your social media plans. From creating headlines, file names, tags to descriptions, and target keywords, all can be used to grab the top position in search rankings and raise visibility on the web.

Most importantly, YouTube is also most popular for its "How-To" videos that are easily consumed. Audiences find a video to be more trustworthy than other content formats. Many manufacturers have gained huge success by using YouTube to combine product announcements with information, product display, promotional ads, and more. So, this social media for companies can help increase brand awareness and create transparency, leading to brand trust.


Facebook, being the most populous social network globally, boasts of 1.5 billion monthly active users. Facebook is typically considered a primary social network, where companies consider creating a profile without a second thought. But this doesn't fit the manufacturing industry for generating valuable leads. It is because Facebook has audiences who use the platform for personal purposes. So, chances are slim for B2B prospects that are doing business research on this platform.

But, before you rule out Facebook completely, remember that you can use this platform for other purposes. While this platform may not be doing extensive research for your company, yet many customers and industry professionals would still 'like' your company page to stay updated on the latest events, company news, and more like:

• Company and building expansions
• Local and national media mentions
• Blog/article links
• Video links
• Clients' testimonials on events and business proposals

With Facebook, you have the opportunity to show the "human" side of your organization and make connections. This can be one of the social media marketing tactics you can use for promoting your manufacturing company. Also, you can consider using Facebook Groups to expand your circle of professional connections. These online communities are built to bring audiences together to discuss issues and share related content.


Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for visual and aspirational content, which has a longer lifetime value and a higher conversion rate. Being a manufacturer, you can still leverage these platforms by posting beautiful visuals of products. This way, you can give your brand a human face. Also, promote your employees with behind-the-scenes photos and videos of them in action. All of these will give your followers as well as visitors a backstage pass to your operations. These social media manufacturing tips will lead you to gain more business opportunities in the future.


Lastly, with podcasts, you can dig into the growing popularity of audio format and leverage potential customers and visitors with a high share of voice, uncluttered ad space, and niche audiences. Podcasts are getting a huge amount of visitors these days. Due to this, it is becoming a crucial b2b social media marketing strategy among manufacturers worldwide.

Where to Start?

Building a relevant presence on these social media platforms from scratch can be very overwhelming. Another element to consider incorporating social media platforms into your new strategy for marketing is enlisting influencers.

Yes, you heard it right. Influencers can give your company/brand an extra boost. And all these platforms accommodate influencers who excel at creating value. With so many companies going online and having an active social media presence, you may feel pressured to join in and keep pace. The best move can be to build a relevant profile on Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, it's wiser to focus your efforts on YouTube at the same time as they are proven to earn results for B2B marketers. Creating an informative and detailed page of your company can lead you to gain social media's tremendous benefits for manufacturing-related business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using social media platforms for manufacturers?

The benefits of using social media platforms for manufacturers are—

• Get improved search engine rankings
• Get more brand authority
• Get higher conversation rates
• Increased brand awareness
• Better customer satisfaction
• Cost-effectiveness

How can manufacturing businesses make money using social media platforms?

A manufacturing business can earn a good amount of money by creating a successful brand name, developing trusted customer relationships, and even creating sales opportunities directly from different social platforms.

What is the best way of using social media for manufactures?

Manufacturers can use social media in the best ways by giving information about the company, its events, and knowledge about its services. Give regular updates, use creative paths to engage audiences/visitors, keep content fresh and interesting so that it holds their attention.